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17+ Best Free Web Proxy Server You Can Use

Well, a proxy server is a computer that acts as a middleman between your computer and the internet. We utilize a web proxy server to build an indirect connection with another network. It is typically used to bypass limitations and unblock and block IP addresses to browse anonymously. The proxy browser has both positive and negative uses. The objective of this article is to use a proxy server for charitable purposes. The utilization of technology is contingent on human physiology. This article will briefly overview the top free web proxy servers.

17+ Best Free Web Proxy Server

The proxy server is utilized for privacy and security. Internet-wide, there are hundreds of free web proxy servers. But not all are safe. This post will attempt to identify the proxy that best meets your needs. On the other hand, the use of proxies is not always advantageous.


1. FreeProxy

FreeProxy is among the best web proxy servers for browsing the internet anonymously. Microsoft Windows, a platform designed for internet connection sharing, is developed. This software has been regularly developed since 1999 to enhance web browsing. So it is free, but a broad public license is not accessible.

2. Geonode Free Proxy List

Geonode Free Proxy List is ideal for inexperienced web scraping developers just starting. The platform supports HTTPS, HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS 5 proxy protocols. To reduce instances of web scraper blocks and shutdowns, the platform offers three anonymity settings: “None,” “Anonymous,” and “High anonymous.” It also includes settings for speed levels: “Slow,” “Medium,” and “Fast.”

3. EZproxy

EZproxy may be suitable for you if you want an anonymous proxy. It enables users to have access to e-content with one click. EZproxy facilitates a secure connection from any location and at any time. It offers a comprehensive log of usage so the library may troubleshoot and monitor access problems. In addition, the industry-leading middleware solution can authenticate distant users. This proxy server is compatible with Windows and Linux.

4. Squid

Squid is an optimistic web delivery service that offers caching proxy and HTTP web proxy forwarding. This proxy browser decreases bandwidth consumption by caching and reusing frequently visited websites. It has robust access control and is compatible with all available operating systems, including Windows and Android. In addition, Squid provides access to hundreds of Internet service providers, allowing you to visit any website. This free proxy server works similarly to Unix and daemon systems.

5. Nginx

You may use Nginx reverse proxy if you require HTTP Cache, mail proxy, load balancer, reserve proxy, and any proxy server. In 2004, Igor Sysoev developed this software. This open-source and free software is released under conditions similar to the BSD license. In 2016, Nginx had the second-largest number of active web server users. This software’s premium version is Nginx Plus. It supports several operating systems, including HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, macOS, Solaris, Windows, and further *nix variants.

6. WinGate

WinGate is an integrated multi-protocol server, internet, and email server. In the latter half of the 1990s, this proxy server gained popularity in homes and small businesses. WinGate is now focusing on caching, email server, main access control, and reporting. This internet proxy has three editions: standard, professional, and enterprise. The languages offered for this free proxy server are English, Russian, and Japanese.

7. Privoxy

If you want a free, non-caching web proxy with the additional capabilities of web filtering, cookie manipulation, enhanced privacy, web page data, and HTTP, then the Privoxy web proxy server may be suitable. This software is adaptable for both standalone systems and multi-user networks. Almost all of the best web browsers and operating systems are compatible with this proxy software. This software is deposited in numerous repositories. This can also be used as software for parental control.

8. Oracle iPlanet

Sun JAVA System Web Proxy Server is now known as Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server, which Sun Microsystems develops. The proxy server software is utilized for caching, web filtering, proxying, enhancing network performance and security, and load balancing. In addition, this proxy supports clients for the HTTP, FTP, CONNECT (SSL Tunneling), and Gopher protocols. Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server is compatible with various platforms, including Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2010, Oracle Linux 4 and 5, and Oracle Solaris 10.

9. Croxyproxy

Suppose you are a frequent user of YouTube, but neither your nation nor your employer blocks the video streaming website. Croxyproxy may be the optimal choice for gaining access to your selected website. However, only a few websites can benefit because it is currently in development. Furthermore, it does not ensure that all websites will work correctly.

10. Zend2

The Zend2 anonymous proxy browser is a reputable internet proxy service. It is the best web proxy on the web. You have the freedom to browse Zend2 anonymously. It prevents geographical limitations and cookie use. If you’ve internet access, you can browse Facebook and YouTube everywhere.

11. Tinyproxy

Tinyproxy is a lightweight POSIX-operating system-based proxy daemon. This excellent method was developed to simplify proxy server service via the internet. However, it is compact and small. Due to the small footprint, the need for resources is minimal. It can connect many connections concurrently. In addition, it can utilize a supplementary library.

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12. Apache Traffic Server

Apache Traffic Server is among the most well-known and safe free web proxy servers for anonymous browsing. This software is a web proxy server that is adaptable, scalable, and fast. It improves response time through load balancing. Therefore, it uses less bandwidth to function. It processes over 400TB of data daily for both forward and reverse proxies.

13. Ultrasurf

Ultrasurf is among the best web proxy servers for anonymous and unrestricted web browsing. This circumvention of internet restrictions was developed by the company UltraReach. Using the HTTP proxy server, this software can bypass internet restrictions. The protocol can be encrypted for privacy. It is the best way to hide your IP address from your website. Ultrasurf is simple to use, and the pace at which pages load is incredibly fast.

14. Polipo

The Polipo web proxy server is an efficient forwarding and caching software. This software has a wide variety of uses. It may be utilized for web caching, filtering, and security, among other purposes. When Polipo introduced its software to the market, it was likely one of the best proxy web servers available. If you want safe and hassle-free proxy software, you can use Polipo.

15. Hidester

Hidester is an elegant proxy web server that protects your computer from scripts and other harmful software. It has a strong reputation on the Internet market for offering security. You may use the Hidester proxy server to avoid being spied on by multinationals, cyber criminals, and even the government. This software can be used if you need to see a website behind a firewall or require a tool to unblock a proxy. This free proxy browser does not require installation or registration.

16. Proxomitron

For his use, Scott R. Lemmon developed the Proxomitron proxy server. After that, he offered it free to the public at no cost. It is a highly customizable, simple, powerful, and adaptable web proxy server. This software may modify the web page’s content by deleting and adding text. This free web proxy server for anonymous web browsing offers worry-free proxy browsing.

17. is one of the most effective free anonymous proxy browsers for gaining independence. This proxy browser may unblock you from any position that is blocked. It grants us access to everything without difficulty.’s Google Chrome Extension, and Firefox Extension are aesthetically pleasing. It guarantees a high level of privacy and security when visiting any website. Protocols such as PPTP, SoftEther, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP, and SOCKS are supported by

18. is a proxy service provider that enables access to Facebook, YouTube, and other websites. There are several proxy servers available in the United States and Europe. It enables you to remain apart from others when monitoring. This proxy server’s gigabit network delivers a fast and secure connection. It enables worldwide access to the internet from any location. The government or your employer will be unable to prevent you from browsing your favorite website.

19. Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is a free proxy web server allowing you to unblock any blocked website easily. Type the website’s address in the address box and navigate securely. Nobody is assured to be able to track your behavior. It can hide or redirect a different IP address. Because Hide My Ass does not enable streaming TV shows, you must utilize the VPN Service, which provides free anonymity online so that you may browse freely.

20. Kproxy

The Kproxy is one of the most effective free web proxy servers for anonymous surfing. It allows unlimited access to a quicker, ban-proof service with no advertisements. Since 2005, more than 15 million people have used our web proxy server to protect online privacy. It enables you to bypass any block or web filter. Using this proxy server, you may circumvent workstation and government restrictions. With this protected connection, you enjoy total security. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox include a Kproxy web plugin.

21. VPN Book

VPN Book offers a free service for anonymous browsing. It allows you to modify your virtual location anywhere. Furthermore, VPN Book offers free PPTP and open VPN service, allowing users to unblock websites anonymously. Moreover, it does not impose any bandwidth restrictions. Apart from web proxy service, VPN Book is a VPN service provider that supports private networks.

The Bottom Line: Free Web Proxy Server

So far, we have seen the possibility of a proxy web browser circumventing restrictions. Unfortunately, there are so many proxy servers that it is tough to determine the best. From my perspective and experience, Oracle iPlanet, Nginx, and Ultrasurf are the best free web proxy servers. Because it provides privacy and security, please let me know if I omitted any significant web proxy browser names in the comments. We think that you enjoyed this content. If so, share it on social media with your friends.

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