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Best 11 Free Resume Builders You Can Try

Resumes are the initial stage in the selection process when applying for a job. Not only should your content be grammatically accurate and relevant to the job description, but it should also be visually enticing and highlight your individuality. However, do you need more time formatting your resume in a basic text editor or Microsoft Word? Several free resume builders can assist you in creating a resume rapidly and to your specifications. Let’s talk about the best resume creating tools that don’t require software installation or other complicated procedures to get started.

What Are Resume Builders?

A resume builder is a software with customizable templates, formatting options, and other tools such as spell-checking. It enables users to present pertinent information to prospective employers appealingly. A job prospect’s desired templates and other graphic elements are accessible via an online website or a mobile resume builder app. The resume builder service also provides industry-specific suggestions and expert advice to help you answer convincingly why you should be employed.

How To Create Resume Online Free?

You can access a free resume creator by visiting a website for resume builders and following the steps for creating a resume. The following are a few of the fundamental resume creation stages.

  • Register with your credentials to create a free account for the resume builder, if necessary.
  • Select the option to get started with the online resume builder for free.
  • It’s possible to get a free copy of the book if you’re interested.
  • Edit the template to add content to various sections, such as talents, work experience, etc. You may use existing resume samples and industry-specific bullet points if the online resume editor provides them.
  • Arrange the sections and choose various formatting options, such as font, color, and more. If the nature of your job necessitates it, you may also upload a profile picture.
  • Check for typos & grammatical errors in your resume. Some CV creators also provide expert evaluations and suggestions to increase the likelihood of being shortlisted for a job.
  • Make the final adjustments in the online resume editor. You can save, download the resume in various formats, or obtain a link for sharing.

The following is a list of the steps that must be taken to complete a task, including using a website. By following these steps, you can rapidly create a resume that is easy to distribute via email, job sites, and other similar platforms.

Best Free Resume Builders

If you wish to create your professional resume online for free, here are some of the best CV makers for freshers, students, and professionals.

Free Resume Builders For Freshers/Students

Here is a list of the finest free resume builders for freshmen.

Indeed Resume Builder

For positions such as business analyst, designer, and marketing associate, Indeed Resume Builder online helps create ATS-compliant resumes with customizable templates. You can upload an existing resume for free using this resume creator. You can immediately share it with recruiters when applying for a job on the Indeed Job site or make your profile public to attract attention.


Well, Zety is an online resume builder for freshers and professionals, enabling them to upload their existing resumes or create new ones from the start. With spacing, font size, typefaces, etc., editing options, pre-defined customizable templates have automatic formatting. While composing the content for your resume in this CV creator, you can even receive advice and assistance from Zety experts.

Standard Resume

The Standard Resume tool is a CV creator that lets users choose a template and populate it with information from LinkedIn or inception. You can choose from simple, contemporary, professional, or creative templates. This free resume builder focuses primarily on content, although it offers some rudimentary formatting options, such as adding logos, icons, colors, and photos to templates.

My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume is among the best resume builders because it enables users to create ATS-friendly resumes with professional suggestions. You can select any professional template in this online resume editor and edit the already present text. Additionally, you can upload existing resumes for editing. It has the smart apply’ feature, which allows users to visit job sites from which they can submit resumes directly.

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Resume Build

Well, Resume Build is an online CV maker that provides exhaustive resume samples in the logistics, finance, hospitality, sales, and insurance categories. Also, this free CV builder ensures that your resume is compatible with applicant tracking systems and that its sections meet your requirements. You can change the text, font, and header sizes, among other things.

Novoresume Builder

Novoresume Builder online is an ATS-compliant tool that enables job-seekers to create resumes based on their experience level and provides several customization options. The color scheme, layout, and background are readily accessible to those interested. The premium version enables you to create cover letters and multiple resume versions for applying to various positions.

Free Resume Builders For Experienced Professionals

Here are some of the most effective professional resume builders for seasoned professionals.

LinkedIn Resume Builder

By downloading existing profile information as a resume, LinkedIn’s free resume builder assists job applicants in rapidly creating a resume. Select Build a Resume after selecting the More icon on your profile to access LinkedIn’s CV maker tool. You can also upload the completed resume to your LinkedIn profile or job postings.

Resume Genius

Well, Resume Genius is an AI-powered online CV builder for creating ATS-friendly (applicant tracking system) resumes. After selecting a template and color, you can fill in the template with your information by answering a few questions or editing the bullet points. Additionally, before downloading the resume, you can evaluate it and edit the text, template design, and other features.

Resume Dot Com

The online Resume Dot Com Builder provides access to templates & editing tools to help users create resumes with a professional appearance. This CV builder can be used without graphic design knowledge by anyone. Even content directly from LinkedIn can be imported. The final resume can be downloaded without making an account on the site.

Canva Resume Builder

The ability to choose from various layouts and designs allows users to create custom resumes. This free online resume builder lets users upload their assets and create a template. The resume editor on Canva provides numerous formatting options, including borders, font style, color scheme, and background. You can format and arrange various elements on the template and upload a profile picture.


Enhancv is an ATS-compatible professional resume builder with aesthetically pleasing layouts for creating resumes. You can edit colors, backgrounds, icons, and sections, among other things. The CV builder service will email you actionable steps if you upload an existing resume. Additionally, resume writing and review services are available separately if desired.

Consider The Following:


What Are The Best Resume Builders That Are Free?

Among the best free resume creators are Resume Genius, Resume dot com, and Zety.

What Are The Best Free Resume Builders With Photos?

Canva, Standard Resume, Enhancv, etc., are some of the finest free resume builders that allow you to upload photos.

How To Create CV Online?

Numerous online CV creator tools, such as Novoresume, My Perfect Resume, and LinkedIn Resume Builder, are available.

The Bottom Line:

Using the finest free resume builder will make it easy to land your dream job, whether an experienced professional or a recent graduate. Ensure that, regardless of which of the aforementioned CV creators’ templates you choose, they highlight your professional and personal identity in the best way possible. Stay moderate with designs available in any professional resume builder, and use the best practices for your desired industry.

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