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Top 16 Best Websites To Download PC Games For Free

The best websites to download free games for PC are provided here for enthusiasts. A great method to spend your free time is by playing video games. Additionally, all gamers favor testing the newest games on their gaming computers. However, downloading games can be difficult, particularly if you are unaware of any websites you can use to download PC games. You can depend on torrent websites to download PC games; however, torrent files frequently contain malware and infections.

Top 16 Best Websites To Download PC Games For Free

Thus, you must only download PC games from reputable websites to ensure your safety. Consequently, some of the best websites to download PC games for free are enumerated in this article. Therefore, we should clear out.


Download PC Games

For discovering free games, is a great resource. Although they do accept donations, the majority of the games are offered free of charge. While some games featured on are excellent, others may need to meet your expectations. However, if you spend some time on the site, you will be able to find a plethora of incredible games. As a result, is among the best sites to download PC games for free.

2. Steam

Download PC Games

One can use the superior website Steam to download PC games. Although the website offers free and premium PC games, it features a free category that details games that can be downloaded without cost. You can explore Steam’s free game section to download your preferred PC game. Popular premium games are occasionally discounted on Steam as well. Steam is, therefore, a website that you should consistently monitor, particularly if you desire to obtain premium games at a reduced cost or for free.

3. EA Games

Download PC Games

Electronic Arts has a section devoted exclusively to PC games and featuring free-to-play PC games. After downloading popular PC games featuring outlaws, soldiers, misfits, and misanthropes, you can visit the site and download them before battling your way to the top in Apex Legends. The website offers a respectable selection of free-to-play games for mobile, PC, and consoles. Visit the site, explore the options for free gameplay, and download it.

4. Reddit

Download PC Games

You can still find communities for free games on Reddit, even though it is not a website for downloading games. Finding communities on Reddit that actively share many free games is your objective. On Reddit, you’ll find a lot of communities devoted to vintage freeware games. One has the option of visiting the community or participating to download games. However, do not anticipate the most recent and contemporary games to be available on Reddit, as mods are quite stringent and immediately eliminate content that violates their terms and conditions.

5. G2A Plus

Download PC Games

G2A is an online marketplace where license keys and coupon codes for game activation can be purchased. The G2A Plus is a subscription-based program that provides numerous advantages. G2A Plus offers games at the most competitive prices, with the added benefit of a 10% discount on any game of your choosing. The most significant benefit of G2A Plus is the monthly provision of free games.

6. Softpedia PC Games

Download PC Games

SoftPedia, a well-known website for downloading software, features a section devoted to free games available for download and play. Despite the site’s relatively limited selection, you can still find some classic free games on Softpedia. In addition to offering free games, the website provides the option to download gaming clients. Softpedia is, on the whole, one of the best free and trustworthy websites to download PC games.

7. Epic Games Store

Download PC Games’s free section provides access to a new free game each week. For exclusive game offers, bookmark this page and check back frequently. Joining the active gaming community at Epic Games Store will grant you access to additional games and the free ones. Several well-known games, including League of Legends, The Elder Scrolls Online, Severed Steel, and others, are accessible for free on Epic Games.

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8. Microsoft Store

Download PC Games

The Microsoft Store has undergone significant enhancements in recent months. It now provides many free PC games that can be downloaded and played. For instance, the Microsoft Store offers free downloads of popular games like Forza Horizon 4 (Demo), Battle of Heroes, Angry Birds 2, and World of Warships.

9. AllGamesAtoZ

It is among the best websites to download PC games for free. It is a great free online gaming resource offering game lists, downloads, reviews, and much more. Visit the site to learn more. Even though the site’s interface could be more impressive, it is still easy to use. It’s a fantastic website where you can download PC games for free.

10. Acid Play

This is one of the best websites for readily acquiring your preferred games. A site that will help you find and download the ideal game in less than a minute has been built by site creators using tools like search, ratings, and recommendations. From their download servers, the majority of freeware games are available for download. ClamAV scans All games for safety, security, and speed during downloads.

11. Mega Games

Consider MegaGames if you are looking for a website where you can download classic PC games. It is a website that offers game trainers, exploits, mods, and repairs, among other things. The user interface of the site is streamlined and well-structured. Additionally, gaming news, emulators, and gaming videos are available.

12. Free PC Gamers

The primary concentration of the website FreePCGamers is free games. Action, adventure, casual, female games, first-person shooters, orchestral, platformer, racing, role-playing, simulation, sports, and strategy are among the many game genres covered on the website.


To download free games for your PC, visit one of the best sites. The website is well-known for its extensive library of PC games that you will appreciate playing, and all of them are available for free on this site. The disadvantage is that the website only offers classic games for low-end computers. It lacks contemporary PC games.

14. Full

A diverse selection of action, strategic, logic, adventure, sports, and racing games can be found on Full You can find many free computer games on this site that can be downloaded without paying. The site is straightforward to navigate despite the user interface’s apparent simplicity. It’s a fantastic website where you can download PC games for free.

15. HumbleBundle

It is impossible to download PC games for free from the HumbleBundle website. The platform is renowned for featuring discounted games. Premium games are occasionally available for 80% less during absurd sale prices. There are also games listed under “Pay what you want,” in which you can choose the cost of access.

16. Best Old Games

The best websites to download classic video games include Best Old Games. This website primarily aims to find games with a minimum system requirement of 2GB RAM. The website features countless games that will transport you back to your youth.

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Therefore, These websites are the best you can use to download PC games for free. I sincerely trust that this article was beneficial to you. Additionally, please share it with your peers. Additionally, please share any additional websites you can use to download PC games in the following remark section.

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