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Best 14 Voice Changer Apps For Android And iOS

Voice changers are one of the most popular smartphone apps. Voice changer apps are used for a variety of purposes, including adjusting tone and pitch, enhancing voice-overs, and singing melodies. You can also use voice changer apps to create humorous videos or prank calls, add creativity to voice chats, gaming, or have fun with friends and family. There are several voice changing apps available for mobile devices. We have evaluated many of the most popular voice modulation apps available on the Internet and compiled a list of the most effective voice changers for any purpose. Before we begin the list, let’s examine the voice changer app and how it functions.

What Are Voice Modulation Apps?

Voice Modification apps modify your voice. There are numerous voice changers on the market, each with features and customization options. Some apps allow you to record and alter the sound of your voice, while others allow you to modify the tone and pitch of your voice in real-time. You can add a variety of sound effects to your voice using a variety of voice changing apps. Apps for Voice Modulation can either transform the voice in real time or record the sound first and then apply effects.

How Do Voice Changer Apps Work?

The way Voice Changer apps work is that they take your voice as input and modify it to produce a new output. The modification procedure may differ between apps, but the fundamental principle remains the same. Typically, the apps include a set of options for modifying your voice. It can change a person’s voice to sound like a juvenile or a robot. The modification options may also include effects such as Echo, Reverb, and Pitch. You can use these apps to record your voice and then modify it according to your preferences.

Voice Modulation Benefits

Changing your or another person’s voice has multiple benefits. It can be used for fun, work, and even security. Let’s examine the advantages of voice changing.

For Fun – Voice alterations are a wonderful method to have fun with friends and family. It can be used to add creativity to your voice chats or to make voice calls more fun.

Creativity – Voice changers can also be used to investigate creativity. For instance, if you are a voice actor, you can use them to produce voice-overs for various characters.

For Work – If you are an online educator or YouTube influencer, changing your voice can help you acquire substance in your voice for improved audience engagement and attention.

Singing – Voice modulation apps can also be used to enhance singing. You can use them to discover the correct pitch and tone for your voice if you are a novice. And professional singers can use them to add effects to their voices.

For Security – In some instances, you may be required to change your voice to protect your identity. For instance, if you are a whistleblower or must make sensitive phone calls, a voice changer can help you maintain your anonymity.

Now that we understand voice modulator apps and how they work, let’s examine the best voice changer apps for Android and iOS devices.

Best Voice Changer Apps

The best Voice Changer Apps are.


IntCall is a popular voice changing app with call recording capabilities. The phone call voice changer app lets users transform their voices, modify their pitch, and add effects before making a call. Using the in-call voice changer, users can transform their voices into various animated characters and add dog or cat sounds to their calls. Using the IntCall library, you can chant “Happy Birthday” or greet your friends and family in different languages.


Funcalls is a real-time voice modulation app that lets users modify their voice during a phone call to sound like a cat, dog, older man, woman, or any other voice. It also supports a variety of fun effects, such as changing the pitch of your voice from low to high. Users can make international calls with a distinctive voice using this free in-call voice changer app.

Best WhatsApp Voice Changers

Call Voice Changer Allogag

Call Voice Changer is a voice modulation app that modifies users’ voices before making outgoing WhatsApp calls. It provides advanced features such as external noise suppression, real-time preview, and testing. This WhatsApp voice changer app is useful if you wish to conceal your identity and make it sound like your calls originate from a different number or location.

Prank Dial

Prank Dial is a WhatsApp voice changer app that enables you to transform your voice while making calls via WhatsApp or other apps. It also lets you record and save prank calls, share them with your friends via social media, or send the audio file via email, WhatsApp, etc.

Best Voice Changer Apps For Gaming

Voice FX

Voice FX is one of the most effective voice changers for gaming, allowing players to live broadcast their games with customized voices. Users can modify their voices in real-time, add effects, and instantaneously adjust parameters. The platform permits users to live-stream their voice recordings via the web and mobile devices.

Best Male To Female Voice Changers

Voice Changer Voice Recorders – Editor & Effect

Voice Changer is an app for modifying one’s voice that provides a variety of voice-enhancing effects, such as pitch and cadence. It is widely favored for voice changing options such as male to female, baby or devil’s voice, echo, and tempo modulation, among others. It provides ten distinct voice modulation settings for no cost. In addition to modifying song vocals, users can also add superhero voice effects.

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Girls Voice Changer

Girls Voice Changer is among the most effective male to female voice changers. This voice changer allows you to change your voice into that of a female, baby, or man. With this free female voice changer, users can also rapidly hear the modified voice. This voice changing app’s real-time processing is its most impressive feature, allowing you to record, apply effects, and listen to your transformed voice in real-time.

Best Voice Changer Apps For iPhone

Voice Changer Plus

A free voice modulator app called Voice Changer Plus can dramatically change your voice. With over 50 built-in voices and 20 sound effects, you can instantly transform into another person. Additionally, users can trim and edit the sound with the built-in sound editor and easily save or share the modified voice.


Because of its popularity, audio and video effects, and extensive selection of video filters, Snapchat makes this list despite needing to be a dedicated voice changing tool. It lets you send fun photos to your friends of various products. By employing a variety of filters and effects, users can record a video and change their voice in the app. Snapchat is extremely popular for messaging while modulating voices for fun.

Best Voice Changer Apps For Android

Video Voice Changer FX

Video Voice Changer FX is one of the best voice modulation apps that allows users to transform their voice in videos and make it sound entirely different. A user can record a video or audio file and then apply effects to transform it into a humorous animal sound, such as a squirrel or chipmunk. Users can toggle between all available products before submitting a file.

Celebrity Voice Changer-Face

Celebrity Voice Changer is the only voice modulation app on this list that allows users to transform their voice into that of any celebrity. Change your voice to your liking by simply tapping the record button. This voice modulation app can be used to make amusing prank calls or to astound others.

Best Voice Changer Apps For Discord

Super Voice Editor

Super Voice Editor is a voice changer capable of modifying, editing, and altering voices. This app allows you to change your voice and make it unrecognizable for various purposes, such as Skype calls and Discord chats. With various sound effects and features, this app provides the best voice changing experience on Android.

Best Voice Changer Apps For Free

Baviux Voice Changer With Effects

Baviux Voice Changer with Effects is a remarkable sound modulator and voice recorder app that can instantly transform your voice into that of a monster, squirrel, or automaton. With over 40 voice effects, you can make spoof calls to your family and friends. The voice app can also be used to record and edit compositions.

AndroidRock Voice Changer

The fun effects app AndroidRock Voice Changer can change your voice in real time. Users can record a voice and apply effects to it, open an existing audio file, or directly record a new voice and apply effects. You can also save and export the modified voice or share it with friends via Messenger, WhatsApp, and other social networks.


Is The Voice Changer App Safe?

Some voice changer apps have been discovered to contain malware. Install apps exclusively from the Play Store or the App Store.

Is The Voice Changer App Free?

Most voice changer apps are free because they display advertisements while the user is using them. However, numerous voice modulation apps offer in-app purchase options for adding additional free features or experiences.

What Voice Changer App Is The Best?

Baviux and AndroidRock Voice Changer are the two most popular and versatile voice changer apps.

Whose Voice Is Behind Alexa?

Alexa is Amazon’s wildly popular voice assistant technology. Alexa synthesizes speech using Nina Rolle’s Voice, an American performer and voice artist.

Whose Voice Is In Google?

Google’s Google Home is a voice assistant technology. Voice-over artist Kiki Baessell voices Google Home.

Can An App Change A Human Voice?

Numerous voice changer apps are available in the App Store that can alter a human’s voice. Popular apps that can transform the human voice and add effects include Voice Changer Plus and Voice FX.

What Is The Best Voice Changer App During A Call?

Fun Calls and IntCall are the two most popular in-call voice changer apps for mobile phone calls. However, for VOIP calling via WhatsApp and Discord, Prank Dial and Super-Voice Editor are the most popular voice changer apps during calls.

What Is The Best Voice Modulation App For Singing?

Auto-Tune Mobile, Tune Me, and Audio Evolution Mobile are among the best singing and karaoke voice modulation apps.

The Bottom Line:

All listed voice changer apps are based on consumer evaluations and the author’s personal experiences. Numerous Voice modulation apps available for Android and iOS better suit your requirements. With this list, we hope you can choose the voice modulator apps that best suit your needs and have limitless fun with friends and family.

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