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15+ Best Tools To Convert AAX To MP3 Easily

The best AAX to MP3 converter you can use to convert AAX to MP3 is the perfect option for enjoying DRM-protected .AA or .AAX Audible files. Several brands offer both free and paid versions. However, getting an online tool that converts AAX to MP3 is difficult. Therefore, we will reveal today the 15+ best online AAX to MP3 converter tools for Android and Windows so that you may enjoy music without difficulty.

What Is The AAX Format?

AAX format is familiar to those who purchase audiobooks from is a major online audiobook retailer, and AAX is the audiobook file extension. It is often DRM protected. This is the only format compatible with the Audible app for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. You must first remove Audible DRM to play this format with your standard music player. Then, you must create AAX to MP3. Thus, you may play your music and enjoy it.

Requirement To Convert AAX To MP3?

Any audiobook converter is required as a tool. Well, there are several tools available that can convert AAX to MP3 format. However, Any Audiobook Converter is our favorite pick among them. It is a simple and useful tool for converting Audible AA and AAX to MP3, M4A, and M4B. Even so, it offers a 60-times quicker conversion rate.

15+ Best Tools To Convert AAX To MP3

Our study has tried to find the 15+ best tools to convert AAX to MP3. Some of them are free, but you must pay for the maximum. However, certain sample goods are available. Keep in mind that not all AAX converters are ranked.


1. InAudible

The Inaudible is a program-based AAX to MP3 converter that converts Audible audiobook files while eliminating DRM. The converter divides audiobook recordings into chapters in a remarkable manner. The software converts Audible files exceptionally quickly. You will need two software packages to create AAX to MP3 with Inaudible. Such as the tables of FFmpeg and inaudible-NG. This is because it is not an official program and has no webpage. Furthermore, the tool does not appear to be compatible with Mac OS and only supports Windows OS.

2. TuneFab Audible Converter

TuneFab Audible Converter is the best cross-platform DRM removal tool for Audible books. With a simple click, you may convert your essential files. As a result of its complex, optimized processes, you do not need an additional app to convert. In addition, it offers numerous output formats. The primary characteristic of the TuneFab Audible Converter is its 60-times-faster speed. The consumer will receive one hundred percent quality even if the pace is fast. Its broad customizability makes the tool. This is the best free AAX to MP3 converter that can divide audiobooks by time, chapter, and other parameters. So project management gets easier for me.

3. Macsome Audiobook Converter

The Macsome Audiobook Converter is another fantastic converter on our list. Similar to the other tools previously mentioned, this tool is compatible with iTunes. The tools can properly convert unencrypted and encrypted files at full speed and Audible AAX/AA audiobooks to WMA or MP3 format. It effectively protects your audiobook’s properties, such as the high-quality cover, chapter time, and many more. This Macsome Audiobook Converter will save you time with its fantastic converting speed. The best AAX to MP3 converter deftly divides enormous Audible files into smaller ones, functioning as a file splitter on a massive scale. As a consequence, you can manage the file without opportunity. The tool’s sole downside is its somewhat expensive pricing.

4. Ondesoft Audiobook Converter

The Ondesoft Audiobook Converter is designed to convert high-quality Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to MP3. M4A, AAC, AC3, FLAC, M4R, AIFF, AU, and MKA formats are supported. Significantly, the converter converts AAX to MP3 quite quickly. Several seconds are required, for instance, to convert a 60-hour AAX flipbook to MP3.

5. Convertio

Convertio is an online audio converter that converts AAX/AA files to MP3 quickly and efficiently. It is simple to make audio files using the best AAX to MP3 converter. Like the XLD on Mac, this converter is free and works on both Windows and Mac. The process is to visit the Convertio website using a PC or Mac. Then Click on the computer icon and then import the AAX file. After selecting the file format, convert it from AAX to MP3. Importantly, the browser allows you to convert several files simultaneously. The only downside of the browser is that the converting process may take some time.

6. TunePat Audiobook Converter

TunePat Audiobook Converter is next on our list. It is among the best audiobook downloaders available. The highlight of the converter is that it makes the need for an internet connection. However, the converter does not require an online connection as it allows you to download and save files locally on your computer. You may convert AA and AAX files to MP3, M4B, or format with the AAX audio converter. Even without compromising quality. The converter is in a remarkable position to delight you with a quicker conversion rate while keeping quality. In addition, the tools offer the opportunity for future usage by preserving chapters.

7. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

The majority of Audible’s AAX files are DRM-protected. Therefore, a conventional converter cannot remove the Audible DRM protection and convert the files to audio or video. Therefore, you want a potent AAX to MP3 converter to obtain the desired file format. We thus include Aimersoft on our list. Aimersoft is the industry’s most potent DRM converter software. This eliminates DRM from AA/AAX. The converter lets you download the digital copyright protection file for WMV, M4V, and ASF video formats. Because after conversion, it allows you to watch film or music everywhere, even if the content is forbidden. It describes the simplest technique to convert any AAX video or audio file to ordinary MP3 and MP4 formats. Import the file you wish to convert and click the converter button. That is it. The software will convert your AA or .AAX files to WMA or MP3 format.

8. Epubor Audible Converter

Epubor Audible Converter is a reputable AAX to MP3 converter. Removing Audible DRM results in a converted audio file of 100 percent retained quality. Despite being expensive software, a trial version is available for download and use for a short time. Nevertheless, if you want the best experience, you must pay for it. It contains a dividing function. This fantastic tool makes it easy to divide a single Audible book into many chapters. Customization into segments, minutes, or chapters is feasible without difficulty. The software supports single-file imports and batch conversions with drag-and-drop tools. So that it is simple to drag and drop AAX files into the program. After selecting the format, it is simple to convert the file.

9. Any Audio Converter

Any Audio Converter may also be referred to as an audio extractor or an audio converter. This is an additional useful converter on our list. It can effortlessly convert between the audio formats MP3, WAVE, WMA, AAC, M4A, and OGG. The software also converts unprotected audio formats. Generally, the software works similarly to Audials. But they are less expensive than Audials.

10. Burning To CD Method

Audials’ Windows software is a multifunctional software that connects Streaming, Universal Converter, Music, and a Media Center. In addition, you will be able to create a virtual CD burner on your computer once the software has been installed. You may thus burn your AAX file on a virtual CD and then rip it to MP3 files. Overall, there are fourteen distinct functional areas within Audials Worlds.

11. TunesKit Audible AA/AAX Converter

The Tuneskit Audible AA/AAX Converter enables you to manage Audible-purchased audiobooks. Audible users can circumvent DRM protection by converting AAX files to DRM-free formats. The highlight of the tools is the ability to convert at speeds up to 100 times quicker. As the AAX audio converter includes a high-quality decryption process, it can save the file without degrading its quality. Nevertheless, the TunesKit Audible Converter saves the file in numerous audio formats, and you may still customize the output parameters to meet your needs. The software allows you to pick a lossless output format before conversion. The tools support a wide variety of export formats and provide fast conversion. The best part is that iTunes and Audible credentials are not required to utilize the tools.

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12. Video Converter Ultimate

The Video Converter Ultimate is another sophisticated video converter that supports converting AAX files. It offers a multitude of easy options to convert Audible to MP3. First, download and install AAX to MP3 Converter on your computer or Mac. Then, import the audiobook into the AAX file. Afterward, select the format. Even the destination folder for the converted file may be selected. Finally, click the convert button to make an audio format.

13. Audials Tunebite Premium

We want to suggest another indispensable AAX audio converter. This is The Audials Tunebite Premium, a powerful audio converter. The software contributes significantly to the resolution of audiobook copy protection issues. It also allows you to convert audiobooks to MP3 files for any device. Most of the time, the converter can instantly replicate DRM-protected audiobooks in any required file format. The primary benefit of the software is that it may enhance current music collections by adding missing ID3 tags. In addition to functioning as an intelligent music player, the converter can also record audio from popular streaming services. With two conversion output options, this AAX audio converter is a great tool.

14. OpenAudible Project

The OpenAudible Project is next on our list. It is also well-known and popular as a cross-platform open-source app. Although it was originally free to use, there is now a $12 fee for access. These tools may be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux to convert audible to MP3. However, it is simple to use, and the only drawback of the tools is their customer assistance. As a community-based initiative, it is sometimes difficult to contact the authority when encountering problems.

15. imElfin Audible Converter

An imElfin Audible Converter is a multipurpose tool that flawlessly removes DRM from AA and AAX audiobooks. Thanks to its drag-and-drop, user-friendly, and drop-compliant interface, it astonishingly aids in converting the format in seconds. Importantly, the converter makes this feat without degrading image quality. Similarly, the Batch conversion assist function expedites work processes. As a result, the most efficient AAX to MP3 converter can help you save time. Moreover, the tool’s design is so outstanding that it will fully accommodate your listening preferences.

16. AAX Audio Converter 1.14

This version 1.14 of the AAX Audio Converter is suitable for Windows 7 users. Even the software supports the previously mentioned Windows version. However, before usage, you will require. Net Framework 4.7.1 installation is required. Similarly, you will require their Audible activation code to process the user’s Audible audiobooks. There is no alternative technique to circumvent or crack DRM. It is open-source software with all the standard functionality. The AAX audio converter handles multi-part books extensively. The tool will generate an additional playlist to assist you if you generate multiple output files per book. You may reuse the converted file as the converter maintains and manages all Meta tag information. After converting a file, this AAX audio converter instantly runs a player to assess its quality, another advantageous function.

17. AAX to MP3 Converter 1.1.0

AAX to MP3 Converter 1.1.0 is a free tool for making AAX to MP3 on Windows 10. This converter is for you, particularly if you are not an iTunes user. These tools do not circumvent DRM restrictions for audiobooks that you do not wish to keep on your Audible account. The primary reason is to create your process to download and store books. Nevertheless, it is a useful software for converting Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to MP3. AAX to MP3 converter often works well with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7 on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Consequently, you may listen to audiobooks on any music player.

18. TuneCable Audiobook Converter

The TuneCable Audiobook Converter is another offline-capable innovation. However, it focused mostly on Apple Music conversion, but it does an excellent job with AA/AAX audiobooks. Using this potent converter, you may easily convert AAX to MP3 and other common formats. In particular, the tools guarantee 100 percent quality preservation. At the same time, the tools save metadata so that you may always arrange it. Finally, the converter allows you to rapidly upload and share your files on Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.

19. Sidify Apple Music Converter

The Sidify Apple Music Converter is the best tool for converting AAX to MP3. It is the best DRM audio solution for Windows and Mac users. This converter is specifically designed to remove DRM protection from Audible audiobooks and iTunes so that you may obtain the MP3, WAV, AAC, or FLAC format you choose. For example, you may save chapter-converting audiobooks in AAC format. By altering the audio bitrate, the tools additionally offer the selection of various output qualities. It also retains all ID3 tags, such as artwork, title, artist, and album. The Sidify Apple Music Converter is, most significantly, the best professional Apple Music converter on the market. Consequently, it works very well with iTunes DRM audio files and Apple Music. The three-step conversion process provides a simple and uncomplicated method for converting DRM audiobooks and Apple Music.

20. TunesKit DRM Audio Converter

TunesKit makes the Audio Converter an excellent Audible AAX to MP3 converter. The tools often work so well to remove the Audible DRM protection and turn it into a format that can be shared. The converter is adaptable and supports more DRM-protected files. Significantly, the output of AAX audio converters may be readily modified to suit your preferences. Even if you’re a novice, you will be suitable to use these tools. However, iTunes authorization is required to utilize these tools. TunesKit Converter, on the other hand, can convert Apple Music tracks and iTunes audiobooks to all formats in a single place. However, you must work with iTunes. Notably, the AAX audio converter may convert Apple Music music and iTunes audiobooks to all available formats in a single place. With this TunesKit Converter, you do not have to worry about ID3 tags, quality chapters, and other metadata since it preserves all in a lossless manner.

21. TuneFab Audiobook Converter

TuneFab Audiobook Converter provides an enhanced DRM removal experience. Audible audiobooks. The tools can undoubtedly convert Audible AA/AAX audiobooks to standard formats to circumvent copyright protection. The converter can eradicate DRM and create AAX to MP3 and other formats. Such are FLAC, AAC, M4A, and AC3 without difficulty. Specifically, the tools can convert AAX to MP3 files 16 times quicker. In addition, the best converter enables the saving of metadata and ID3 tags and the preservation of audiobook chapters. Even the TuneFab Audiobook Converter is so potent that it is straightforward to compare it to the iTunes collection. The sole downside of the converter is that it is only accessible on a computer.


On A Mac, How To Convert AAX To MP3?

However, the 15+ best tools mentioned above can address the issue. Once again, we’re releasing a Mac Audiobook conversion tool for AAX to MP3. Download the required tools, then choose the file. Click the Convert button then. Thus, AAX to MP3 conversion is possible on Mac.

Can The VLC Play AAX Files?

Naturally, the VLC Media Player can play AAX files. However, some users report that the quality is worse when compared to MP3 playback.

Does Amazon Prime Offer Audible For Free?

Yes, but you must have an Amazon Prime membership. After then, you may freely utilize Audibly. You must utilize the best VPN apps to improve your viewing experience on Amazon Prime.

The Bottom Line:

You are familiar with the 15+ best online AAX to MP3 converter tools for Android and Windows. I hope we can provide you with all the information you require. The full offering can convert Audible books to MP3 format, regardless of the format of the source files. It is now your turn. Choose the equipment based on your budget and tools. If you want the best experience, try the premium version. However, if you are a novice, free tools are OK. Do not forget to comment about the tool you are employing since we are quite curious.

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