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8+ Best Virtual Router Software To Try In 2022

Well, a virtual router is a software-based system that emulates a physical hardware device for internet sharing, such as a WiFi router. When you need to create a second protected Internet access point at home, in the classroom, or at a conference, you may easily create a Virtual free Router. Money is not necessary to require a virtual WiFi router. Some virtual router managers do not require the installation of any software. As an internet repeater, you may share your Internet connection with your surroundings. WiFi Router Software is very beneficial when paying for a single Internet connection in a hotel or outside the home to connect to other smart devices. It might reduce your expenses and make you comfortable. Today, we will examine the most effective Virtual Router Software for sharing your Internet connection.

Why Will You Use Virtual Router?

Even if your room has WiFi, you need a PC Router. There are several uses for the hotspot router. The most important aspects are security and privacy. Some advantages of using free wireless routers include:

Reduced Expenses

Suppose you’re checking your family into a hotel. You may typically possess a laptop and a smartphone. The hotel charges a cost for each device’s WiFi connection. You must consider 4*2 = 8 device costs if there are four of you. And the cost would be enormous.

Ensure Security

Assume you wish to share important and secret files with your family members. Your security may be compromised if you access WiFi from a different source. In this instance, you must choose between the Best Free VPN and the Free Virtual Router.

File Sharing

Suppose you wish to share pictures and movies with your housemates. You require a file transfer app. Multiple users will accomplish the same objective with your hotspot router. It’ll reduce your discomfort.

Always Be Connected

A virtual WiFi router enhances the network-connected environment. You must boost your network signal if your WiFi signal is poor and originates from a great distance. A virtual PC/laptop router is among the best tools for expanding the networked environment.

Migration To 5G

Large Internet service providers deploy VRouting to various network parts for the data center, library, and university classes. Therefore, the deployment and migration of 5G VRouting will be of great lot.

How To Turn Your Windows 10 PC To A Hotspot Router?

You can make your Windows 10 PC into a virtual Cisco router without additional software. Yes, I am kidding. However, this network-sharing tool will fit your needs. You can convert your laptop into a wireless router in only six steps. In addition, it is possible to make any LAN connection into a network switch. Here are the methods for turning Windows 7 or 10 into a hotspot.

1 – In the search box of your computer, type “cmd” to launch the command prompt as administrator.

2 – To check the compatibility of your computer, run the command. First, you must ensure that your Hosted Network Support setting is set to Yes.

3 – Commend the following instruction if your computer supports a hosted network.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid= key=

Here, you must provide your SSID’s name and password. The use of a WiFi name generator is possible.

4 – Activate the WiFi hotspot by following the instructions below.

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

5 – You must now activate your wireless adapter. To obtain the Wireless Adapter, enter ncpa.cpl in the Windows 7 or 10 search box and click Enter. You may search for it using the RUN Command.

6 – Click the right mouse button on the connected ethernet icon and navigate to properties. Click the sharing tab and check the box next to “Other Network Users.”

Your network is now operational. You may share your desktop router with family and friends. Therefore, there is no need to download a virtual router.

Network Switch Vs. Hotspot

Network Switch is networking hardware, whereas HotspotHotspot is the only software that connects your other devices to the internet. Therefore, we cannot compare one item to another. However, it is linked. A network switch is required for an Internet connection, and after establishing a successful connection, you can connect any other device to HotspotHotspot. The switch is only sometimes necessary because we can connect HotspotHotspot with our smartphones regardless of the LAN and switch.

How To Easily Make Smartphone With WiFi Hotspot?

Mobile Hotspot is often used around the globe. Within one minute, you can transform your smartphone into a hotspot. Here are three easy steps.

1 – Connect your mobile smartphone to mobile data.

2 – Tap the WiFi Hotspot icon on your mobile smartphone.

3 – If you are connecting for the first time, you must enter the Hotspot name. You can manually or automatically assign a password.

4 – You’re almost done. Connect your WiFi device to the HotspotHotspot.

Considerations For Selecting The Best Virtual Router Software For Windows 10

When selecting desktop router software, safety and security should be prioritized. You should keep your privacy and peace in exchange for a free tool. Listed below are some recommendations for a PC router:

1 – Numerous businesses provide software router freeware. But only some are secure. Therefore, it would be best to use the previously mentioned solutions, such as Connectify, mHotspot, VirtualRouter Plus, etc.

2 – The WiFi range is an essential factor. The typical range of virtual WiFi is fifty meters. The range of free and best virtual routers for business is different.

3 – The router network doesn’t support all types of game consoles, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. The Smart TV connection may be an additional issue with the free router software.

4 – An app that ensures your network supports your available devices.

5 – Some Virtual WiFi Routers may slow down your computer. Therefore, remove them and reinstall a newer version.

6 – If you turn your computer into an access point, only grant access to some. Because a friend may be an enemy.

7 – Only some router management software serves the same purpose. Industrial routers and IoT routers, for instance, serve various purposes. Therefore, you must be very explicit with your requirement.

Can I Use The Freeware Software Router Connected To A Virtual Private Network?

Using a virtual private network (VPN) with any PC router software poses no risk. But it should be a reliable source. Using this router, you may connect to your virtual private server. The following hardware is required to set up a virtual router with a VPN:

1 – Computer running Windows 7 or Windows 10.

2 – Internet connection via the computer.

3 – A secure VPN. 

4 – Virtual router manager. 

5 – Technical expertise required for computer configuration.

8+ Best Virtual Router Software To Try

A virtual WiFi router’s quality is contingent on various factors, including software, internet speed, bandwidth, maximum user acceptability, and range. To supply you with a seamless connection, we have selected the eight or more best virtual router software based on your needs. The hotspot router assortment is based on internet accessibility, user recommendation, and performance. We rank no software. These virtual WiFi routers use the Microsoft Windows operating system.

1. mHotspot

Virtual Router Software

mHotspot is a lightweight internet sharing app that makes network sharing. It supports all sorts of smart devices, including Android, printers, and others. The computer has control over the internet connection. Access the wireless network connection center, then right-click and locate the context menu to share your Internet connection. Now you must compete with all other users for internet connection. You may stop at any time, per your discretion. This software is only compatible with the Windows operating system.


1 – mHotspot is a free piece of freeware that converts Windows 7, 8, and 10 into a WiFi router.

2 – mHotspot enables up to 10 devices to share the internet.

3 – This Virtual Router Software is only 400 KB in size.

4 – It permits us to view the specifics of connected devices.

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5 – You may view network information such as upload and download speeds.

6 – This wireless connection employs WPA2 PSK password security.

7 – As a repeater, this hotspot router enhances the range of your WiFi connection.

2. Connectify Hotspot

Virtual Router Software

Connectify, a prominent software company, created network-sharing software for businesses, professionals, and people. Now Connectify Hotspot is compatible with Microsoft Windows, a journey that began in October 2009. Connectify Hotspot lets you turn your laptop or desktop computer into a virtual PC Router or wireless hotspot to share your Internet connection.

Because it enables you to connect all your devices to the laptop, it makes them happy. Connectify’s hotspot is compatible with Unicode, emojis, and several languages. Connectify is the best virtual router that resides on your computer. With its superior software app, your computer will be transformed into a robust WiFi router. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. No connection configuration setting is required for the Windows operating system.


1 – Connectify Hotspot prevents the presentation of unwanted advertisements on the device.

2 – It prevents overcharging for expensive connections.

3 – When internet costs are calculated per device, this Connectify Hotspot will be more beneficial.

4 – Connectify Hotspot functions as a WiFi repeater. Therefore, it works with expanded range coverage.

5 – Although this software is not free, its users may claim praise.

3. MaryFi

Virtual Router Software

MaryFi is a great Hotspot Router if you require a lightweight virtual WiFi router. It offers a UI that is easy to comprehend and gives a high-speed Internet connection. After downloading this software, you must set an easy procedure. Provide the hotspot’s name and password for security purposes.


1 – MaryFi is compatible with all versions of Windows, including 64-bit systems.

2 – This software is written in English.

3 – This software is freeware, but its file size is larger than its rivals.

4 – It offers an easy user interface.

5 – It permits us to investigate all the devices connected to this network.

4. My WiFi Router

Virtual Router Software

My WiFi Router is a free, user-easy hotspot router. It generates a virtual router emulator to connect through a desktop or laptop computer. It includes a multitude of remarkable features, including security measures. The philosophy underlying these virtual WiFi networks is liberty. If you want to share your system with anybody without worrying about security, this may be the best virtual router for you since it offers fewer features than you want.


1 – My WiFi Router is a freeware program.

2 – Only the English language is supported.

3 – My WiFi Router is compatible with all Windows operating system versions.

4 – This lightweight software is only 1 MB in size.

5 – It distributes videos in addition to an internet connection.

5. MO Virtual Router

Virtual Router Software

MO Virtual Router provides free WiFi system points for Windows users to connect to the internet. Launch the app, provide a username and password to use the virtual software, and initiate internet sharing. The password length can range from 8 to 63 characters. MO Virtual Router is available as freeware for 64-bit and 32-bit desktop and laptop operating systems.


1 – This MO Virtual Router has a minimal download size.

2 – Freely licensed software.

3 – This WiFi router manager has an intuitive interface so that anybody may use it without difficulty.

4 – Works without installation. 

5 – Directly use the detachable drive.

6. VirtualRouter Plus

If you wish to connect your mobile device to the internet but cannot connect through WiFi, you may create your own WiFi using a laptop and desktop computer. It enables you to create a private network to connect your mobile phone, tablet, and other smart gadgets. To use this virtual WiFi router, no software installation is required. You only need to run the app and create a username and password. After selecting Start VirtualRouter Plus, the Internet access point will become available. It is Windows 10 software for a virtual router.


1 – VirtualRouter Plus doesn’t require any installation. Run the app and use it.

2 – It gives a connection with fast speed.

3 – It is constantly accessible.

4 – VirtualRouter Plus is trusted to be virus-free open-source software.

5 – It is a freeware, lightweight app.

6 – This app is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system.

7. Bzeek

Bzeek is portable WiFi network sharing software. Well, it converts your laptop and desktop computer into virtual WiFi networks, allowing you to connect your custom-built system without difficulty. You may feel less anxious if you enable your guest to use your custom-built system. You may connect any devices to the Bzeek network. Using Bzeek, no actual hardware is required.


1 – Bzeek modifies your laptop and makes wireless access points.

2 – It lets users freely and securely browse the internet.

3 – This virtual laptop Router is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows XP.

4 – It appears under the name Bzeek Free WiFi.

5 – This WiFi router manager is a free worldwide network.

8. MyPublicWiFi

MyPublicWiFi is the best Virtual Router Software to Share Internet Connection if you wish to create any WiFi access with a firewall and URL tracking. Software that provides an Internet access point is easy to use. So that everyone around may access the internet, this is a clever way to connect the internet in workplaces, homes, and conferences. It can limit certain services, such as file-sharing programs. To run the Virtual PC Router, you must create an SSID and provide a password.


1 – MyPublicWiFi enables us to view who is using the Internet connection.

2 – Internet-sharing tools that are easy to use.

3 – The installation procedure is easy and painless.

4 – The virtual router manager is both free and lightweight.

5 – It gives you your IP address.

9. ARPMiner

ARPMiner is an internet-sharing software that works on the Windows platform. Well, Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Windows servers are supported. ARPMiner is an easy-to-use software with an intuitive UI. It shows all users connected in real-time. This app has an integrated PPPoE, DHCP, HTTP, and proxy DNS server. The trial version of the ARPMiner Windows 10 router is a trial version of premium software.


1 – ARPMiner has an intuitive layout and interface.

2 – It can monitor real-time users.

3 – Operation of the NAT and Bridge for the Hotspot Captive Model.

4 – PPPoE server protected by MPPE encryption. 

5 – Monitoring performance with the Windows performance monitor.

6 – This virtual PC router manager supports MAC authentication through Radius.

10. OSToto

OSToto is a free WiFi hotspot for its users. It enables you to share your Internet connection through Bluetooth, cable, LAN, WiFi, broadband card, and dial-up. This app transforms your desktop, laptop, notebook, or computer into a portable WiFi router. This virtual WiFi router will connect you to any of your preferred locations, like the bus, train station, and your home. OSToto is very compatible with all Windows operating system versions.


1 – OSToto is a free online connection software.

2 – It is a simple software to locate your Internet access point.

3 – The control panel displays a list of connected users.

4 – It shows the megabytes allotted to your visitors.

5 – This virtual router manager is comparable to a speed tester.

6 – It is possible to check and block a user.


We use Virtual Router Software to make the security of the internet access point to reduce the cost of internet browsing and increase the distance range. All of the WiFi routers we’ve discussed thus far have a positive reputation on the market. Connectify Hotspot, Bzeek, and MO Virtual Router are the best. Please let us know in the comments if you’ve discovered an important missing item. We shall add your sage advice with enthusiasm.

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