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Best 15 Instagram Video Editing Apps For PC And Mobile

In response to Instagram’s increasing emphasis on video-type content, marketers, creators, and businesses on the platform have shifted to the same strategy for sustained growth. You can still submit images, but videos, stories, and IGTV significantly impact engagement. However, more than creating an engaging video is required. Editing it to make it appear more attractive while conveying information is also essential. Does this imply you must spend a fortune employing an editor or enrolling in an editing course yourself? No, not really. This blog discusses some of the most popular Instagram video editing apps that are easy for amateur editors to use. These Instagram video creator apps will assist you in generating traffic and connecting with your followers.

What Are Instagram Video Editing Apps?

Well, Instagram video editing apps and software are Instagram-based or third-party programs that offer robust editing options to Instagram video content creators. You can easily edit stories, reels with music, and video clips according to your needs. These apps give users greater modification control than Instagram‘s default editing options.

Best Instagram Video Editing Apps

There are numerous free Instagram video editing apps available. Certain of them are.

Instagram Video Editing Apps For Reels (Best Instagram Reels Editing App)


Animoto is an Instagram video editor that offers templates to help beginners get started quickly. Using a straightforward drag-and-drop functionality, you can upload videos and images to your chosen template. The app also provides customization options for fonts, colors, music, transitions, and text, among other elements. The video can be shared on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


  • A collection of over 3000 licensed recordings.
  • Aspect ratio adjustment (Landscape, square, portrait).
  • Templates for Storyboard.
  • Branding through fonts, colors, and a logo.
  • Layouts & composites.
  • Watermark consists of a logo.

Filmora Go

Filmora Go is one of the top video editing apps for Instagram reels, offering filters, animated text, audio, backgrounds, decals, and more. You can add background music from featured options or your voiceovers. There are also options for special effects such as haze, distortion, and split screen. Before posting, you can save the reels to your camera roll. This app for modifying reels is suitable for both beginners and professionals.


  • 1000+ musical genres.
  • Multiple timelines can be managed with the timeline view.
  • Templates for the rapid creation of videos.
  • More than 200 emoticons and decorations.
  • Change the rate of playback.
  • Aspect ratio modification.
  • HD Export.
  • Animation tool with keyframes.

Instagram Video Editing Apps For iPhone

Here are some apps for iPhones that can be used to edit videos.


iMovie is an excellent tool for rapidly creating beautiful IGTV videos. Users are only required to select the desired images and video clips. Automatically, transitions, titles, and music are added. The option to add custom backgrounds, voiceovers, sound effects, etc., is available to users. The clips can be deleted, split, trimmed, or recorded. Additionally, split screen and green screen are supported. The video can be exported to Instagram or saved at up to 4K 60FPS.


  • Twenty Storyboards for video formats.
  • Fourteen trailer templates with custom scores and graphics.
  • Eight themes with musical transitions and titles.
  • Twenty designs with fonts, layouts for titles, color palettes, music, and filters.
  • There are more than 130 soundtracks that fit the duration of a video.

Apple Clips

Apple Clips is a video editor for Instagram that provides filters, animated text, icons, effects, speech bubbles, images, memojis, and music for creating and modifying Instagram videos. You can rearrange the order of the clips and trim them to your specifications. The videos can be shared through messages, emails, or Instagram with a single tap.


  • Aspect ratio modification.
  • There are more than 100 soundtracks that fit the duration of a video.
  • Zoom and pan animations.
  • Background visual effects.
  • Import music from apps such as GarageBand.

Instagram Video Editing Apps For Android


EasyCut enables both beginners and professionals to create and edit Instagram videos. It is one of the most effective Instagram video editing apps for reels and stories. Videos can add transitions, emoticons, emojis, music, and voiceovers. Clips can be cropped, sliced, trimmed, rotated, obscured, reversed, or merged with other clips without significantly decreasing quality.


  • Free templates are available.
  • Background individualization.
  • Video speed modulation.
  • Styles of text for subtitles.
  • Correction and grading of colors.
  • HD export.


InShot is a renowned Instagram video editor providing multiple content creation tools. The clips can be split, merged, cut, flipped, and cropped to create a video rapidly. You can add featured music, derived music from other videos, or your voice to a video. Final videos can be converted to MP4 form and shared on Instagram with a single click.


  • Personalized filters.
  • Aspect ratio modification.
  • 4K video export.
  • Several text typefaces.
  • More than 55 transitions, including glitch, slice, and fade in/out.
  • More than a thousand animated decals and emoticons.

Instagram Video Editing Apps For PC


Wave video editor is among the best apps for modifying reels, Instagram stories, and other videos. You can add your images, music, icons, animated text, GIFs, and more, or choose from the available media. The content produced with this Reels editing app can be shared on social media, via email, or embedded on websites.

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  • 1000+ templates or more.
  • 30+ video formats with resizing capabilities.
  • Color filters for video.
  • Adjustment of aspect ratio (horizontal, vertical, square).
  • 350 typefaces.


The Movavi Instagram video editor enables users to create compelling videos that can be shared. You can add filters, transitions, voiceovers, titles, pre-made intros, and special effects. You can arrange multiple video clips in any order with easy drag and drop. Additionally, you can modify the audio and duration of clips. The editor offers a preferred list option for filters, transitions, etc., allowing you to reuse them without squandering time searching.


  • Aspect ratio modification.
  • Snapshot capture.
  • Video speed modification.
  • The use of keyframe animation.
  • Multiple export formats, including MP4, are supported.

Instagram Story Video Editing Apps


The WeVideo Instagram video editing app can be used to create Instagram advertisements, Instagram stories, and other forms of videos. You can drag & drop images and videos to add them. Video clips can be trimmed, flipped, cropped, split, merged, or resized. Customization options exist for text, filters, animations, voiceovers, music, logo, etc. You can publish the content simultaneously on Instagram and other social media platforms.


  • Video templates.
  • Text Captions and Titles.
  • Speed management.
  • Plus than 600 audio, graphics, and video formats.
  • Branding with colors, logo, and typefaces.
  • Audio export.
  • Online storage.

Vimeo Create

Well, Vimeo Create is an AI-powered IG stories editor that allows individuals to create videos with various decals, designs, layouts, soundtracks, filters, and text animations. In addition, it offers modifying options such as scaling, cropping, and snap-to-grid to create an Instagram story. You can organize the assets into folders for easy management. Additionally, videos can be downloaded, embedded on websites, or directly posted to Instagram.


  • Licensed library of sound effects and stock assets.
  • More than 3000 video templates for advertisements, reels, stories, blog posts, etc.
  • Aspect ratio adjustment (landscape/ square/ portrait).
  • Timeline Edit with accuracy.
  • For branding, custom logos and brand colors are used.
  • A monitoring interface for video performance analytics.

Instagram Video Editing Apps With Music


Well, Kinemaster is an easy-to-use video editing app for producing professional Instagram videos. It allows users to trim or merge clips, choose backgrounds, add images, and insert text, among other features. You can even add voice translators and record voiceovers. Also, the video can be saved as a .kine file in 4K at up to 60 frames per second or directly shared on Instagram.


  • Option for import/export.
  • A repository containing over 2,500 videos, fonts, transitions, etc.
  • Tools for color correction and filters.
  • Playback of multiple videos simultaneously.
  • There are eight blending modes for visual effects.
  • Animation tool with keyframes.


Magisto is one of the finest apps for Instagram reels that allows you to upload images and videos for editing. You have the option to choose your preferred editing technique. This AI-powered tool also includes features for splicing, integrating, trimming, and rearranging video clips. Videos can also be customized with decals, orientation, effects, fonts, graphics, music, and text. This reels editing app creates content that works nicely for all brands and can be shared via email, messaging apps, and Instagram.


  • Circumstance-specific, pre-made templates.
  • Licensed collection of tracks.
  • Customized labeling.
  • Object detection.
  • Analytics monitoring.
  • Links to confidential, password-protected videos.

Instagram Fan Account Video Editing Apps

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editor propelled by artificial intelligence that enables users to choose between freeform and automatic editing techniques. In the case of automatic editing, this tool incorporates the finest instances from the footage and creates a fan account video using artificial intelligence. Using the freeform approach, you can customize videos with transitions, filters, text, etc. The final video can be exported to Instagram and other social media platforms.


  • Built-in templates.
  • Speed adjustment.
  • Multitrack timeline.
  • Manual and preset color correction.
  • Aspect ratio modification.


The VideoShow editor makes it simple for beginners to create and edit videos for posting on fan accounts. It allows for video reversal, splicing, playback, annotation, and compression. Each clip can add decals, filters, GIFs, animations, music, sound effects, and live dubbing. Posting on Instagram is easy thanks to its no crop mode and square motif. You can repurpose content for other audio or video-based apps besides Instagram.


  • Speed adjustment.
  • Licensed music with adjustable volume.
  • 4K exports are available.
  • Subtitles’ fonts and text designs.
  • Ready-made Video templates.

Best IG Stories Editor


Well, Mojo is an easy-to-use app for small businesses and content creators who wish to create Instagram stories, reels, and social media postings. You can add numerous text designs, special effects, background music, animated stickers, and filters, as well as your images and videos. Videos that have been edited can be saved to the photo library or shared directly on Instagram.


  • More than 500 animated templates.
  • Text is superimposed.
  • Aspect ratio adjustment (portrait, square, landscape).
  • Using logos, fonts, and colors for branding.
  • The soundtrack for multi-page stories.

The Bottom Line:

You can use any of the following apps to create Instagram content and develop your account, depending on your purpose and device. The majority of them are free and easy to use.

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