12 Top Terminal Emulator For Mac

Terminal Emulator For Mac: The terminal app pre-installed on MacOS is highly responsive and competent in managing various command-line tasks. My complaint is that it is less cool-looking or customizable than many other alternatives on the market. Here is a list of the top MacOS alternatives to the default terminal app, continuing my series of alternative apps for well-known apps on various platforms.

12 Top Terminal Emulator For Mac

We have compiled a list of the top 12 Mac Terminal emulators along with the advantages and disadvantages of each program for your convenience.

1. Warp Terminal

Terminal Emulator

Designed to increase developer productivity, Warp is a cutting-edge Mac terminal. It provides a contemporary user interface, exhibits rapid performance, and seamlessly integrates with macOS, enhancing the efficiency and usability of command-line tasks.

2. iTerm2

Terminal Emulator

Well, iTerm2 is a free and open source terminal emulator that provides users with a powerful search tool, auto-complete options, the ability to open multiple tabs in separate sessions, support for multiple profiles, numerous customization options, and more.

3. Hyper

Terminal Emulator

To offer users a beautiful and extensible command line interface, Hyper is a fully customizable, beautiful terminal emulator reported from the ground up in JavaScript.

4. Rio Term

Terminal Emulator

Rio is a terminal emulator constructed with Rust, WebGPU, and the Tokio runtime. It is customizable and designed to be extremely performant; the text is rendered on a hardware-accelerated GPU, resulting in a fluid and responsive user experience. The Rio terminal renderer is based on a redux state machine, which enables quick modifications to the terminal interface. With support for modules written in any language, it is also designed to be extensible.

5. Alacritty

Terminal Emulator

Alacritty is a free and open source cross-platform terminal emulator that prioritizes simplicity and performance. It accelerates its operation by using the system’s GPU. It functions flawlessly out of the box.

6. Terminator

Terminal Emulator

The open source terminal app Terminator aims to organize terminals in grids. Its behavior is primarily based on the GNOME terminal, with additional features for regular CLI users and sysadmins, such as simultaneous input in arbitrary groups of terminals and an abundance of keyboard shortcuts, and it is free to use.

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7. MacTerm

MacTerm is a robust open source and free terminal app designed to supplant the MacOS terminal. It features, among other things, notifications, 24-bit color support, a floating command line, iTerm2 image sequences and color schemes, and standard graphics protocols.

8. Kitty

Kitty is a GPU-based cross-platform terminal emulator that is quick and packed with features. It supports launch sessions, bracketed paste, function extension via Kittens (i.e., its add-ons), focus tracking, OpenType ligatures, and multiple copy/paste buffers.

9. Byobu

Byobu is a window manager and free and open source text-based terminal multiplexer that includes configuration utilities, enhanced profiles, keyboard shortcuts, and system status notifications, among other features.

10. WezTerm

Multiplexer and terminal emulator WezTerm is extremely customizable and GPU-accelerated. It offers developers, system administrators, and power users a sophisticated, feature-filled terminal experience. WezTerm maximizes efficiency and effectiveness when working with the command line through its contemporary interface, extensive customization options, and robust functionality.

11. Zoc

Tabbed sessions with thumbnails, over 205 commands of scripting language, communication via multiple protocols (including but not limited to SSH, Rlogin, and SCP), an address book with folders and/or color-coded hosts, client automation through macro scripting, and more are just a few of the impressive features of Zoc, a professional terminal emulator designed for Mac and Windows platforms.

12. Fig Terminal

Fig is a command-line utility that augments your existing terminal with autocomplete functionality similar to Visual Studio Code (VSCode). It aims to increase efficiency and productivity by offering intelligent suggestions as you type commands in the terminal.


You are now aware of all the interesting terminal apps that can be used instead of the Mac Terminal. In the remarks section below, please feel free to share your experience with us and offer any suggestions or evaluations.

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