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How To Find People on OnlyFans? [5 Easy Guides]

OnlyFans is home to over 1+ million content creators This service, based in London, is well-known for its adult material, but it also offers content in various other categories such as fitness and music, and caters to creators who offer their works on a subscription basis.

Despite being a recent addition to the digital landscape, OnlyFans has quickly garnered attention. Renowned social media personalities and well-known figures. Navigating to the website is straightforward; however, the absence of a search function complicates the process of finding particular content creators.

How To Find People on OnlyFans

While the OnlyFans platform itself does not offer a direct way to look up usernames, we can rely on external OnlyFans search tools and information resellers to locate usernames that fit certain search parameters.

For example, if you’re trying to locate someone on OnlyFans, simply enter their complete name into the search engines dedicated to OnlyFans, and they will provide you with the user’s OnlyFans handle. Below you will find a compilation of tools designed to help you Find People on OnlyFans.

  • Google
  • Fansmetrics
  • OnlyFinder
  • OnlySearch
  • People Search Tools
  • Locate them on their social media profiles.

#1: Google

If you’re trying to locate someone on Onlyfans, beginning your search with Google is the most effective strategy. Here’s the method to do so:

  • Go to
  • On the search bar, type site: (name). 

Find People on OnlyFans

 Note: This approach will be effective solely if the individual you’re attempting to find on Onlyfans is operating under their genuine name.

#2: Fansmetrics: Location-Based People Search on OnlyFans

Boasting a colossal collection of more than 20 million profiles, Fansmetric holds the title for the most extensive OnlyFans directory available. The platform offers its users the convenience of locating an OnlyFans account using various search criteria.

  • name
  • social media usernames
  • Location
  • keyword
  • category

Utilizing Fansmetrics is straightforward and doesn’t necessitate the installation of any programs or add-ons. All that’s required is familiarity with their website, and then simply adhere to these three simple procedures:

  • Go to the Fansmetrics website.
  • Enter the complete name, the user handles for various social platforms, or the geographical whereabouts associated with the OnlyFans account you are searching for.
  • Press the “Search” button.

Find People on OnlyFans

  • You will arrive at a list of profiles that correspond to your search criteria. As an example, in this case, we attempted to locate individuals on OnlyFans based on their geographical area.

Although we primarily highlighted it as a means to locate OnlyFans users based on their geographical area, Fansmetrics is equally adept at identifying individuals on OnlyFans by their names without any hitches. Our emphasis on its geographic search capability stems from the fact that Fansmetrics outshines any other available tool when it comes to pinpointing OnlyFans users by their whereabouts.

#3: OnlySearch: Browse OnlyFans Users By Name Using OnlySearch

OnlySearch is a tailored search platform that lets you locate an individual’s OnlyFans account by just using their name. Additionally, you can search for an OnlyFans profile using different identifiers such as their usernames on social media platforms.

Below are the steps to locate an individual’s OnlyFans profile using OnlySearch:

  • Go to OnlySearch.
  • Input the OnlyFans content creator’s name you are looking to find.
  • Click “Search.”

Find People on OnlyFans

  • OnlySearch will proceed to comb through its database to find OnlyFans profiles that correspond to the name you’ve inputted.
  • From the list provided, select the OnlyFans account you’re interested in.

#4: OnlyFinder : Use OnlyFans to Find Names of People You Know

OnlyFinder functions as a discovery tool for individuals seeking to locate a specific person’s OnlyFans profile, boasting a database that includes more than half a million content creators listed on their platform.

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Using OnlyFinder makes it simple to locate a particular person on OnlyFans. Once you have the complete name of the creator on OnlyFans, discovering their username and subsequently their profile is straightforward.

How does OnlyFinder Work?

Upon typing a name into OnlyFinder, the platform will swiftly scour through and catalog the profiles of individuals who create material for OnlyFans, presenting you with the relevant details almost instantly.

Certainly! Below is a paraphrased version of your instruction: Here’s how to operate OnlyFinder:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the complete name of the individual you’re searching for on OnlyFans into the search field.
  3. Wait for the results.
  4. Select the precise profile that you need from the list, and you will be directed to the website.

It should be highlighted that numerous content producers do not operate under their authentic identities. Consequently, there is a necessity for a more robust platform capable of searching for individuals, which can connect you to their corresponding online profiles.

#5: Using Social Media, Onlyfans Search

Should the earlier tactics prove ineffective, turning to social media platforms may be the subsequent optimal approach. Due to the lack of an adequate search function on OnlyFans, many producers turn to social media for assistance. They frequently promote their OnlyFans usernames on networks such as Twitter to broaden their audience and boost their subscription numbers.

You can take advantage of Google or alternative search engines to locate the social media accounts of the individual you’re considering. After discovering these profiles, examine their postings for any mentions or links to their OnlyFans accounts.

Here’s a paraphrase: Helpful hint – Begin your search for social media presence by checking out Twitter first, as it offers OnlyFans users the most freedom to post links to their profiles.

Last Words

Finding People an OnlyFans might not be possible directly through the platform itself. Nonetheless, you have the option to employ external resources, such as dedicated search engines and websites that collect and sell personal information.

Alternatively, you could reach out to the content creator personally via their social media accounts. By doing so, you can obtain precise details regarding the OnlyFans username you are interested in.

Implementing the recommended approaches with respect is essential. They should not pose a threat to the person who created the content.


The settings you select during the creation of your OnlyFans account dictate the level of privacy you can maintain. It’s possible to conceal your real identity on OnlyFans by opting for fake names or alternative names.


1. How do I use OnlyFans?

As someone who subscribes, it is your responsibility to pay for the content you wish to view. Conversely, if you produce content, you need to input your payment details to receive earnings.

2. How to search for people on OnlyFans?

At present, OnlyFans doesn’t provide a search functionality to find individuals on its site. Despite the absence of a built-in search feature, various external tools exist that can be utilized. OnlyFinder and OnlySearch are two of the most well-known options available for this purpose.

3. Can people screenshot OnlyFans?

Certainly, it is possible to capture screen images on OnlyFans, yet doing so violates the platform’s regulations regarding the reproduction of its material.

4. Does OnlyFans have an app?

OnlyFans lacks a complete application for Android and iOS platforms. Nonetheless, a simplified variant known as the OFTV app exists and is accessible for Android, iOS, Roku, and FireTV users.

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