9 Best Indian Scanner Apps Like CamScanner

Today, scanning files and photos do not necessitate the usage of large machinery. Using the popular best Android Scanner Apps Of 2022 in India, a smartphone with a camera may efficiently scan data. These low-cost Scanner Apps Like CamScanner are highly secure and cost-effective.

Now that the CamScanner app has been prohibited in India, you can experiment with other Indian scanner apps to select your favorite. The best Mobile Scanner Apps for Android capture scans with the phone’s camera and save them in editable formats.

List of 9 Best Indian Scanner Apps Like CamScanner

Here’s a list of the best Indian scanner apps in 2022 as Alternatives For Camscanner:

1. AIRScanner

It is among the best Scanner Apps Like CamScanner made in India. The Indian document scanner app AIRScanner features an AI-powered reading aid. The Indian scanner software is extremely secure because it stores all files in PDF format on the phone’s local storage.

CamScanner alternative, which is also identified as a reading aide, is currently only accessible as the Indian scanner app for Android devices. The software is one of the best scanner apps in India because it offers features designed to simplify the English reading experience for everyone.

Key Features of AIRScanner Indian Scanner App:

  • Multi-language support.
  • AI dictionary to understand the meaning of words on a scanned copy.
  • AI Narrator that assists listen to text on a scanned page.
  • Share documents via multiple apps.
  • Quality control for images.

2. DocScanner

Next in our list of the best Scanner Apps Like CamScanner is Document Scanner. It is a document scanning app, scanning photos, receipts, and reports. The best Indian-made scanner software makes it simple to recover scanned documents. This best scanner app for Android free is also used to rotate and crop the scans.

Document Scanner is an easy-to-use app that stores your scanned documents so that you can access them as needed. In addition, this document scanning app makes cropping photographs and turning them into PDFs simple.

Key Features of DocScanner:

  • Editing and file importing.
  • PDF Converter for file conversion.
  • Grid layout mode.
  • Easy management of page sizes.
  • PDF file sharing.
  • Batch scanning mode.

Document Scanner Price: In-app purchases for Doc Scanner software scanner starts from ₹ 137.


  • Easy to scan documents in the required size and shape.
  • Quick search option.
  • Documents can assign passwords for better protection.
  • Best for organizing PDF files.
  • Fast process for restoring documents.
  • Impressive scan quality.
  • Easy fixing of bug issues.


Auto-rotate for PDF files does not work at times.

3. PhotoScan by Google

If we talk about the highly-rated Scanner Apps Like CamScanner, use the phone’s camera to scan pictures and save them using the PhotoScan scanner app. Popular features of this scanner app include automated edge identification and glare-free image scanning. In addition, the app provides editing tools and sophisticated filtering features.

This doc scanner is one of the best Indian Document Scanner Apps for Android. Using the PhotoScan scanning app, you may enhance the quality of your scans, add digital effects, and organize them. Use the camera on your device, point it at the image or file, and select the scan option. You can analyze scanned images for borders and edges and, if necessary, modify their corners.

Features of PhotoScan:

  • Perspective correction.
  • Multiple image stitching.
  • Smart rotation.
  • Photo import.
  • Autocorrect.
  • Removes reflections & glare.

4. Kaagaz Scanner

It is one of the best Scanner Apps Like CamScanner that you should use. Kaagaz Scanner is a popular Indian CamScanner app used for document scanning and PDF storage. In addition to speedy scanning, this Indian scanning tool allows you to share documents via email and social media. Kaagaz is one of the best Indian apps like CamScanner which also enables rapid auto edge detection.

In addition, the app offers five distinct scanning modes and eight different Indian languages. This system is great for scanning invoices, business cards, and other documents. You may even choose any document on your device to keep in the Kaagaz Indian app for scanning.

Kaagaz Indian Scanner App Features:

  • Auto document categorization.
  • Filtering and cropping.
  • Magic color option.
  • Image scanning.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Multiple screening modes.

5. is among the popular Indian Scanner Apps Like CamScanner. This Indian app for document sharing is offered at no cost. It is a secure solution that does not require user authentication. Both scanning and sharing are simple with the scanner app.

If we talk about the top Alternative Apps Like Camscanner, this Indian scanner app for Android and iOS devices can also convert photos to text. facilitates the rapid adjustment of scans’ contrast and brightness. Using this Indian scanner app, you can easily scan the pages of a book using its many filters.

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Features of Indian Scanner App:

  • OCR or optical character recognition.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Text extraction.
  • Handwriting recognition.
  • Image processing.

6. TapScanner

Lets talk about the top-notch Scanner Apps Like CamScanner for Android and iOS. The TapScanner scanning app converts your mobile device into a pocket scanner. Using this scanner app, you may scan various types of documents and convert them to PDF format. It is regarded as one of the best document scanning apps in India because of its user-friendly design and numerous image options.

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You can also use this scanner app to scan receipts and cards. With the TapScanner document scanner app, it is simple to manage scanned documents because you can export scanned files in PNG or PDF format. Users can have confidence in the software’s capacity to detect borders automatically before scanning.

TapScanner Features:

  • Cropping, borders, and filters.
  • Search tool for document recovery.
  • Automated detection for document borders.
  • PNG file-sharing support.
  • Electronic signatures.

7. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is one of the best scanner apps available in India, featuring OCR technology and a PDF creator. Comparable to the CamScanner app, Adobe scanner app performs automated scans that can be sent via email. These scans can also be uploaded to a document cloud for easy access.

Additionally, if we talk about the best Scanner Apps Like CamScanner, the platform allows you to trim numerous photographs, alter all scans, and perform auto-captures. Adobe Scan is also favored by end users because it can be readily connected with other programs on your device. The scanner app for Android and iOS devices now supports other languages.

Features of Adobe Scan:

  • No tap automated scans.
  • Reordering pages.
  • Page rotation and color correction.
  • Text recognition language.
  • Auto-flash.
  • Color correction.

8. Microsoft Office Lens

Next in our list of the popular Scanner Apps Like CamScanner is Microsoft Office Lens. It is a well-known document scanner app used to capture data from whiteboards, documents, menus, and business cards. Using this app for scanning documents, images without text may also be obtained.

Microsoft Office Lens may do functions similar to CamScanner, such as reducing shadows and removing unusual angles. End-users can import scanned files into platforms such as PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive. After a scan is complete, the Android, iOS, and Windows apps for scanning allow you to save data in editable formats.

Key Features:

  • Text editor
  • File sharing
  • OCR technology
  • ID scanning
  • PDF conversion
  • Image pre-processing

9. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro scanner app in India facilitates the scanning and sharing of captured documents. The app is renowned for its shadow removal feature, which automatically removes shadows from scanned pages.

OCR capabilities can be used to transform the text into editable text. In addition, Scanner Pro allows users to perform several scans simultaneously. This Camscanner alternative Indian app is ideal for many types of documents, including books, IDs, and contracts. You can convert all such scans to pdf and keep them on your device safely.

Key Features:

  • Image adjustments.
  • Grouping together multiple scans.
  • Single click tab for adding dates.
  • File renaming.
  • Low/high-resolution for saving images.

Wrapping Up

Most ad-free Indian Scanner Apps Like CamScanner are secure and do not keep your information. The majority of these apps provide cross-platform functionality and free versions for widespread use. Scan documents, export them in the format of your choosing, and share them with other collaborators in a single operation.


What is the best software for scanning documents?

The top-rated scanning software for better document management and higher business efficiency are InsSig OCR Solutions, PaperSave, Pocket Scanner, FineScanner AI, and GoFileRoom.

Which app is better than Scanner Apps Like CamScanner for PC?

With its advanced document processing features, Doc Scanner is the best software for managing document scanning workflows.

Its defining features are:

  • Easy to fax/print scanned documents directly from the app
  • Detecting page edges
  • Sharing JPEG/PDF files
  • Quick document scanning
  • Page size management

What is the best free scanning software?

The best free scanning software for retrieving, sharing, and capturing scanned files are:

  • Office Lens: For improving image quality in scanned documents.
  • KRYSTAL DMS: For capturing, managing & retrieving documents.
  • Easy Scan: It is an easy-to-use app for fast document scanning.
  • Windows Scan: Supports touch-based inputs for document scanning.

Is Document Scanner an Indian app?

Yes, Document Scanner is an India doc scanner app offering an improved UI & advanced PDF toolkit.

Is Adobe scanning free?

Adobe Scanning is free for mobile devices, supporting android/iOS systems. Adobe Scanning for PC requires you to pay monthly charges. The Pro version costs ₹1,014 whereas the Standard version costs ₹879.

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