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Best 10 Stock Market Simulators In India To Use

Are you concerned regarding investing in the stock market? From your friends, family, neighbors, and the Internet, you will find abundant advice on how, when, and where to invest in the stock market. But when it comes time to invest, no one, not even investment advisers, can tell you precisely where to invest with zero risk. There are always several associated dangers! However, what if we told you you can now practice trading on the stock market without spending real money? Yes, that is correct! With stock market simulators, this is feasible. You can practice your stock trading strategies in real time with virtual money without risking a dime. Let’s examine the best stock market simulators on the market and delve into the specifics of stock simulators.

What Are Stock Market Simulators?

You can practice and implement your trading strategies on a stock market simulator, which is identical to the real stock market. Using stock simulators, users can virtually trade in all types of assets, including options, commodities, ETFs, and foreign exchange. The nature of the money is the primary distinction between a stock market simulator and a real stock trading market. In a stock trading simulator, you trade with paper currency, whereas in the real market, you trade with actual money.

Therefore, you do not lose money when using stock simulators, even if you incur a loss. And if you begin to generate profits, it is time to enter the real stock trading market. The best part of stock and paper trading simulators is that you can practice various trading strategies. This helps you determine what is effective and what is not. Therefore, it prepares you for the real trading market. Full-time investors use paper trading to test new trading strategies without risking capital.

Best Stock Market Simulators

A variety of stock market simulators are available that enable you to practice your stock market trading strategies and find what works best for you. Check out the list of the top stock simulators available now.

1. TradeStation

Stock Market Simulators

Traders use TradeStation to practice new and sophisticated trading strategies with unlimited virtual currency. To check their results, users also have the option to backtest their strategies or implement them in real time. In addition to being advantageous for novice traders, the stock market simulator is also beneficial for seasoned investors because it enables strategy automation, access to alternative market types, and advanced order placement without the risk of losing real money.

2. Marketwatch

Stock Market Simulators

The Marketwatch stock trading simulator provides many stocks for users to add to their portfolios and hone their trading skills. It also enables you to track a stock’s development, check out its most recent announcements and news regarding the stock market, conduct an in-depth analysis, and more. In addition, it includes learning materials and educational resources for individuals over the age of 16 to use stock simulators.

3. TrakInvest

Stock Market Simulators

Whether you are an explorer, trader, or an experienced trader, the TrakInvest stock trading simulator is designed for you. It provides real market data and a few easy-to-read manuals that explain the fundamentals and advanced level of stock trading.

4. Moneybhai

Moneybhai is a stock trading simulator that provides one crore in virtual currency and a one crore intraday trading limit when a portfolio account is created. Trading in assets like mutual funds, shares, and fixed deposits can be done using virtual money.

5. NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader is a well-known stock trading simulator that is entirely free to its users. Its backtesting option lets you simulate your automated trading strategies using historical data. It has highly interactive trading indicators, real-time analyzers, and stock charting tools. Users can also play, pause, and rewind synchronized historical market data as if it were occurring in real-time. In addition, by using Simulated Data input, they can manage their market data input to test automated strategies as needed.

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6. Wall Street Survivor

Wall Street Survivor’s interactive courses and learning materials are geared toward educating traders. With $100,000 in virtual money, you can trade in stocks in real-time in ETFs, cryptocurrencies, US stocks, and more. Users can also access free courses on stock trading for beginners and professionals. This includes videos and articles on options trading and fundamental analysis.

7. MoneyPot

MoneyPot is a web-based trading simulator designed specifically for universities, corporations, colleges, and universities for the Indian stock market. This social trading platform aims to connect the online investment community. It helps traders experiment with different strategies without concern about losing real money. This scalable trading platform provides students a comprehensive simulation of the real-time trading environment. You can find all the necessary features, including stock market news, backtesting, and more. It’s simple to sign up, which is the best part. And 2,000,000 virtual currency will be credited to your account, which can be used for trading or investing in various commodities, shares, etc.

8. Dalal Street

Dalal Street is a well-known real-time stock trading platform that assists users in learning the nuances of stock trading and simulating different investment strategies. It even enables users to communicate with other traders directly on the platform. After registering on this platform, you’ll receive INR 10 Lac in virtual currency to create your portfolio. This virtual portfolio can also be used to participate in various leagues. In addition, the Dalal Street community enables you to discuss strategies with others who share your interests.

9. TradingView

TradingView is a well-known paper trading simulator that helps you learn and enhance your investing abilities. It provides a beginner’s guide and videos by industry experts to help you comprehend stock market nuances. You can monitor the trading activity of other traders and maintain track of them on TradingView. This stock trading simulator platform also includes a ‘bar replaying’ option allowing users to retrace the market trend and observe it at leisure.

10. ChartMantra

ChartMantra is a free stock trading simulator app sponsored by The Economic Times in India. With the help of this app, you can play, appreciate, and learn the fundamentals of technical analysis, which are important for stock-related activities, in an infographic format. What’s left? You are given one million in virtual currency when you sign up for the new gamified learning platform. However, it is important to note that you cannot invest in more than one stock at a time.


What’s The Best Stock Market Simulator?

Moneybhai, Marketwatch, Wall Street Survivor, etc., are reputable stock market simulators. They include valuable educational content that helps you improve your trading practices.

Is There A Stock Market Simulator App?

Some stock simulator apps available on the market include Trading Game,, The Game of Stocks, and others.

What’s The Best Free Stock Market Simulator?

TradeStation, TrakInvest, and Moneybhai are the top free stock market simulators.

What’s The Best Stock Market Simulator For Students?

The best stock simulator for students is Wall Street Survivor, which offers free trading courses with interactive videos and articles.

Are Stock Market Simulators Accurate?

Due to the nature of simulated trading, stock simulators may not be 100 percent accurate. However, users can always practice their trading strategies, which will assist them in real-world trading.

How To Practice Stocks Without Using Real Money?

Using a stock simulator platform, you can practice trading stocks with virtual currency without risking real money.

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Both novice and professional traders can benefit from using a stock market simulator. It is one of the most effective methods to learn trading without risking real money. You can practice various strategies and even learn from other traders to obtain a deeper comprehension of technical stock analysis.

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