15 Best Sites To Read Books Free Online

Sites To Read Books: Reading is a fantastic way to train your brain, acquire new knowledge, and enhance your vocabulary. It is also an excellent method to kill time.

However, there are instances when you need help locating the proper book to read, either because you are too far from a library or lack the funds to purchase it.

Some websites allow you to read free books online without downloading them. This post is for you if you are an avid reader who has been reading books offline until now or wishes to establish the habit of reading.

We explore some of the greatest Sites To Read Books online.

Best Free Sites To Read Books Online Without Downloading

Free Books Online to Read | Apps and Websites: Here is the list of the top-rated and best websites to read books for FREE online.


Lets talk about the popular and best Sites To Read Books online in 2023. is a fantastic resource for anyone who likes to read free books online. Numerous categories are available, including fiction, nonfiction, academic, and textbooks.

Selecting one of the categories will lead you to a page containing free books in that genre. To read books online, click on the book’s cover and scroll down to the book’s summary.

There is an HTML button adjacent to the book description. Click the icon to immediately begin reading the book. In addition, you can become a website member and get five free books every month.

You can read entire books online free from this website if you can access an internet-connected computer or mobile device.

2. Open Culture

If we talk about the free books for students to read online, Open Culture is included on the list of the top sites to read free books online without downloading due to its extensive collection of books and courses. It is another site that is perfect for students and teachers because it contains many materials.

This online site to read books for free is exceptional in that it provides connections to free eBooks, textbooks, podcasts, and courses. In addition, the links connect you to websites where you can read free books immediately in your web browser.

There are even links that enable the downloading of books for offline reading. While Open Culture appears to be a standard news website, its information has been appropriately organized.

It allows you to navigate the available sections and locate the desired one. You are redirected to a website containing relevant content when you click a category.

Use the “Read Online Now” option to access the desired content.

3. Google Books

Next in our list of the top-rated free Sites To Read Books is Google Books. Google Inc. operates the Google Books service. It was introduced in 2004 and functions as a full-text book search engine.

The books in this database have been scanned and converted to digital format using optical character recognition technology. This service allows users to search and locate millions of books from all around the world.

Some books in the database are still protected by copyright, and you will need to pay to access or read them. However, there are also thousands more books for which the copyright has expired or is freely accessible to the public.

You may read more than 10 million free books online or download them for offline reading. However, instead of spending too much time searching for free books, you may concentrate your search by clicking on the “Free Google eBooks” option.

This free ebooks online app will provide a selection of free books you can directly access without any additional requirements.

4. Open Library

Open Library is another great website where you can read free books online. It is an Internet Archive initiative that was created in 2006. It is among the Sites To Read Books Online For Free Without Downloading.

As with its parent organization, it aims to distribute as many free books as possible to people all over the world. There are currently over three million eBooks in various categories.

Romance, biography, fantasy, children’s, and classics are some examples of these categories. It’s important to note that only some books in the database are free.

You must register and borrow certain books to read them. However, there are still thousands of publications available for free reading. These books have the label “Read” next to them.

You will be transported to the book’s page, where you can read without additional requirements, as soon as you click the label. In addition, users may manage their book collections using the site’s lists and reading logs.

5. HathiTrust Digital Library

The HathiTrust Digital Library was established by academic and research institutions that chose to form cooperation and construct a repository of knowledge resources.

It began as a partnership between many colleges in 2008 and has since expanded to become one of the most extensive digital libraries.

The website contains about 17 million digital products in various categories. In addition, individuals can search for specific books, articles, essays, and news stories using the search bar at the top of the homepage.

Furthermore, members of the project have access to some of the website’s most amazing capabilities and publications. However, guests also have the opportunity to peruse several book titles and online resources.

6. Project Gutenberg

Michael S. Hart, an American author, established Project Gutenberg in 1971 as an online book library. It is a volunteer initiative to digitize as many books as possible and make them available to the public.

The library contains over 60,000 books, especially if you are looking for various reading materials. Accessing books in this digital library does not require any additional apps or registration.

Instead, you must access the website using your preferred web browser and begin perusing the available book collection. You can refine your searches by category for the convenience of perusing.

The library comprises books in their physical appearance. It means you can view the image of the book’s physical copy and locate its table of contents. Most of the time, you can select certain book sections using the table of contents hyperlinks.

You can read books online by choosing the “Read this book online: HTML” option.

7. Smashwords

Smashwords is among another Sites To Read Books where you may view free books without downloading them. The headquarters was established in 2008 and is headquartered in California.

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It positions itself as a platform for eBook self-publication. It is another website with thousands of books, although not all are available for free reading.

The great news is that you can read more than 70,000 books without downloading them. Instead, the website uses HTML and Javascript to enable visitors to read books online.

If you like to read books offline, you can do so by downloading freely accessible books. The service allows users to sort books by price range or free deals, allowing you to locate what you’re looking for reasonably quickly.

8. Internet Archive

Brewster Kahle from California, United States, established Internet Archive in 1996 as a digital library. It is founded on the principle that knowledge should be freely accessible to all.

It is a one-of-a-kind digital library comprising tens of thousands of books, movies, software, music, and websites. The website has a straightforward interface with parts labeled at the very top.

Click on the desired section and then do a search for the desired content. In this instance, you will need to navigate to the books area and then do a search for the book you wish to read.

Once you’ve identified the book, you can open its first page by clicking on its cover. Each time you click the book, the following page will load.

Note that the Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that remains operational due to donations from supporters.

9. BookRix

Another digital library where you may discover free books to read online is BookRix. You can search for classic & new books on our website by selecting a category and browsing the results.

This website’s most popular categories include romance, fantasy, thriller, science fiction, and young adult literature. This website also allows you to filter your search results by language, which is an additional advantage.

Thus, people of many ethnicities can do searches and locate literature they can understand. Individuals can furthermore download free eBooks for offline reading.

Once you locate a book that interests you, simply click on its poster to be sent to its main page. On the book’s main page, you may either read it online or download it.

10. Read Central

Are you still seeking the top-notch Sites To Read Books in 2023? Read Central is another website where you may read free books online. It has over 5,000 free books for your perusal.

It also contains some of the world’s most beautiful quotations and poems. This particular website does not demand registration or downloads.

Access the site using your preferred web browser, search through the list of available books, then click on any title to begin reading.

11. Manybooks

Manybooks was established in 2004 and aimed to provide a complete list of free digital books. There are more than 50,000 free books in its database.

Once you land on the website, you will be greeted by a layout that makes it easy to browse different parts. There are numerous categories for categorizing books, including romance, action and adventure, young adult, fantasy, non-fiction, science fiction, and horror.

This website also contains a library of books written in more than 45 different languages, making it one of a kind. Visitors from many nations can visit the website and find content published in their native language.

Simply click the “Read Online” option once you’ve identified a book of interest. It will open the book and provide access to all of its pages.

12. Bookboon

Bookboon is one of the popular Sites To Read Books that college and university students may consider using. It provides tens of thousands of free textbooks produced by professors and experts in various subjects.

However, a free account is required to take advantage of the free book reading offer. There are more than one hundred free textbooks covering subjects such as natural sciences, engineering, economics, finance, marketing, and human resources.

Once you’ve signed up, it’s simple to locate the free books because they have a section labeled “Start Reading.” Then, you will have unrestricted access to the book’s contents by clicking on the indicated words.

13. Read Any Book 

Read Any Book is another digital library you may visit to search and read free books online. On the homepage, you’ll find a variety of books that are considered to be among the most popular.

After reading a book on the site, readers give it a rating, which allows the service to prioritize the most popular titles. However, you may also find connections to many book genres on the right side of the homepage.

Horror, science fiction, mystery, romance, fantasy, thriller, children’s, humor, and classics are some of these genres. Clicking on any genre will reveal the titles you may read online.

Click on the book’s poster and scroll until you see the “Read” button. Then, by clicking on the icon, the book will open.

If desired, you can even read the book in full-screen mode.

14. International Children’s Digital Library

If we talk about the leading apps or Sites To Read Books for free, International Children’s Digital Library has been operational for more than two decades. It is a digital book library for children that is accessible online.

This website contains almost 4000 books of all kinds. Click the “Read with ICDL Reader” option to read books online.

This action will immediately allow you to begin reading the book’s pages.

15. Riveted by Simon Teen

Riveted by Simon Teen is the best online community where anyone can find some of the most engaging and free books to read online. Before you can begin reading, though, you must establish a free account.

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After account activation, all free reads are accessible with a few clicks of a button. In addition, you can expand your general knowledge and win rewards by participating in the site’s engaging polls and quizzes.


These are some of the top sites to read books online without downloading. They have thousands of books from various authors and genres, so you are certain to discover something that interests you.

Google Books is among unique sites to read books because it enables users to locate free old and new books. In addition, it features a straightforward UI and is compatible with all devices.

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