12 Best Ways To Share Location With Friends And Family

Let’s face it: we’ve all wished to share our real-time location with friends or family members. However, needing a laptop to mark our location on a map was long gone. Nowadays, we can share our location using our smartphones. Thanks to smartphones, it’s relatively simple to share our location with friends and family these days. You can share your real-time location with friends and family by installing several third-party apps on your device.

12 Best Ways To Share Location With Friends And Family

So, if you’re interested in learning more about such apps, you’ve come to the correct place. This article will provide a list of the best apps that you can use to share your location with friends and family. So, let’s have a look at the apps.

1. Glympse

Share Location With Friends And Family

Glympse is an app available for all three major platforms: Windows, iPhone, and Android. With this app, you may share your location and destination with others. In addition, you may share the location information on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and via Messaging, Skype, and WhatsApp.

2. iPhone’s Find My Friends

Share Location With Friends And Family

Well, this free iOS app is effective and simple to use. You may share your location by AirDrop, contact, email, or phone number. It’s simple to share and hide your location. You’ll receive precise location-based alerts when a loved one enters or leaves a certain region. Working out at the gym? Location notifications are still available on the Apple Watch and iPad. If your family members misplace their valuables, Find My Friends can locate them. If you misplace your iPhone, any family member may use this app to track it.

3. GoeZilla

Share Location With Friends And Family

You must create a group and invite your friends, family members, or coworkers to use GoeZilla app. You’ll be able to track the real-time location of all group members after they have joined. The app is simple to use and small in size. You may even start a chat with other group members while sharing a location.

4. Messenger

Share Location With Friends And Family

The Facebook Messenger app has received a new location sharing feature. You may share your real-time location with your friends using the Messenger app. The only thing is that location sharing is only available to Facebook users. That means you can’t share your location with non-Facebook users via Messenger.

5. Viber

Share Location With Friends And Family

If you are particularly particular about location sharing and do not want to download other apps, Viber may be a decent choice. It’s also appropriate if you share locations on occasion. You may opt to share your location secretly with only a few people when you choose. You don’t have to be concerned about your real-time location being shared.

6. GPS Phone Tracker

Share Location With Friends And Family

As the name implies, this is a location tracking app that allows you to add friends and family members and interact with them. Connect with your friends on GPS Phone Tracker app by sharing your code via Messaging, Email, WhatsApp, etc. After connecting, you can quickly share your locations with your linked members by turning on the location service.

7. Life360 Family Locator

Well, every member of the family who has this app may use it to locate each other on the map and pinpoint their exact location. You may also use this app to designate certain locations on the map as your home or business location. Everyone in the group will be notified whenever a group member enters or leaves the location. This app is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Windows.

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8. Family Locator & Safety

As the name implies, Family Locator & Safety is a free app that allows you to remain in touch with friends and family. The best tracking of Family Locator & Safety is the ability to track a thing’s location in real-time on a map. Not only that but Family Locator & Safety has a private chat option for communicating with friends and family. So, Family Locator & Safety is another excellent app that you can use to share your real-time location.

9. Family Locator

This app is very similar to and acts the same way as the Life360 Family Locator app. The only thing that lets this app is the ability to define safe zones and danger zones on the map. When somebody enters the zone, every group member will be notified. The group admin may also set an invisible mode to hide other group members, another unique app feature.

10. WhatsApp

The most recent version of WhatsApp has a feature that allows users to share their real-time location with other contacts. But first, enter the chat of the person with whom you wish to share your location, tap on the + icon and select the location. There will be several alternatives available to you; you must select the option ‘Send Your Current Location.’ You’ll receive a warning and tap ‘OK.’ You must first choose how long you want to share your Live location before pressing the Send Button. Your friends and family will be able to track your every move since they will be aware of your location.

11. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a popular app. The amazing thing about Find My Friends is that it allows users to share their precise location with their friends and family. Not only that, but the app allows users to chat with friends and leverages your device’s GPS for location sharing. So, Find My Friends is another excellent app for real-time location sharing.

12. Google Maps

Google Maps‘ newest version also features a feature that allows users to share their real-time location with others. You may, however, only share the address to your Google Contacts. First, open Google Maps, then tap Menu > Location Sharing > Add People. You must first determine who you want to share your live location with and then decide how long you desire to share your live location with them. When you’re finished, tap the ‘Share’ button. Well, this is how you can use Google Maps to share real-time locations with your friends and family.

The Bottom Line:

So, these are the 12 best ways to share your location with friends and family. I hope you found this article useful! Share it with your friends as well. Also, if you know of any other similar apps, let us know in the comments section below.

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