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Top 12 Best Find My Phone Apps For Android Devices

What they say is true: losing a smartphone is never fun. Your contact details, personal information, images, videos, and more are all present. In the modern era, no one wishes to consider the possibility of their phones being stolen, as doing so could result in personal and financial difficulties. But losing a smartphone or having it stolen is commonplace and can happen to anyone. Installing Find My Phone apps is, therefore, always the safer option. Numerous Find My Phone apps for Android are available on the Google Play Store; a selection of a few will be discussed in this article.

Top 12 Best Find My Phone Apps For Android Devices

The Find My Phone app can recover a misplaced or stolen device rapidly. Let’s check out the best Find My Phone apps for Android.

1. Wunderfind

Find My Phone Apps For Android

One of the few find my phone apps for Android is Wunderfind. Predictably, what? Wunderfind is capable of locating misplaced Fitbit trackers, headphones, and AirPods, as well as iOS and Android devices. It is necessary to link your devices to this app. After establishing a connection, the device radar will illuminate all nearby devices.

2. Family360

Find My Phone Apps For Android

On the Google Play Store, Family360 – GPS Live Locator is a highly regarded location tracking app for Android. Similar to most other family locator apps, this one uses the GPS capabilities of a mobile device to offer features for tracking locations and cell phones. You must create a circle and add family members to it within the app. Every member added to your circle can have their live location checked. It provides real-time traffic updates on maps, locates lost and/or stolen phones on the circle map, is notified if a member exceeds the speed limit, and more, in addition to real-time location sharing.

3. Find My Device

Find My Phone Apps For Android

This is a Google-provided native Find My Phone app. The app performs fundamental tasks concerning the features such as securing devices, setting alarms, and more. Additionally, the web interface lets you erase your phone. Location tracking is accomplished by using the phone’s GPS capabilities in the app. One notable aspect is its unconditional nature, devoid of in-app purchases or advertisements.

4. Durcal

Find My Phone Apps For Android

Comparable to the other Find My Phone apps for Android enumerated in this article, Durcal deviates marginally. You will require a Durcal smartwatch to use the app, which lets you find the location of any mobile phone or smartwatch linked to the family on an interactive map. The catch is that each family member or group must elect to share the location of their mobile phone. The app cannot find the phone if the group member rejects it. It is an app for family safety that is designed to be beneficial for users of all ages. The Durcal app may be an excellent tool for locating a Durcal watch and a connected smartphone.

5. Prey Anti Theft

Find My Phone Apps For Android

On the Play Store, it is among the best and most highly rated anti-theft, data security, and device management apps. To notify device movement into and out of control zones, the app lets you create them on the map. In addition to this, Prey Anti-Theft is renowned for its precise geolocation tracking via GPS.

6. Phone Tracker By Number

Find My Phone Apps For Android

You should attempt Phone Tracker By Number if you’re looking for a reliable and precise GPS tracker app for your Android device. The location app for Android was designed to find your kids by mobile number. Before using the Android app, a phone number must be registered. Once this is accomplished, the GPS location of the device will be trackable.

7. GeoZilla

GeoZilla is one of the best Find My Phone apps for Android for tracking family locations. This one is very similar to the other Find My Phone Apps for Android listed in the article. Also, you create a circle, invite your family, and share your location through this app. Then, other family members can see or find your precise location within your circle. Location services are necessary for the app to deliver real-time location-sharing capabilities. Overall, this is an excellent find my phone app for Android.

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8. Locator 24

One of the best Find My Phone apps for Android is Locator 24. The app lets you create profiles for both parents and children. This app will generate a unique code for you to share with the other devices, depending on your selections. Once added, the app lets you view the circle members’ location history, sends an emergency alert, and so on.

9. BetterLife Family Tracker

Android devices are equipped with the GPS location tracker app BetterLife Family Tracker. With the help of phone numbers, you can find family, acquaintances, and loved ones using this app. Share a family link with your loved ones to begin using the app. They must join the family link and install the app. You can share your location or track theirs once you have joined. It offers features such as the ability to send SOS signals and create private groups, in addition to location tracking.

10. Find my Phone – Family Locator

Using the GPS functionality of your smartphone, Find My Phone – Family Locator, an Android app designed for family location purposes, can also be used to track a cell phone. Specifically designed as a family locator and tracker, the app is paramount. Getting notified when family members arrive at designated locations, sharing your location with them, establishing private groups for your closest acquaintances, and more are some useful features offered by Find My Phone – Family Locator. Thanks to GPS functionality, the app can also track down a missing or stolen smartphone. Find My Phone – Family Locator is an excellent Find My Phone app that you should have installed on your Android device.

11. Familo

An Android app called Familo lets you share your current location on a map with other people. Your family and kids can use this straightforward location-sharing app. It can be used to share your own location or track other family members’ locations. Familo offers conversation alternatives in addition to the fundamental location-sharing features. You can communicate with your family members and kids in a private family conversation, be alert when family members enter or exit a location, and do other things. Familo is an outstanding location-sharing app that you should pay attention to.

12. Connected

The Find My Phone – Family Locator app and Connected are similar. The app lets you find and track the real-time location of your family members. Create a circle through a family link and invite your family members to join to get started. You can check their location in real-time once they have joined. The app can be used to find the phones of your tracked members because it depends on GPS functionality.

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Therefore, these are some of the best Find My Phone apps for Android. With these Android apps, you can quickly find your phone. Additionally, if you know of any additional Find My Phone apps for Android, please share them in the comment section below.

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