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11 Best Proxy Browsers For Protecting Your Privacy On The Web

Looking for the best Proxy Browsers for protecting your privacy on the Web? Then this article is for you. Every day, as online services expand, we share data with several online platforms. As a result, online privacy is critical. You may enhance your digital privacy in a variety of ways. The easiest (or least expensive) and most successful approach, however, is to utilize a proxy browser or a proxy browser extension.

After all, we use the web browser for practically everything, whether it’s on a desktop or a smartphone (irrespective of the platform). But, exactly, what is online privacy? How can you use proxy web servers or proxy browsers to tackle a portion of the problem? Before we look at some options, let’s define a proxy server, how it may help you enhance your privacy, and what characteristics you should seek in a decent web browser.

Using Proxy In Web Browsers To Gain Online Privacy

Technically, any web browser may be converted into a proxy browser. Therefore, you do not need to hunt for a certain browser. As a result, before learning how these browsers function, it is essential to first grasp what online privacy is. At its heart, your IP address and location information are two of the most important factors that advertising or online trackers collect. Of course, this does not imply you are exposing yourself to hackers but rather to data miners.

Advertisers and marketers obtain accurate demographics by collecting your IP address and related information. As a result, they can place efficient adverts or send you emails that appear appealing. Yes, like with all other online trackers on a website, some of your browsing patterns, as well as device/browser information, are stored. With all of the information gathered, you provide data-tracking businesses with an online profile. Unfortunately, not all organizations abuse data, yet a number of online trackers end up selling your information.

As a result, it is essential to protect your online privacy. True, you cannot obtain complete privacy. However, when using a web browser, it is critical to keep some of your information secrets. This is when proxy web servers or browsers come in handy.

What Role Do Proxy Web Browsers And Servers Play In Online Privacy?

While you can always rely on the best VPNs or safe Chrome extensions, using a proxy might be a more cost-effective or flexible option. A proxy hides your original IP address and allows you to choose a new one based on the server locations accessible to you. As a result, this should effectively assist you in unblocking access to sites that are prohibited in your jurisdiction.

A proxy web server may assist you in encrypting the URL, deleting cookies, and removing scripts/objects in addition to unblocking sites. Well, In other words, it has the ability to delete a large number of tracking components from a website. As a result, by connecting through a proxy, you protect your original IP address location and avoid typical tracking technology.

Consider These Considerations When Selecting A Web Browser Proxy

Before you choose to set up a proxy in your browser, utilize a proxy web server, extension, or a specific browser, there are a few things you should know:

1 – While proxy web servers are frequently successful, they are not the same as utilizing a VPN.

2 – Using a proxy connection might enhance your privacy but may affect your browsing experience. Because the request is coming from a different server, it may affect the page load times while connecting to some websites.

3 – Some of your activity may be recorded by proxy web services. Before using them, make sure to read their privacy policies.

4 – You do not have to hunt for a “proxy web browser.” You may always use your preferred browser to connect to a web proxy.

Now that you’ve reviewed some key points let’s take a look at the best options.

11 Best Proxy Browsers For Protecting Your Privacy On The Web

Proxy Browsers For Protecting Your Privacy On The Web.


Proxy Browsers

The is a free proxy service that allows you to unblock websites and surf privately from a variety of locations. To use the service, you do not need to register an account. In addition to the proxy network, you have the option of deleting JavaScript, encrypting the URL, and allowing/preventing cookies.

2. Bright Data Extension

Proxy Browsers

Bright Data’s privacy web extension should come in handy if you utilize it for data gathering and extraction. The extension is compatible with both the Chrome and Firefox browsers. To get started, you must first sign an account. It lets you surf many web pages without disclosing your original IP address. Also, You should be able to pick a location manually and unlock access to services/sites as needed. Unlike some other proxy software, it can submit concurrent requests from many IP addresses, allowing you to hide your original IP address while keeping your true origin secret. Bright Data additionally provides home rotating proxy, datacenter proxy, data collector, and mobile proxy things.

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3. KProxy

Proxy Browsers

Kproxy is another browser extension that lets you use a proxy server for free. You don’t need an account to sign up. Well, The free version, on the other hand, is limited to specified locations. So, if you need to remove the limitations, you may purchase the pro version.

4. HideMyAss

Proxy Browsers

HideMyAss (HMA) is one of the most well-known free proxy services. It lets similarly to in that you may unlock access to sites and pick alternative locations. In comparison, HMA offers additional server locations to select from as well as similar options to enhance your privacy when browsing a website.

5. ProxySite

Proxy Browsers

The ProxySite is a free web proxy service that does not require the formation of an account to use. It offers a plethora of US/EU servers to pick from. You may also delete cookies, scripts, and objects to improve your privacy when using the proxy.

6. Tor Network

Proxy Browsers

Using the Tor browser or the Tor network is one of the most effective ways to conceal your true internet identity. Well, The Tor Browser is a modified version of Mozilla Firefox that includes all privacy and security capabilities out of the box. To conceal your original IP address from being monitored, it can send numerous requests to websites from other locations.

While it is regarded as a successful solution, it cannot be used in lieu of your usual web browser. When linked using the Tor browser, the websites will take a long time to load. Tor is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Android. Orbot may be used to use the Tor network as a proxy for your Android device.

7. Hidester Proxy

Proxy Browsers

Hidester Proxy is another helpful free web proxy that offers you access to US and EU servers. Even though the number of servers is restricted to two, it works perfectly for encrypting URLs, deleting scripts, and other tasks. Also, unlike some other web proxies, it offers a Chrome extension if necessary.

8. Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser is a compelling alternative to popular web browsers that incorporate tracking protection. It has a built-in VPN that you may use when browsing. Surprisingly, you also receive some other benefits, such as a movie downloader. It is not advised as a daily driver, but it may be a choice for temporary browsing requirements where greater privacy is required. It may be installed on Windows/macOS computers as well as smartphones.

9. NewIPNow

NewIPNow is yet another premium proxy service that offers many locations, limitless bandwidth, and a variety of options. You may buy proxies for a specific server location or at random around the globe.

10. InstantProxies

The InstantProxies is a paid proxy service that lets you test the availability of servers before choosing a subscription. It starts at $10 per month for ten private proxies, with the option to pay for a bespoke order if you want additional proxies. It also has a support chat feature where you may get help. However, given that it is a paid service with no trial period, you should conduct your own research before deciding to use it at your own risk.

11. SmartProxy

Smartproxy is one of the top paid proxy server vendors available. It provides adaptable plans for both personal and commercial usage. You get several connections, residential data centers that rotate, and global IP coverage. Above all, browsing anonymously allows you to stay safe.

Final Words:

Browser extensions and web proxies are the most convenient ways to use a proxy. However, if you want a comprehensive solution, you can utilize a one-of-a-kind browser such as Epic Privacy Browser. In addition, if you need to utilize proxy networks for business or commercial purposes, you may wish to consider any of the premium options indicated.

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