13 Best Print-On-Demand Sites That You Can Use To Sell Merch

To sell merchandise online, are you looking for the best print-on-demand sites? You are completely protected. We compare today’s top print-on-demand sites, from comprehensive all-in-one e-commerce solutions like Sellfy to POD marketplaces and fulfillment services like Zazzle. In addition, responses to some of the most frequently asked questions by creators just commencing their first print-on-demand business are provided. Let’s immediately get started!

13 Best Print-On-Demand Sites That You Can Use To Sell Merch

1. Lulu xPress

Print-On-Demand Sites

The optimal print-on-demand solution for authors and self-publishers is Lulu xPress. It offers book fulfillment services on a global scale. It is the POD division of Lulu, an online self-publishing platform, and it makes it easy to create, plan, and sell your own printed products like books, calendars, comic books, and periodicals printed on demand. Choose from over 3,000 different format options, configurations, and binding types, and personalize everything from the paper type to the finish. Lulu can be used to distribute ebooks to marketplaces like Amazon and Barnes and Noble in addition to selling physical books.

2. Sellfy

Print-On-Demand Sites

We consider Sellfy to be the preeminent print-on-demand site overall. As one of the few e-commerce platforms with print-on-demand capabilities integrated into their design, it provides creators with a comprehensive e-commerce solution. Because it gives you so much control, Sellfy is why we like it. While some integrate with your existing site, most print-on-demand sites are marketplaces where you list your products alongside other vendors, and the company fulfills your orders. Sellfy is an anomaly. You can use it to build your online store that you have complete control over in less than 10 minutes because it is a complete e-commerce platform in its own right.

Make your designs, add your print-on-demand products to your Sellfy store, set prices, and begin selling once your storefront has been designed and every product is up and running. Sellfy will handle the fulfillment process when a client submits an order. After printing and shipping the order, you will be charged the cost of the item, applicable taxes, and shipping. You control the profit margins by setting the product’s price and pocketing the difference. Many print-on-demand product categories, such as clothing, purses, decals, flasks, and phone cases, are supported by Sellfy. These products are available in a range of colors and sizes. In addition to graphics and text, you can also add custom labels and embroidery to clothing.

Additionally, Sellfy employs the Direct to Garment (DTG) printing technique. CPSIA-compliant, water-based pigments produce photo-quality prints that are safe for children’s clothing. You can order a sample if you want to check the quality personally. You will still be required to pay the standard price for samples. Managing or holding one’s inventory is unnecessary when selling only point-of-delivery (POD) products. However, the great thing about Sellfy is that you can also stock additional inventory. Like any other e-commerce platform, you can sell digital products and merchandise from the same store as your print-on-demand merchandise.

3. Printful

Print-On-Demand Sites

Printful is a popular print-on-demand fulfillment service that connects to your store and enables you to offer a wide variety of print-on-demand products to your store. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants to sell print-on-demand products through their existing site or store and marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Printful differs from the two print-on-demand sites we have examined thus far in that it is neither an e-commerce platform nor a marketplace like Redbubble. Instead, it’s a print-on-demand solution that gives you the best tools to design products and/or sell them on other platforms, and then it fulfills the orders.

Even if you have no prior design experience, you can create intricate, eye-catching designs and construct prototypes of your products using the built-in Design Maker. The Printful catalog contains many products, including premium and eco-friendly clothing, bean bags, pet supplies, and more. To add your custom branding to the inside labels and packaging of any product you sell, Printful offers white-label services. However, the quality of Printful’s fulfillment services is what we like best about them. Compared to most of their rivals, they offer superior quality, more competitive pricing, and expedited shipping (products are typically prepared for shipment within two to five business days). This is undoubtedly attributable partly to their extensive network of in-house and partner facilities spread across the globe.

4. Printify

Print-On-Demand Sites

Offering some of the most competitive printing prices (and highest margins) in the industry, Printify is an exceptional print-on-demand service provider. Printify operates as a print-on-demand fulfillment company, offering a variety of design creation tools in addition to product printing and shipping services. You connect Printify to your platform of choice and choose where you want to sell your products. All main ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, including eBay, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and WooCommerce, are integrated.

One of the best things about Printify is that it gives you access to its extensive network of globally dispersed printing partners instead of restricting you to its in-house printers. Your printing partner can be chosen based on the country that your customers are from, which means quicker and less expensive shipping. Additionally, it enables them to offer a wide range of products in various types. Printify can offer greater margins than most due to this affordable shipping. By maintaining low base costs, one can increase the profit margin per sale without compromising the affordability of the products for customers.

5. Gelato

Print-On-Demand Sites

Gelato is the best print-on-demand solution. It connects to your site as a fulfillment service, not an e-commerce platform, so you can begin selling POD merchandise through your existing store. Gelato functions like this: You first sign up and connect it to your online store. It combines with the most popular e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, WooCommerce, and eBay. The next step is to choose your print-on-demand merchandise from Gelato’s catalog (which contains more than 48 categories), upload your designs to the products, and then add them to your store. Following a customer’s order placement, Gelato fulfills the order automatically and charges the customer the product’s base price.

Additionally, Gelato collaborates with 130 printing facilities in 32 countries; orders are connected automatically to the production partner closest to the customer. As a result, 90% of orders are manufactured and fulfilled locally, which means shorter delivery times, lower shipping expenses, and lower carbon emissions. Recently, I evaluated Gelato, and I was extremely impressed. The process was executed without complications, and the printing and product quality were exceptional. For this reason, Gelato has the highest Trustpilot rating of any POD platform, at 4.7 stars.

Another thing that makes Gelato distinctive is that it offers subscription plans, unlike most other POD fulfillment services. Anyone can begin selling print-on-demand merchandise with no monthly fees by using the free tier (you only pay for what you sell). However, there are also a bunch of paid tiers with additional benefits and discounts like shipping, product prototypes, stock images, etc.

6. Zazzle

Print-On-Demand Sites

Print-on-demand company Zazzle is very popular. According to our best estimates, it is the second-largest extant audience of any POD marketplace, with over 10 million monthly visits and a global reach of over 30 million consumers. With its establishment in 2005, Zazzle emerged as an early adopter of print-on-demand marketplaces. Although it still receives a lot of traffic, its expansion has slowed. It was once very popular. It can be difficult for new creators to cut through the hubbub and get their products noticed because it has been around for a while, making it somewhat saturated.

Considering how many individuals still buy products from Zazzle every month, it’s still worth having a presence there. Also, you can add your designs to and sell thousands of products, including ping pong paddles, business cards, invitations, T-shirts, flasks, and luggage tags. Once you’ve created your design, you set the royalty rate and get paid every time a product featuring your own design is sold in the marketplace. Zazzle handles all customer service and product fulfillment for you. Aside from that, you can earn money through Zazzle LIVE. Customers communicate their design requests to you via text, audio, or video conversation. Using your design abilities, You are compensated for bringing your concepts to life.


SPOD is a Spreadshirt-powered print-on-demand fulfillment service. This is an excellent choice if you care about sustainability or want the quickest shipping rates feasible. You sign up, add your products or designs, connect them to your online store or marketplace, and begin selling like many of the other print-on-demand sites we’ve examined thus far. Printing and shipping are taken care of by SPOD. You can use SPOD’s library of up to 55,000 free designs to make your artwork, then bring it to life on any of the over 210 products, even if you are not a graphic designer. Specializing in expedited production, SPOD fulfills over 95% of orders within less than 48 hours, ensuring expedited delivery. Although distributed worldwide, its printing facilities are based in the EU and the United States.

SPOD also offers discounted sampling, which is an interesting feature. We also appreciate the user-friendly interface, which allows you to view stock and track/cancel orders if you’d like to check the quality of the products before you ship them out to your customers. The fact that SPOD is environmentally benign is probably its best thing. This is more crucial than ever if you wish to sell to today’s conscientious consumers. They provide an automated production process, employ a water-conserving printing method using OEKO-TEX-certified vegan ink, and offer an organic collection of low-impact cotton sourced from Turkey. Additionally, to reduce waste, products are delivered in packaging free of plastic, and all returned items are upcycled or donated to charity.

8. Redbubble

Redbubble is a fantastic print-on-demand site that allows artists and/or designers to sell their merch with little initial investment. It is not an e-commerce platform, unlike Sellfy. Customers will instead go to a marketplace (much like Etsy) when they want to buy products made by independent artisans. It receives an astounding 34 million monthly visitors, 9.5 million of which are generated organically, making it the world’s most popular print on the marketplace.

You can tap into the sizable audience of potential customers already on Redbubble when you list your print-on-demand products, increasing the number of people who see your designs. Also, Redbubble products frequently appear in Google results for relevant keywords. Even out of their pocket, they invest in Google Shopping Ads and retargeting. This means you are not required to invest as much time in the market. It would be best to generate all your traffic and sales with Sellfy, whereas, with Redbubble, customers generate them for you. Create a fantastic product that people want, that’s all.

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Additionally, Redbubble manages the fulfillment process. Their global network of printing partners will be used to print and ship your orders directly to customers worldwide. Printing quality is generally satisfactory; however, this is highly dependent on the third-party manufacturer employed at the time. A decent selection of more than 70 different types of products is available for you to print your designs on, and the uploading process is simple. You can control your earnings and set your margins with flexible pricing. Redbubble customers are typically more inclined to pay a premium than other platforms. However, account fees deducted directly from users’ profit on the standard plan make using the platform quite costly for new users and small stores.

9. TPop

As the largest provider of high-quality, eco-friendly products, TPop is an environmentally conscious print-on-demand site based in Europe. Similar to Printful, it is more of a back-end solution that handles the order fulfillment and products for you while holding you accountable for actual sales. It integrates seamlessly with Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce, but you can also sell directly through TPop using the Direct Orders feature if you still need to get a site to sell on. There’s much to like about TPop, but let’s start with its branding elements. TPop offers the most comprehensive branding options available in the market.

Each parcel and delivery note can be adorned with your logo and brand name, and the packaging paper featuring your brand’s social media channels. Add inserts and send a personalized thank-you text to your order if you like; TPop will even translate it for gratis into the language of the recipient country. Let us now discuss sustainability. TPop ships all orders using carbon-neutral postal services employs green printing techniques, and offers only eco-designed products with small ecological footprints. Additionally, the company ships all orders without plastic. The location where orders are printed is France. Following an order, it typically takes them 2-4 days to ship the products, with shipping to France and Europe occurring within 3-7 days. Orders placed internationally typically take 5-10 days to arrive.

10. Displate

Displate is a POD marketplace specializing in metal wall prints and other forms of wall art. As a result of its phenomenal growth spurred by a successful social media campaign, now is an ideal time to register and begin selling your designs. Displate only offers one specific product category: metal wall art, unlike Fine Art America, which concentrates more on traditional wall art prints. Particularly throughout the gaming community, this is a comparatively new type of product that has gained immense popularity. Sign up and upload your designs to tap into this developing market. Once you’re done, Displate will advertise your prints to their audience of 50 million monthly. The upload process is straightforward. Displate will fulfill your order when your designs sell, and you’ll receive royalties. A 50% commission is also available for every sale referred via your affiliate links.

11. Merch by Amazon

Compiling a list of the top print-on-demand sites would be impossible without including Merch by Amazon. This is an invitation-only print-on-demand program operated by Amazon. It enables the selling of POD merchandise on the Amazon marketplace. The greatest thing about selling on Merch by Amazon is that it causes your products visible to many online consumers; no other print-on-demand marketplace can rival Amazon’s scale and reach. It controls an enormous portion of all e-commerce sales and is the world’s most visited online purchasing site. Shipping times are an additional reason to like Merch by Amazon. Amazon dispatches and prints products more quickly than other POD fulfillment services, which pleased customers. You set your margins, and it also offers flexible royalties. What, then, is the catch? Sadly, not just anyone can sign up for Amazon Merch by themselves. You must submit an invitation request and receive approval before beginning to earn.

12. Fine Art America

You can sell your designs on Fine Art America, a print-on-demand marketplace. If you’re selling this type of merch, it’s worth trying because it concentrates predominantly on wall art, posters, and prints. Although not as widely recognized as Redbubble or Zazzle, this platform garners substantial organic traffic and is experiencing a noticeable surge in popularity. Additionally, it is less crowded than these better-known platforms, which may facilitate visibility and sales.

Although they support other products like apparel, most of Fine Art America’s user base is customers seeking to buy original art, prints, and home d├ęcor. It is most suitable for photographers and illustrators. To test it out, sign up, upload your images, pick your products, and set your price before you wait for the sales to pour in. Fine Art America will manage the fulfillment and retain a cut of the sales; you keep the difference as profit. In addition to the fulfillment service and the marketplace, Fine Art America provides you with access to a bunch of helpful marketing and sales tools that you can use to set up newsletters, sell prints on Facebook, and more.

13. Apliiq

If you want to build a clothing brand that focuses on distinctive designs, Apliiq is a helpful print-on-demand site. Well, its headquarters are located in downtown Los Angeles, and it offers an extensive selection of customization options that enable you to create private-label apparel products of retail quality. Obtain one hundred custom woven labels sewn onto your products by upgrading to a higher plan. As part of the quality assurance services provided by Apliiq, an in-house production artist evaluates your product. You can be sure that your customers will receive high-quality personalized items when the time comes to drop ship or buy in volume. Replace generic tags with your label to create consistent product line branding. Apliiq offers a wide range of customization options, including adding pocket designs, logos, and other embellishments to your clothing.


What Is Print-on-demand?

It is a dropshipping-based business model modified. You sell to customers directly via dropshipping, and a third-party organization is responsible for order fulfillment. You maintain no stock holdings. Print-on-demand operates comparably. Products are printed or personalized before being sent to the consumer, which is the difference. Check out our roundup of the top drop shipping sites if you’d like to start with drop shipping instead.

What Is Print-on-demand Site?

Running a print-on-demand business, including printing, selling, and fulfillment, is easier using a print-on-demand site. This includes print-on-demand fulfillment companies like Gelato and Printful, marketplaces like Redbubble, and print-on-demand e-commerce platforms like Sellfy. The ability to facilitate the sale of white-label products and complete them for you by printing and/or shipping them to your customers on a per-order basis is a feature shared by all print-on-demand sites. Print-on-demand companies and print-on-demand sites are different. POD companies do not assist with fulfillment, facilitate payments, or do anything else besides printing the merchandise for you.

Does Etsy Print-on-demand?

Products that are sold in the marketplace through Etsy are called print-on-demand. The print-on-demand fulfillment service is something other than what it offers, though. Sign up for a POD site such as Gelato or Printful and then attach it to your Etsy shop if you want to sell print-on-demand products through Etsy.

What Is The Best POD Site?

We consider Sellfy to be the best POD site overall. It provides complete control over your product catalog and is inexpensive, user-friendly, and robust. As an all-in-one e-commerce solution, it also grants you access to many other tools, such as built-in marketing tools, to assist you in expanding your print-on-demand business. In addition, it is advantageous not only for POD but also for other types of enterprises. For instance, we prefer it as an e-commerce platform for selling digital products.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of additional excellent Print-on-Demand sites. Platforms like Gelato and Printful are worth looking out for if you already have a store (e.g., Shopify or WooCommerce). Additionally, they can establish connections with marketplaces like Etsy. You could also list your products on a marketplace for print-on-demand goods like Redbubble.

Can You Still Make Money With Print-on-demand?

It is still possible to generate revenue through print-on-demand sites. Although competition has increased in recent years compared to a few years ago, demand has also increased, and the business model remains as popular as ever. Shifting consumer preferences and digitization have contributed to the explosive growth of global e-commerce sales in recent years; last year alone, these sales were estimated to have reached a staggering $4.89 billion. More customers than ever before are shopping online, which means more people could buy your print-on-demand products.

What Are The Most Profitable Print-on-demand Products?

There is no singular print-on-demand product that is “most profitable.” The ability of your products to make a profit will depend on many variables, such as how well your designs are made, how well your products suit the market, how well you market them, where you list them for sale, etc. There are, however, lots of profitable, best-selling print-on-demand products. I suggest exploring carrying bags, footwear, and decals in particular. These three product categories are generally less saturated and sell better than T-shirts and glasses.

Finding The Best Print-on-demand Sites For Your Business

The best print-on-demand site roundup is now complete. You can see plenty of excellent Print-on-Demand sites to choose from. The optimal choice for you’ll depend on the requirements of your business and how you intend to sell your products. In brief, the following is our recommendation.

  • If you want to sell print-on-demand merchandise, digital products, or your inventory from your online store, select Sellfy.
  • Gelato is the best option if you already have a site or Shopify store or want to sell POD merchandise through a marketplace like Etsy or Amazon. They’ll take care of the rest; you must integrate it with your preferred sales platform.
  • Consider Zazzle for a more hands-off approach. You won’t need to operate your store and can sell through the Zazzle marketplace instead. Although you can tap into their existing clientele, you will have less control than you would if you were selling through your site.

The location of your audience and which Print-on-demand sites have printing facilities nearby are also worth considering. This will ensure that shipping is expedited and more economical. Fortunately, companies like Printful and Sellfy have fulfillment centers worldwide in countries including the United States, Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, among others.

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