Top 9 Best Pet Monitoring Apps For Android Devices

Let’s face it: getting a pet is very simple: go to a pet store, locate one you like, pay the price, and bring it home. However, not all individuals enjoy the responsibility of pet maintenance. Caring for a pet requires commitment, considerable effort, and numerous responsibilities. A pet monitoring app is something you would like to know if you have recently acquired a feline companion. Pet monitoring apps are available for both Android and iOS, and they typically offer essential features like remote monitoring, activity monitoring, health alerts, etc.

Top 9 Best Pet Monitoring Apps For Android Devices

Continue reading the guide if you have recently purchased a new pet and are looking for methods to monitor it remotely. The best share pet monitoring apps for Android are listed below. You can effectively monitor your pets and enjoy peace of mind with these pet monitoring apps for Android. To commence, let us proceed.

1. Dogibo

Pet Monitoring Apps For Android

Dogibo transforms an aging Android smartphone into an AI-powered pet camera. You must install the Dogibo Cam app on your secondary phone and link it to your primary phone to use this app. Place your old phone in a room where you can easily monitor your pet and use your primary phone to view the recording feed once it is finished. The app is incredibly simple to set up and operate, and it also offers additional features like remote pet communication, notifications on behavior changes, music for pet relaxation, and more.

2. Barkio

Pet Monitoring Apps For Android

Barkio is an Android app that would be adored by all pet owners, particularly those with canines. This comprehensive Android app for pet monitoring lets you watch your pet from two devices. A recorder would operate on one device, while the viewer would use the other to access the live video transmission. You can set up two devices to view live videos, communicate with your pet, receive notifications when your pet makes noise, and more. The advantage of Barkio is that it offers pet monitoring features without additional hardware. Overall, this is one of the best pet monitoring apps for Android that you should not overlook.

3. Pet Parents

Pet Monitoring Apps For Android

A well-designed pet care app for Android called Pet Parents lets you store all your pet records in one place. This app can be used as a monitoring app, allowing you to track immunizations, health reports, and more. Key Pet Parents features include the protection of medical records, the provision of vaccination reminders, the sharing of vital information with caretakers, and more. Therefore, the Pet Parents app is designed for people who want to take care of all of their pets in a single place. Pet Parents is an excellent Android app for maintaining pet records.

4. Tracki Pet GPS for Dogs

Pet Monitoring Apps For Android

Tracki Pet GPS for Dogs is similar to the Tractive GPS app mentioned above. Additionally, functioning with this one requires the installation of a dedicated GPS tracker on your pet. This app lets you read the information from a specialized GPS tracker device. The GPS tracker device is available for purchase on the official trackipet website. If you own the TrackiPet tracker, you can track your pet, share its location, construct and manage geo zones, and more using this app.

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5. Clio

Although not widely used, Clio is an excellent pet tracking app on the Google Play Store. You can effortlessly track your pet’s nutrition, activity, and behavior with Clio. It differs slightly from the other pet monitoring apps for Android on the list. It is a pet care tracker with features like monitoring your pet’s nutrition intake, behavior, medical history, vaccinations, and more. Despite being an extremely useful app, certain Clio features are protected by a paywall.

6. PetNote

The Pet Parents app list in the article and PetNote are very similar. This app lets you manage your pets’ conditions, notes, and expenses in one place. PetNote has been included on our list of the best pet monitoring apps for Android because it allows you to monitor your pet’s health. Additionally, it has a diary function that lets you record noteworthy events and manage expenses like hospital bills, mean expenses, etc.

7. PetCam App

A dog monitoring app for Android called PetCam App lets you communicate with your pet dog via the desktop, tablet, or phone’s live video streaming function. It requires two devices to function because it’s a pet monitoring app. The initial steps are selecting your home station (a device that transforms into a security camera) and activating the receiver on your portable mobile device. After setup, monitoring your pet while away from home is possible. Additionally, it offers additional features like video recording and interacting with pets.

8. Tractive GPS

Tractive GPS is a monitoring app for Android that lets you keep an eye on your pet’s health and safety. It has the potential to be an excellent companion app for pets equipped with GPS trackers. This app allows you to monitor your pet’s location, identify potential problems with early health alerts, ensure their fitness and health, and more. The Tractive GPS app, however, requires a GPS tracker device specifically for tracking. The tracker device can be purchased from its official website, and the location of your pets can be monitored using this app.

9. DogLog

The ultimate dog care app, DogLog, reduces the tension associated with dog ownership. You can track your dog’s health, organize daily duties, and more with this Android app. If you have a puppy, you can use this app to track their training, set reminders for forthcoming vaccinations, and understand their toilet schedule. Additionally, it has a health journal that lets you record your pet’s symptoms to understand them better and share the information with your veterinarian.

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The Google Play Store lets you download and install some of the best pet monitoring apps for Android devices. Almost all pet monitoring apps for Android are available for free download and use. Please share your thoughts on additional pet monitoring apps for Android in the comments section.

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