Top 11 Best GIF Creator Apps For Android Devices [Free]

One may have encountered a multitude of GIFs while active on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. An animated GIF is a continuously looping image. Following videos and images, GIFs became the new norm. GIFs are halfway between a video and a still image in that they are more expressive and require less viewing time. A considerable number of social networking site users convey themselves with GIFs. Although GIFs are relatively simple to locate online, what if you desired to create your own? Let’s face it: we all want to create GIFs occasionally. On a personal computer, it is simple to generate GIFs using GIF Creator apps; however, the process becomes somewhat more intricate when using an Android device.

Top 11 Best GIF Creator Apps For Android Devices [Free]

You must use a third-party GIF Creator app to create GIFs from images or videos on Android. This article will list the top GIF Creator apps for Android. We should check it out.

1. ImgPlay

GIF Creator Apps For Android

You can create GIFs using photos and videos with the help of the Android app ImgPlay. In contrast to alternative GIF creators, ImgPlay offers a more user-friendly interface. ImgPlay can be used to convert photos and videos into GIFs. To create more beautiful and humorous GIFs, the app also enables users to apply filters to their GIFs. Additionally, ImgPlay lets you alter the playback direction and frame rate manually. This GIF maker app for Android is superb overall.

2. GifBuz

GIF Creator Apps For Android

Look no further than GIFBuz if you’re looking for an all-in-one GIF maker and editor app for Android. To create distinctive GIFs, all you need is GIFBuz, which includes all the tools. The GIF editor allows you to add images, text, and effects, adjust the speed, crop and rotate the image, and more. To get started, the app gives you access to more than thirty different filters that you can use to add visually spectacular effects to your GIFs. In addition to these features, GIFBuz offers a GIF keyboard that delivers immediate access to many fashionable GIFs suitable for any event.

3. Picsart Animator

GIF Creator Apps For Android

Look no further than Picsart Animator if you’re searching for an Android app to create animated GIFs, cartoon videos, and humorous doodles. The app lets you save animations as a video or a GIF and offers an animation creator and caricature maker. Also, this app is downloadable from the Google Play Store. After creating a GIF on social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you can share it.

4. Gif Me! Camera

GIF Creator Apps For Android

A GIF Maker is included with the full-featured camera app GIF Me! Camera for Android. It is a camera app that supports incredible features such as time-lapse, stop-motion, and other images. Use GIF Me! Camera to generate GIFs is a breeze. The app enables the conversion of photos and videos to GIFs.

5. GifYou

GIF Creator Apps For Android

Despite its lack of popularity, the GIFYou app remains one of the top Android GIF Creator apps for creating personalized GIFs and parodies. You can easily create high-quality animated GIFs using the app, which has a user-friendly interface. You can automatically replace a visage in a photo with the GIF you choose using GIFYou’s face-swapping feature.

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6. Ez GIF Maker

An image modifying program called Ez GIF Maker lets you create animated images. This app offers a variety of tools to create animated images. The app’s interface is uncluttered and relatively simple to use. Photos or videos can be converted to GIF format with a single swipe. Additionally, the app offers a few GIF creation features, including customizable video frame rates and special effects.


Well, you can search for GIFs and share them with anyone using this GIF search tool. You can even create your GIFs using this free app. It is relatively simple to generate GIFs with GIPHY; import a live video or image from your gallery or use one from your gallery. In addition, the app permits the addition of text, decals, filters, and animation to the background. GIPHY is a great Android GIF maker app overall.

8. Memix

Memix is a meme maker that lets you quickly create hilarious and amazing parodies. Choose a meme template and add text to make it unique. Memix is included on our list of top GIF creators because it offers several animated templates that resemble GIFs. You can pick it to add text to the animated content. The app is ad-free and entirely free to use. Thus, Memix is one of the top meme and GIF creator apps for Android that you should pay attention to.

9. GIF Maker

GIF Maker is one of the most effective and user-friendly GIF creator apps for Android. The app’s interface is uncluttered and intuitive, and it includes a multitude of intriguing features. This app retrieves GIFs from Tenor directly and permits editing. You can download your preferred GIF and alter it as necessary.

10. Imgur

Imgur is an Android app that facilitates internet exploration. This app contains numerous humorous GIFs from movies and television series. In addition to GIFs, the app features humorous images, quips, comics, and artwork. Additionally, it features a wholly free custom GIF maker. As a result, you can pick out the humorous images and make them animated. But recently, the app’s users have started to leave a lot of negative reviews.

11. GIF Maker, GIF Editor

Powerful tools for creating GIFs are available in GIF Maker and GIF Editor, lightweight apps with a beautiful and intuitive interface. You can create GIFs from photos, videos, cameras, and screen captures using GIF Maker and GIF Editor. Also, it offers a variety of editing tools for GIFs, including crop, resize, speed adjustment, filters, and icons.

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You can create GIFs with the help of these free Android GIF creator apps. I sincerely trust that this article was beneficial to you. Additionally, please share it with your peers. Additionally, if you know of any additional Android apps that function similarly to GIF Creator, please inform us in the following remark section.

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