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17+ Best Password Protect Folder Software You Can Try

Password protect folder software is one of the greatest security tools available for Windows productivity. However, it is one of the most important tools for a person with less privacy. The password protected folder does not permit anyone to access your closed folder without a valid password. Unfortunately, there’s no way built into the Windows operating system to lock your folder. Alternatively, Mac, Linux, and even Dropbox folders require password protection. This post will list the 17+ best password security software and explain how to protect the folder with a password.

How To Password Protect A Folder?

There are several personal files and sensitive documents on your laptop, computer, iPhone, Android, iPad, and other modern Gadgets. A folder must be password protected to protect its contents from unwanted access. However, since the device and operating system are distinct, you must utilize different apps for each device and operating system.

Today, we’ll examine how to password protect a folder on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and the iPhone. In addition, we will give an exhaustive catalog of third-party apps. Furthermore, every operating system offers a default option to lock any folder. You may lock an entire or specific file using password protected folder software. Without your password, no one will be able to open it.

How To Protect A Folder With A Password In Windows 10?

You are correct in assuming that Windows 10 lacks a password protect folder option. On the other hand, Encrypt Files Windows 10 has previously been mentioned. You never suspect that Windows 10’s data and files are not safe. Using a password and encryption, you can improve unlawful access to your PC if you employ BitLocker to secure it.

Folder Password Protect Without Software

In Windows 10, you may lock any folder without software. You may lock any folder on your computer with only five simple steps.

1 – Open a Notepad file.

Password Protect Folder Software

2 – Next, copy the code from the given source

3 – Determine “your password” and provide your password inside the quotation.

Password Protect Folder Software

4 – Save the notepad file in .bat format to the folder of your choosing, which you must lock.

Password Protect Folder Software

5 – Double-click the .bat file to open a command prompt. To confirm folder lock, type “y” followed by entering. And your folder will be immediately locked, and no one will be able to access it.

Click twice on the .bat file and enter your password to unlock the folder.

How Do I Lock An iPhone Folder?

The app lockers menu will appear when you slide down the primary setting. You may lock your iPhone folder from the settings page. To lock any folder, tap. You may also lock your iPhone using a parental control app. There may be personal data or financial information on your mobile device. Your adversary or girlfriend can effortlessly unlock access to your cell phone and all of its data. You may utilize the iPhone app lock to safeguard your files and folders to eliminate this issue. Touch ID can also be used. The same may be achieved with jungle-mode settings. Using any file management app, you may lock your iPhone with a password.

Password Protect Folder Android

Increasing numbers of people currently use Android mobile phones. However, because of the apps, security is a major problem. You may lock your Android phone to protect your files.

Password Protect Folder Dropbox

The cloud storage service Dropbox is one of the finest for storing your photos and files. A Dropbox folder cannot be password protected by a third-party app. To lock Dropbox with a password, you may use the Dropbox desktop version and an older (non-software) technique. You can create a Dropbox password protected folder in five easy steps.

1 – After logging into Dropbox, select the file or folder you wish to share.

2 – Find the “share” option. 

3 – In the “Link Shearing,” choose “only people with a password.” 

4 – You may set the password’s expiration date.

5 – “Save” your setting.

You can now copy and paste the URL to share it with anybody who has access to this Dropbox password-protected folder.

Password Protect Folder Mac OS

Like Microsoft Windows 10, Mac OS makes it simple to password protect a folder. You may create a file or folder lock using the “Disk Utility” Five steps are required to create a password protected folder on a Mac:

1 – First, open disk utility/applications/utilities/disk utility app. 

2 – Next, from the menu bar/ file/new image/new image from folder 

3 – Choose the folder you want to protect on the popup file browser window. 

4 – From the encryption option, you may select AES encryption with 128 or 256 bits. The second option is mostly chosen for security reasons. You may select the recommended options.

5 – When prompted, provide a password to generate a Mac OS password for the folder’s protection.

17+ Best Password Protect Folder Software

Protecting a folder with a password entails using a privacy mechanism to lock the folder from the desktop or any drive on your computer. It guarantees the safety and security of your important data. The most precious asset of every organization is its data. If your sensitive data falls into the hands of an unwelcome spy, you may be subject to blackmail. Consequently, you will meet the prerequisite for the folder lock. To do this, I will demonstrate 17+ best folder lock software and individually provide recommendations for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Dropbox.

1. Anvi Folder Locker Free

Anvi Folder Locker Free aims to hide, add authorization, or set a password to protect your files and folders. The software is 13.8M in size. The Folder lock is compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, and Vista.

2. Lock & Hide Folder

Lock & Hide Folder provides a quick and novel solution to hide sensitive data. It safeguards your computer against employers, children, and anybody else who could get access to it. Even so, it protects you from law enforcement and people with bad intentions. This Lock & Hide Folder software will hide your private files, preventing others from viewing them. If they go through your menu of recent documents, they will be unable to locate your secret information. Please use a password to prevent unauthorized access to your files since this will provide additional security. This software can be utilized in stealth mode. Using files, you may hide or display your critical file folders.

3. Folder Lock

Folder Lock protects files, folders, and drives with a password. It encrypts critical files, protects them in real-time, and safeguards portable drives. Folder Lock destroys files and drives, erasing all history. With over 45 million users, it is the most downloaded file-security software. Folder Lock is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. In addition, it is suitable for Windows, Mac, and Dropbox.

4. Hide Folders

Hide Folders is an innovative software app that allows you to password protect all of your hard drive’s sensitive data. You may rapidly make your file folders inaccessible, invisible, or protected against modification and deletion. The protected folder files are inaccessible to users regardless of their access method (locally or remotely). Protection tools, a clear user interface, and a selection of fine-tuning options will meet the demands of all Windows users, from novices to experts. Since 2001, their Hide Folders software has let users hide sensitive files and folders.

5. Folder Locker Pro

The Folder Locker Pro password protects folders and prevents 99 percent of unauthorized access. It is spy-proof because, unlike other freebies, it employs encoding technology, making it difficult to access your secret folder physically. This Password Protect Folder may also be used to boost your security.

6. NEO Folder Lock

NEO Folder Lock is an outstanding folder locking tool. It is solely capable of locking and unlocking your files and folders. Its file is to lock and unlock files and folders and the command prompt.

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7. IObit Protected Folder

Protected Folder by IObit is a helpful Files Protection Tool. This Password Protect Folder software guarantees the Privacy and Security of Vital Folders and Data. I set a password to lock these folders against unauthorized access to sensitive data and files. This software contains more vital files than security tools. Therefore, it can increase the level of privacy protection. Protected Folder Windows 10 files your sensitive data and files from prying eyes and protects it difficult for others to access them. Therefore, password access is always protected, a matter of who needs to obtain confidential data. There are no longer any hides regarding privacy leaks because our Safer Files & Data Locker can protect your data.

8. Folder Lock

The Folder Lock software lets you lock and hide any file folder. Whether the folder is on a USB drive or your computer, Folder Lock will protect it. Folder Lock is simple and compact, and almost anybody can use it. Now that Folder Lock includes an active updater, you’ll be able to copy newly-released updates at your discretion.

9. Quick File Locker

Quick File Locker is also suitable for folders, including documents and images. The folder locker may be used to safeguard private photographs, hide sensitive videos, and secure documents. Quick File Locker will quickly lock and encrypt your files, folders, and USB drives to confirm their privacy. It is incredibly simple to use. You may lock files with an easy drag-and-drop or right-click in Windows Explorer. Quick File Locker operates in Stealth mode and protects locked data even in safe mode, to your delight. It is free, multilingual software.

10. EMCO UnLock IT

EMCO UnLock IT is a cost-free tool. When attempting to rename, change, relocate, or delete a file or folder, Windows may indicate that entrance to the resource is forbidden or that another app is being used. Typically, this notice indicates that a file folder is locked, but it is unclear what to do without more advice. EMCO UnLock IT may provide such assistance and unlock the file folder for you.

11. Hide Folders for Mac

The Hide Folders is a freeware app for Mac that protects folders and documents. It is a free Mac app designed to hide files and folders. It hides the contents of files and folders with a single click. Hide Folders for Mac is available for free download, and you can use it for as long as you like. It is optimized for 64-bit compatibility and works on all modern macOS-powered Macs. In addition, there is a Pro edition with additional features.

12. SecretFolder

The SecretFolder is a free workplace and home Hide Folder. SecretFolder is the leading option for protecting your data from outsiders, such as hackers. You can protect and hide your data from external infections and viruses. Local data will be shielded using information security. Therefore, the requirement to maintain your data independently. SecretFolder will give robust data protection capabilities for your organization. In addition, you can prevent malware, which causes a great deal of damage to PC users.

13. Free Hide Folder

Free Hide Folder is free security software and Password Protect Folder for PC, enabling you to hide your folders. It is highly advantageous to keep your sensitive information confidential. No one will be able to discover the location of your secret files, nor will they be able to access them accidentally. Only a few mouse clicks are required to hide folders. Free Hide Folder utilizes the folder’s password to modify or delete it at any moment. The platform is Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/2003/Vista/7/8/10. The file is merely 876 bytes in size.

14. Wise Folder Hider Free

Wise Folder Hider Free is a free software for hiding secret files, videos, photos, and other sensitive information on your computer. It is easy to hide files and folders with Wise Folder Hider. This software is extremely useful for preventing unauthorized access to or deletion of sensitive or essential data. In addition, the additional level password for a particular file, folder, or drive increases security.

15. LocK-A-FoLdeR

LocK-A-FoLdeR is an all-encompassing solution for beginners. The folder lock software utilizes a single master password, has a minimal user interface, and does not offer any deceptive setting options. Accessible File Locker safeguards the user’s local files and folders. It does not shuffle safe files and folders, has no impact on computer speed, and can never harm your data.

16. Easy File Locker

The Easy File Locker software is 100% FREEWARE. Accessible File Locker is a lightweight and user-friendly file locking software for Windows Operating Systems. It may protect your folders and files. Users cannot copy, open, alter, delete, move, or read locked files/folders and are even prevented from viewing them. The hidden files and folders will be completely unseen to all users and programs.

17. Folder Lock Lite

Folder Lock Lite is a streamlined version of the original Folder Lock software. It enables users to hide and lock documents, movies, photos, and other file types with password protection utilizing Windows kernel-level security. This Password Protect Folder method is available for usage. Its drag-and-drop interface makes locking folders and files simple. Folder Lock Lite protects data in safe mode and is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

18. Folder Protector

Folder Protector is a fantastic piece of software. It encrypts and protects folders on USB drives, hard drives, and other mobile storage devices. This superior Password Protect Folder can safeguard your data. This software’s File Security is undeletable, immovable, and inaccessible. Lock, Scramble, and Encrypt are the three Security Methods used so that you may enjoy complete data protection at any time and in any location. There is no installation required; run and protect your data. It supports EN, FR, DE, JP, KO, RU, ES, TR, and CN. The software is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2012, 2008, 2003, and XP. Finally, the software is merely 1.2 megabytes in size.

19. BitLocker

BitLocker is one of the greatest folder-protecting Windows 10 encryption software. It was launched with Windows Vista. It is intended to protect the data on the full disk. BitLocker supports encryption keys with both 128-bit and 256-bit lengths. However, it does not support Windows 10 Home. To utilize it, you must turn on the default BitLocker encryption. Well, to improve your data, you should turn on device encryption. To enable device encryption on Windows 10, navigate to the Start button > Settings > Update > Security Device Encryption. Ensure that you are logged into the administrator account before proceeding.

20. Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security includes Bitdefender File Vault, a tool that enables the creation of personal vaults on a Windows computer. The vaults are secure files where you may hide confidential file folders from prying eyes. They are all encrypted and can only be accessed with your password. To add folders or files to a vault, you right-click on them, select the Bitdefender submenu, and select the desired action from the Bitdefender File Vault list of options. Bitdefender File Folder Vault is one of the greatest folder protection tools we’ve tried, but users can only use it by purchasing a Bitdefender Security subscription.

Conclusion: Password Protect Folder Software

Password Protect Folder is a better data security tool. It can also be used for substantial data migration. As a fan of technology, you may select one of the Windows security tools.

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