17+ Best Math Apps For Android You Can Use

Mathematics is an essential subject. To improve our maths skills, we must practice more and more. Consequently, we feel the need for the best math apps for Android phones. These math tutoring apps will be your best company partner. You may utilize the math problem-solving app to alleviate your math anxiety in your spare time. In contrast, the math app will increase your confidence and knowledge.

17+ Best Math Apps For Android You Can Use

Today, we will examine the 17+ Best Math Apps for Android. These apps were chosen based on popularity, user reviews, and content quality. So enjoy the Math problem-solving app as your math tutor.


1. Math Tricks Math Apps For Android

Math Tricks is among the best educational Android apps. This app is for those who wish to accelerate their math calculating people. Then you may devote your valuable time to other inquiries. Therefore, it is suitable for students preparing for competitive exams.

2. Photomath

Math Apps For Android

Photomath is one of the most well-known and best math apps for Android phones. It can rapidly read and solve math problems using smartphone camera apps. It shows how to solve any mathematical problem, regardless of whether it is handwritten or printed. Photomath is the superpower of mathematics for every pupil. It is ideal for completing assignments. The parents also rely on this profitable math tutor app.

3. Mathematics

Math Apps For Android

Mathematical formulas, including variables, products, sums, and sequences, comprise the app of Mathematics. In addition, this app allows you to solve linear, cubic, quadratic, and transposition equations. Due to its attractive features, it is evident that this is the best math app.

4. WolframAlpha

Math Apps For Android

WolframAlpha is a renowned software company. It has become the learning hub’s source. WolframAlpha contains tens of thousands of formulas and algorithms. It is a versatile calculator and exhaustive database.

5. Mathway

Math Apps For Android

Mathway is one of the most useful math apps for students. It is the largest math solver and calculator in the world. Mathway immediately answers any problem, from elementary algebra to complicated calculus. Similar to a private tutor, it addresses the problem step by step. This math problem-solving app is a true math tutor.

6. Socratic

Math Apps For Android

The Socratic app is an excellent app for students in general. By submitting a math image, you can solve your homework. You must take the photo first. Then you must submit the solution. This math app is free, configurable, and adaptable to various math types.

7. GeoGebra Classic

Math Apps For Android

GeoGebra Classic is one of the top math apps for high school and college students. It is ideal for graphing, spreadsheets, geometry, 3D, computer algebra, and probability in one user-friendly and trustworthy app; millions of people use this problem-solving app for science and math.

8. MalMath

Math Apps For Android

MalMath is one of the best offline math apps. It discusses the math in detail. It can solve integrals, limits, derivatives, trigonometry, logarithms, equations, and algebra. This app is useful for high school and university students. Support the following languages: English, Turkish, Albanian, Portuguese, Azerbaijani, German, Spanish, Croatian, Arabic, Italian, French, Russian, and Japanese.

9. Brainly

Math Apps For Android

Brainly Homework Help & Solver is just another of the best math apps for students of all types. This app is great for homework since it shows the solution stages sequentially. Binary is the largest social learning community. Over 80 million students use this math tutor app.

10. Cymath

Math Apps For Android

The Cymath math tutor app is among the best math apps available to students. It interprets the input as a math problem and gives a step-by-step solution. It can solve equations, complex numbers, and polynomial division. This app has more than one million active installations and positive reviews.

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11. Math Flash Cards

The Math Flash Cards is one of the best Android math apps for beginners. This fantastic app is suitable for youngsters. It features a kind and reassuring voice to help children. Unfortunately, the free version of this app contains advertisements, whereas the premium version is ad-free.

12. Maths Formulas Free

Maths Formulas Free is an outstanding math problem-solving app for students of all skill levels. It is available in several languages and contains fundamental mathematical formulas. This app is suitable for high school and college students.

13. Geometry Pad

Geometry Pad is suitable for students of geometry. Well, this is one of the best math apps for Android. However, this app is better suitable for teachers that wish to facilitate class comprehension. Using this app, you can quickly make intricate geometric drawings and measure anything on your page.

14. Complete Mathematics

Complete Mathematics is one of the most attractive and best Android math apps. It covers elementary and high school math easily. Its category allows you to study math according to your preferences. This app serves as a dictionary.

15. All Math Formula

Because it shows all mathematical formulas, All Math Formula is one of the best math apps for Android. It is a requirement for all math students. This app does not require internet access. This app contains over 1000 methods.

16. CK-12

CK-12 Practice Math & Science is one of the best Android math apps for practice. It provides access to more than 5,000 lessons and classes from anywhere worldwide. Therefore, it is the best math tutor app.

17. Math Scanner By Photo – Solve My Math Problem

Well, it is one of the best math apps for Android and mobile devices. Camera Calculator & Math Solve By Photo Calculator is not a scientific calculator but can properly solve math problems. It is a simple app that photos math problems and gives step-by-step solutions.

18. MathPapa

MathPapa Algebra Calculator is one of the best Android math apps for solving mathematical problems. This app provides a step-by-step explanation of the problem. Offline, it can solve the problem.

19. Fraction Calculator Plus

Fraction Calculator Plus is a great app for solving math problems. This app is both a calculator and a problem solver. This app is ideal for beginners because it contains all the fundamental formulas. As a math student, you may use the best Android math app.

20. Calculator Pro

Calculator Pro enables the Get Math Answers via Camera feature. It is one of the best math tutor apps. You must take a photo of your math homework to solve it and receive the solution immediately. In addition, it features a Scientific Calculator, a Basic Calculator, an Equations Calculator, and a BMI calculator.


The problem of math apps is to solve math problems. Some apps are capable of providing step-by-step instructions. On the other hand, several apps merely supply answers. We hope that, after reading this extensive review, you have already downloaded the best math apps for Android. However, if you discover something unusual about this app, please leave a comment below so we can add it to our review.

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