10 Best Free Horoscope Apps for Android and iPhone

We want to present the top list of the best free horoscope apps to browse different horoscopes. All you have to do is download the one that you prefer best of all. Here they are:

Have you ever felt after reading a horoscope, “Oh, that is so me!”? Or does your day closely like the one described in your horoscope? What if, each morning, someone could accurately predict how your day will unfold? Interesting, right?

Exactly, this is what free horoscope apps can accomplish for you. Know what your day, week, & year will look like, what opportunities you should not miss, what obstacles you should be ready for, how your love life will be, and much more.


What is a Horoscope Apps?

Well, the horoscope app uses AI technology to determine the position of stars and planets and make forecasts based on this information. In addition, users can register and provide their date of birth, birth time, and other required information to receive readings.

In addition, some best free horoscope apps include elements such as palmistry, numerology, love compatibility analysis, remedy recommendations, etc.

10 Best Horoscope Apps for Android and iPhone [Free & Paid]

Individuals and professional astrologers can use free horoscope apps to identify planetary positions, produce birth charts, Janam Kundli, engage in live chat with users, recommend cures, etc.

We have compiled a list of our favorite astrology apps and a short description of what they offer. So download the one that intrigues you.

1. The Pattern

Lets talk about the best free horoscope apps for Android in 2022. The Pattern is the go-to site if you are looking for an astrological program to perform an in-depth study of your unique personality. Using this best horoscope app free, you can recognize and dissect any significant cycle in your life.

A compatibility assessment is also accessible for friends and lovers, allowing you to identify the ideal romantic relationship. With The Pattern’s Connect dating feature, this astrological software can also help you find your true love. Isn’t that cool?

Features of The Pattern

  • Excellently detailed personality analysis.
  • Examine your compatibility with your friends and romantic interests.
  • Discover matched matches via Connect dating.
  • Analysis of significant cycles encountered in the present, past, and future.

Available on – Android, iOS

2. Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Next in our list of the best free Horoscope Apps For People That Are Obsessed With The Stars is Susan Miller. It is a celebrity astrologer, founded Astrology Zone in 1995. Besides, you can subscribe to Daily Astrology Zone to receive daily forecasts for all zodiac signs for today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Additionally, subscribers can access their daily horoscopes via a password-protected part of the site.

Features of Astrology Zone

  • Daily forecasts for all twelve zodiac signs.
  • Readings for Sun Sign & Rising Sign.
  • Subscription to Daily Astrology Zone.
  • Learn Astrology Section for aspiring astrologers.

Available on Android & iOS

3. Sanctuary

It is among the top free horoscope apps for Android and iPhone. Download the Sanctuary Astrology & Psychic app to receive in-depth consultation from actual human astrologers if you do not want an algorithm to foretell your future. After paying the required fees, you can use their on-demand astrologer feature and speak with an astrology expert. Additionally, you can use Sanctuary’s open-access library to study everything about astrology, including transits, 12 houses, and more.

Features of Sanctuary

  • Get free horoscopes daily.
  • Consultation directly from personal astrologers.
  • Receive free daily Astro news Consult astrologers on demand at any time.

Available on – Android, iOS

4. Co – Star

With Co – Star astrology, you no longer require the guidance of a personal astrologer. Instead, you now have the opportunity to obtain predictions from a combination of AI technology and experienced astrologer expertise. Their data is based on data collected in real-time regarding the movement of planets.

You can obtain hyper-personalized predictions for more precise and particular horoscope info. This forecast is based on the sky’s image and the stars’ position at the exact time and location of your birth.

Features of Co – Star

  • Uses NASA data for forecasting.
  • Obtain hyper-specific information.
  • Obtain real-time insights based on the movements of the planet.
  • Personalized horoscope with a complete birth chart.

Available on – Android, iOS

5. iHoroscope

If we talk about the popular free horoscope apps, the iHoroscope app provides accurate predictions for the coming week, month, and year. In addition, obtain personalized consultations by posing queries to genuine psychics in real-time chat and receiving instantaneous responses. You can also determine your compatibility with other zodiac signs and read seasonal horoscopes based on Chinese zodiacs.

Features of iHoroscope

  • There are daily, weekly, monthly, and annual horoscopes.
  • Professional astrologers give readings.
  • Check your Chinese zodiac horoscope.
  • Ask genuine psychics in a live chat your questions.

Available Platforms – Android, iOS

6. TimePassages

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional astrologer, TimePassages is suitable for your astrology business. This best astrology app for Android allows you to construct basic, easy-to-read astrology charts.

It is among the best Astrology apps in 2022. This best free horoscope app 2022 assists astrologers in recognizing traditional planetary patterns such as the seesaw, funnel, and bowl, among others. You also receive an electronic user manual with a comprehensive introduction to astrology and a glossary of astrology vocabulary.

Features of TimePassages

  • Graphical representation of planet transit times.
  • Create natal chart modifications for various birth times.
  • This best horoscope app 2022 provide forecasts based on 20 or more astrologically significant factors.
  • Generate reports within a click.
  • Available add-on for Astro maps.
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Available on – Android, iOS

7. The DailyHoroscope

Next in our list of the leading and best horoscope apps free is The DailyHoroscope. You can set a daily horoscope reminder with The DailyHoroscope, so you never miss reading. Check the personality features of all zodiac signs and the compatibility of Druid and Chinese zodiac signs using the app. You can enable the Daily Horoscope App’s horoscope widget to ensure that your zodiac reading is always just a tap away.

Features of Daily Horoscope

  • There are daily, weekly, monthly, & yearly horoscopes.
  • Examine the compatibility of two zodiac signs.
  • 10 million users or more.
  • Individualized user interface.
  • Check the Druid and Chinese zodiacs for their readings.

Available on – Android, iOS

8. Astro Style

If we talk about the top-notch free horoscope apps for iPhone, Astro Style predicts your love life, work, and other chances and problems. This free iPhone astrology software may also learn about your financial, romantic, professional, social, and familial destiny. In reality, the app might help you avoid making mistakes in life by providing you with vital guidance.

Features of Astro Style

  • Daily horoscope forecasts from the world’s foremost astrologers.
  • Check the zodiac signs of your friends and family at your fingertips.
  • Using Love Horoscopes, decode romantic signals.
  • Accurate readings will inform you of forthcoming chances and obstacles.

Available on – iOS

9. AstroMatrix

Next in our list of the Best Astrology sites is AstroMatrix. Enter your birth time, date, & place to get accurate daily horoscopes on AstroMatrix, instead of getting a generic reading of your sun sign. You can also learn the concealed mysteries of your former lives through Draconic soul reports. In addition, it enables astrologers to watch transits and current planetary predictions, such as mercury retrograde.

Features of AstroMatrix

  • Create exhaustive natal chart reports.
  • Examine zodiac compatibility for relationships.
  • This best horoscope app for iPhone create a Draconic report using TrueNode to learn about your previous lives.
  • Ask questions to obtain tarot card readings.

Available on – Android, iOS

10. Astroyogi

Are you still seeking the best free horoscope apps for Android & iOS? The Astroyogi Daily Horoscope app is the best free consultation software that allows you to sign up, add funds to your Astroyogi wallet, and then contact or chat with a professional astrologer. In addition, this best free astrology app for Android provides Janam kundalini and daily horoscope predictions based on the time and location of your birth.

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In addition, users can consult tarot card readers and numerologists to learn about impending problems and opportunities.

Features of Astroyogi Daily Horoscope

  • Consultation with seasoned astrologers via call and online chat.
  • Free janam kundli maker.
  • Consult tarot cards and numerology.
  • Consult a specialist for efficient therapies such as mantra, gemstones, Rudraksha, etc.

Available on – Android, iOS

Which Good Horoscope Apps Should You Download?

The app provides numerous possibilities for selection. But it would help if you determine precisely what you are seeking.

Do you want generic daily horoscope predictions given by an algorithm, direct consultation with a professional astrologer, or a combination of the two?

Using this information, you may select the best horoscope app for yourself. You can also download free horoscope apps that provide extra advice on cures such as mantra, yantra, Rudraksha, etc.


What are good horoscope apps?

AstroMatrix, Astroyogi Daily Horoscope, The Pattern, Co – Star, etc., are excellent free horoscope apps. They enable users to receive customized readings and consultations from skilled astrologers.

Which horoscope app is true?

Astro Style, iHoroscope, and TimePassages are examples of astrology apps that provide accurate forecasts.

Is the horoscope app free?

Daily Horoscope, Chani, and Astrosage Daily Horoscope are free to use. You can watch your complimentary daily horoscope, compatibility, and other readings.

What app do professional astrologers use?

Professional astrologers use free Horoscope Apps such as TimePassages and Astroyogi Daily Horoscope to generate birth charts and Janam Kundli and comprehend transits, planetary placements, and other phenomena.

Are astrology apps safe?

Yes, astrology apps are entirely free for users and astrologers to use. Nonetheless, we advise you to review the privacy policies and terms and conditions of the astrological app you intend to use.

How accurate are horoscopes?

Horoscopes use planetary science placements to produce readings and forecasts, which might be generic for zodiac signs. For more precise readings and forecasts, you can consult with expert astrologers through free horoscope apps such as Astrosage Daily Horoscope, iHoroscope, etc.

How to use the horoscope app?

To use free horoscope apps, log in to your account. You can check your daily horoscope readings, receive your palm reading by clicking a picture of your palm, and obtain numerology findings using your date of birth, among other things.

What is the best horoscope app?

Astrology Zone, AstroMatrix, Astrosage Daily Horoscope, and further resources.

What is the best free horoscope app?

Astro Style, The Pattern, Co-Star, and so on.

What is the top horoscope app for iPhone?

Sanctuary, Horoscope Daily, TimePassages, and Astrology Zone.

What’s the best horoscope app for Android?

IHoroscope, Astroyogi Daily Horoscope, Sanctuary, etc.

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