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How To Fix iPhone Photos Not Showing On Mac Problem?

We frequently transfer or sync files between our iPhones and Macs to conserve space. Many users, however, have reported that their iPhone Photos Not Showing On Mac. If so, you have arrived at the correct location. Ensure you’re transferring photos and other files from your iPhone to your Mac correctly before attempting any suggested solutions. You should double-check if you selected Trust when the Trust This Computer prompt appeared.

How To Fix iPhone Photos Not Showing On Mac Problem?

Restart iPhone And Mac

Restarting both your devices, i.e., your iPhone and your Mac, is one of the simplest methods to solve iPhone photos not showing on Mac. Also, ensure that all apps are closed before you restart your devices. Finally, check to see if your iPhone photos are showing up on your Mac after you restart.

Check USB Cable

We recommend using the “Lightning Cable” when transferring data from iPhone to Mac or vice versa. However, if you are using a cable other than Apple’s proprietary “Lightning Cable,” you may want to check to see if it has any flaws. You can also try plugging it into a different Mac to ensure there are no issues with your Mac.

Check If You Enabled iCloud Photo Library

By enabling iCloud Photo Library on both your iPhone and Mac, the Camera Roll photos will automatically sync to your Mac. Follow the instructions below to check if you’ve completed the task. We have listed the iPhone and Mac procedures separately.

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On iPhone

1 – Launch Settings.

iPhone Photos Not Showing Up On Mac

2 – Tap iCloud. 

3 – Under Photos, toggle the Sync this iPhone switch on.

iPhone Photos Not Showing Up On Mac

On Mac

1 – Click Apple Menu 

2 – Click System Preferences. 

3 – Click Apple ID.

iPhone Photos Not Showing Up On Mac

4 – Navigate to iCloud and click Photos. 

5 – Check the box labeled My Photo Stream.

Close Any Conflicting Apps

Do you store files using Dropbox or any other third-party storage medium? The app may be incompatible with Photos. You can deactivate it once completely and check if your iPhone photos are showing up on Mac.

The Bottom Line:

We trust that iPhone photos are now showing up on your Mac. If so, please indicate which of the abovementioned strategies worked for you.

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