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Top 14 Best Call Recorder Apps For Android Devices

Let’s face it: the most underused feature on smartphones is call recording. Many people enjoy recording their phone calls for security and personal reasons. Smartphone manufacturers such as OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others have already incorporated the ability to record phone calls into their devices. On the other hand, only some Android phones have the call recording option available. If your smartphone lacks an integrated call recorder and call recording is necessary, you must install third-party apps. Recording calls is possible with various call recorder apps for Android available.

Top 14 Best Call Recorder Apps For Android Devices

As a result, we will compile a list of the best call recorder apps currently available for Android smartphones in this article. We have manually evaluated and compiled a list of only the best call recorder apps for Android. Therefore, let’s examine the list of the best free call recorder apps for Android.

1. ACR Call Recorder

Call Recorder Apps For Android

On the Google Play Store, ACR Call Recorder is regarded as one of the best and highest-rated call recorder apps for Android. In addition, ACR Call Recorder offers users infinite features not found in any other call-recording app. You can set up this app to record incoming and outgoing calls. The app helpfully organizes a list of all recordings according to phone number. Additionally, ACR Call Recorder allows you to modify the quality of call recordings and an option for cloud backup. The app displays all recorded calls within its interface and provides options to preserve the recordings. Further, ACR Call Recorder can generate transcripts, password-protect recordings, and perform additional functions.

2. Smart Automatic Call Recorder

Call Recorder Apps For Android

Despite being less popular than the other call recorder apps for Android on the list, Smart Automatic Call Recorder is an awesome app for recording all incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can record incoming and outgoing calls, manage and access previous recordings, export recordings to other apps, and more with this app. Additionally, the app efficiently records all voice calls in superior quality. Nevertheless, certain app features are available for purchase.

3. All Call Recorder

Call Recorder Apps For Android

All Call Recorder is a highly regarded Android call recorder app that can capture incoming and outgoing calls. The advantage of All Call Recorder is that it requires only a single setup; after that, the app automatically manages all recordings. The call recorder is activated automatically upon detecting an incoming or outgoing call. Additionally, you can manually add numbers that should not be recorded to the white list. You can listen to the recording, make notes, and share it after recording the calls with All Call Recorder.

4. RMC: Android Call Recorder

Call Recorder Apps For Android

Consider RMC: Android Call Recorder if you’re searching for a user-friendly call recording app for your Android phone. Users of RMC: Android Call Recorder can record voice calls in MP3, WAV, AMR, MP4, and 3GP. The RMC app for Android offers both automatic and manual recording modes for calls. Additionally, a movable icon is added to the Call interface. Additionally, Google Drive and Dropbox are supported for cloud integration with the Android call recorder app.

5. Truecaller

Call Recorder Apps For Android

On the Google Play Store, Truecaller is regarded as one of the best and highest-rated call recorder apps for Android. Numerous beneficial features, including a call blocker, SMS blocker, and message system, are included in the app’s Google Play Store popularity. Additionally, True Caller offers a call recording function, which is excellent. Before now, the TrueCaller premium account was the only one that offered the call recording option; however, it is now accessible even with the free plan.

6. Phone by Google

Call Recorder Apps For Android

If you use an Android smartphone, the default calling app may be Phone by Google. One may access the call recording option by conducting a Google search of the phone’s settings. While call recording is a feature available on the Google Phone, it is generally unknown to users. The sole drawback of using a Phone by Google is that disclosure is audible to all parties when the call recording commences.

7. Cube Call Recorder

Call Recorder Apps For Android

Try Cube Call Recorder if you’re searching for the best free Android phone app to record your incoming or outgoing phone calls and VoIP discussions. Predictably, what? In addition to phone calls, Cube Call Recorder can record Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp conversations in addition to phone calls. Users can record calls for specific contacts, making the app even more interesting.

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8. Call Recorder Automatic

The Android app is adequate for recording phone calls. However, the app has one significant drawback: to record both sides of a conversation, users must leave their phone’s speaker on. Aside from that, the app operates satisfactorily. The Call Recorder Automatic Android app is user-friendly, and after recording the calls, it offers users options to organize, save, or share them to an SD Card.

9. Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder is marginally dissimilar to the remaining Android voice recorder apps discussed in the article. An intriguing feature of the voice recorder app circumvents the silences, eliminating the need to listen to them. Recording phone calls in the background is another great feature of Smart Recorder. The audio spectrum analyzer and background recording are a few additional features of Smart Recorder. Smart Recorder offers a microphone calibration tool to enhance call recording quality and is incredibly portable and battery-friendly.

10. callX

It is among the best call recorder apps for Android, allowing you to record phone calls automatically. The app’s caller ID features, which aid in identifying spam and telemarketing calls, are a plus. It allows you to set filters to exclusively enable call recording for specific contacts, all calls, or unknown numbers. It records both incoming and outgoing vocal activities.

11. Smart Voice Recorder

Well, Smart Voice Recorder is a great voice recording app with some call recording features. Although the app’s primary function is voice recording, it can also record phone calls. The transition between typical mode and call recording is seamless. The fact that users can record audio snippets in various formats with the Smart Voice Recorder is even more interesting. In addition to this, it also incorporates cloud integration capabilities. The top-ranked ACR call recorder and Smart Voice Recorder both share some similarities. Like the ACR recorder app, the Smart Voice Recorder enables in-app management of all recordings.

12. Blackbox Call recorder

Look only as far as Call Recorder if you’re searching for a reliable call recorder app for Android. Blackbox Call recorder has a streamlined user interface intended for automatic call recording. You can save the recordings directly to your Google Drive account in addition to the fact that the app records your call. Automated recording for incoming and outgoing calls, manual recording, annotation of significant recordings, and more are some of the most important features of the Blackbox call recorder.

13. Talker ACR

Talker ACR is marginally more sophisticated than the remaining apps discussed in the article. This app functions as a smart call recorder for Android, enabling users to capture both incoming and outgoing phone calls and VoIP conversations. In addition to phone calls, Talker ACR enables effortless recording of calls conducted via instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, and WeChat.

14. ACR Phone

ACR Phone is a comprehensive dialer app that substitutes for the default dialer on your phone. The dialer app has numerous potent and useful features not found in comparable call recorder apps for Android. This app provides features such as a dialer, spam blocking, outgoing call blocker, call announcer, call notes, video and photo call screen, and more. Additionally, ACR Phone supports call recording but only on supported devices. ACR Phone is a fantastic Android call recorder app overall.

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All call recorder apps for Android listed in the article were available for free installation and use. Thus concludes our list of the best free call recorder apps for Android currently available. Please share any additional call recorder apps for Android that you may recommend in the comments section.

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