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How To Save Twitter GIF (Complete Guide)

It’s no secret that GIFs are popular on Twitter. From either the Twitter app or the Twitter web interface, users may search for and insert a Giphy GIF. There are no additional programs, add-ons, or special keyboards required. A GIF will play natively in the app, but unlike photos, a GIF or video cannot be stored in the same manner. In reality, because the picture isn’t readily accessible, saving a GIF to the desktop is difficult. In addition, it’s so entrenched in the tweet that using the web inspector to save the GIF is a headache.

Solution – How To Save Twitter GIF

An app is required to effortlessly save an animated GIF from Twitter, whether from the desktop or your mobile phone. You can use a web app instead of installing one on your desktop if you use a desktop. You may use a web app on your phone’s browser or opt for an app if you have a mobile phone. We recommend that you use an app. The process will be time-consuming if you utilize a web app in your browser.

Save Animated GIF From Twitter – Web/Desktop

To save an animated GIF from Twitter, you’ll need the tweet’s URL. The URL may be obtained by clicking the little timestamp next to the user’s handle. Once you have the URL, you may choose from a variety of sites that allow you to download a GIF.

1- Visit the Twitter video downloader

2- Enter the URL for the tweet with the GIF. 

3- Click Download. 

How To Save Twitter GIF

4- On the next page, click Download Video. 

5- Click the more options button (three dots) and select Download on the video player.

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How To Save Twitter GIF

Save Animated GIF From Twitter – Android

Follow these instructions to download an animated GIF from Twitter on Android. To download GIFs, you must have the Twitter app installed on your phone.

1- Install Download Twitter Videos – GIF from the Google Play Store

2- Open the Twitter app and navigate to the tweet you want to download the GIF from. 

3- Tap the share button on the tweet. 

4- Select Share via and select Download for Twitter from the share sheet. 

5- Tap GIF, and it will be downloaded.

How To Save Twitter GIF

Save Animated GIF From Twitter – iOS

On iOS, there are several apps that may be used to save a GIF from Twitter. We recommend that you use GIF Viewer. You’ll need the URL to the Tweet to which the GIF is connected.

1- Open the Twitter app. 

2- Tap the share button at the bottom of the tweet that you want to save the GIF from. 

3- Select Copy Link from the share sheet.

To save the GIF;

1- Download a free app called GIF Viewer from the App Store

2- Go to the Photos tab. 

3- Tap the plus button at the top right. 

4- Select Twitter GIF from the menu. 

5- Tap Confirm. 

6- The GIF will be downloaded.

Wrapping Up: How To Save Twitter GIF

Downloading GIFs on a mobile phone is a little tricky, but Twitter makes it even more difficult by not making the GIF readily available. In addition, the process is too complex for the desktop alone; thus, a specific app must be utilized on a mobile device.

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