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How To Fix Quickly err12 Graphics Device Crashed?

Gamers frequently have to cope with various issues that leave them perplexed and frustrated. Err12 is one such issue. Monster Hunter World and other games frequently display the error “err12 graphics device crashed.” When this error occurs, the game must be closed. However, if you are experiencing this issue, you need not fear; the following solutions will help you fix it.

How To Fix Quickly err12 Graphics Device Crashed?

“It’s been a week, and I get ERR12: Graphics device crashed whenever I select my character, the game crashed,” a gamer said on a forum. What should I do now?

Repair System Files

Several Windows-related issues, including error code – err12, are caused by corrupt or damaged system files. You may fix this by running the sfc command at the administrator command prompt to restore faulty system files. The necessary steps are shown below.

1 – Type cmd in the Windows search box and click Run as administrator.

2 – Type sfc/ scannow when the Command Prompt window appears.

err12 Graphics Device Crashed

3 – Let the scan finish.

Update Graphics Driver

An outdated graphics driver is one of the most prevalent causes of the error “err12 graphics device crashed.” There are two ways to update drivers. The first method is to update drivers manually. However, since this process is tiresome and you may install the incorrect driver, you may use a third-party driver help utility instead.

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Turn Off HDR Mode

While the HDR mode of your game might help enhance the 3D experience, it can occasionally cause issues. “Err12 graphics device crashed” is one such issue. Disabling HDR mode is one of the solutions. Below are the steps to achieve it.

1 – Start the game, such as Monster Hunter World.

2 – Go to the Menu on the Title Screen.

3 – Select Options. 

4 – Choose Display followed by Screen Mode/ HDR Setting.

5 – Verify that HDR mode is turned off.

6 – Save your changes and restart the computer.

Configure Low Latency Mode To Ultra

NVIDIA graphics card users should follow the steps listed below. In addition, several customers could fix the “err12 graphics device crashed” issue by turning on the ultra-low latency mode. The necessary steps are shown below.

1 – Launch the NVIDIA Control Panel.

2 – Expand 3D Settings. 

3 – Choose Manage 3D settings. 

4 – Set the Low Latency Mode to Ultra under the Global Settings tab.

err12 Graphics Device Crashed


In conclusion, “err12 graphics device crashed” can arise due to various factors, including an outdated graphics card driver. If that’s the case, we strongly suggest using a driver updater tool. It will help you look for outdated drivers and locate a valid ones. If outdated drivers are not the issue, you can try the other solutions, and we hope you are successful. If you could fix the issue, please share your knowledge in the box below.

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