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How To Fix GPU Memory Is Full Error On Windows 11?

Struggling with the “GPU memory is full” error on Windows 11? How do I get rid of this error message? You’ve arrived at the appropriate location. On this page, we’ve compiled a list of solutions that you may apply to fix this error. Let’s get started.

What Is GPU Memory Error On Windows?

The following messages follow this error.

“Your GPU memory is full. Try reducing the timeline resolution or the number of correctors.”

What does this imply? Let’s briefly clarify what this error message means. This error generally happens when a graphics processing unit (GPU) runs out of memory while attempting to accomplish a job, such as running a graphics-intensive app or game. For example, this error may occur if the GPU is insufficiently powerful to handle the quantity of data it is attempting to process or if the GPU executes numerous processes simultaneously and needs to dedicate sufficient memory to each operation. Cleaning up the GPU memory might help you address this issue through straightforward troubleshooting. Attempt the below-listed solutions to free up GPU memory on your device.

How To Fix GPU Memory Is Full Error On Windows 11?

Here are a few things you may attempt before eliminating the error. First, reboot your device after closing any running apps to free up system resources. Try lowering the graphic resolution level of the app or game where you encountered the error. Finally, use the following solutions if it doesn’t help.

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Update Graphics Driver

1 – Hit Windows + R to open the Run dialogue box, type “Devmgmt.msc” in the textbox, then hit Enter.

GPU Memory Full

2 – Select “Display Adapters” from the Device Manager window.

GPU Memory Full

3 – Right-click the graphic driver and choose “Update Driver.”

4 – Select the “Search automatically for drivers” option.

5 – Update the graphics drivers on your device by following the on-screen directions.

Run BCDEDIT Command

You may manage boot configuration data using the “bcdedit” tool, a command-line utility in Windows. Follow these simple instructions on Windows to activate the 3 GB switch with the help of the “Bcdedit” tool.

1 – Tap the search button, then type “Command Prompt.” Next, choose the “Run as administrator” option to open the Terminal in administrator mode.

GPU Memory Full

2 – Open the Command Prompt app and execute the following command.

bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072

GPU Memory Full

3 – After performing this command, reboot your device and check whether the “GPU memory is full” error still occurs.

Reset App

If you see an error message when trying to open a specific trick or game, restarting may help. Open Settings and navigate to the Apps > Installed Apps area. Tap the three-dot symbol next to the app or game that needs to be updated, then select “Advanced Options.”

To restore the app to its factory defaults, click the “Reset” button.

Clear Page File

When Windows runs out of physical memory, it uses the page file, commonly known as the swap file, as virtual memory. Cleaning or modifying the page file can free up GPU memory on Windows. Here is what you must do.

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1 – Switch to the “System” category in the left-hand navigation pane of the Settings app after opening it.

2 – Tap “About.” Then, choose “Advanced System Settings.”

3 – The System Properties window will now display on the screen as an app.

4 – Select the “Advanced” tab.

5 – Click “Settings” in the “Performance” section.

6 – Switch to the “Advanced” tab in the Performance Options box.

7 – Click the “Change” button in the “Virtual Memory” section.

8 – Select the drive that houses the page file in the Virtual Memory pane.

9 – Select the “No paging file” option under “Paging file size for a selected drive” and then tap the “Set” button.

After making the abovementioned changes, reboot your device and check whether the issue has been repaired.

The Bottom Line:

While using high-resolution apps or playing games with advanced graphics, the GPU memory is full error frequently appears. Use any of the solutions mentioned above to eliminate the error message quickly. Cleaning the GPU memory might help you fix the error and increase the speed and performance of your device. Was this post helpful? Which approach did the trick for you in fixing the error? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section!

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