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Guide On How To Connect PS4 Controller To Windows 11?

A gaming controller is more efficient and frequently pleasant than a PC keyboard and mouse playing video games. By using the layout icon, controlling the game is simple. Extreme PC gamers always prefer an external, dedicated controller for the best possible experience. DualShock 4 is one of PlayStation’s most important controllers. It’s ergonomic design and hand comfort are simply extraordinary. Nevertheless, many PC gamers need help connecting this controller to Windows 11. You are one of them. Don’t worry; we have several solutions for this serious issue. Follow our detailed guide to learn how to connect the PS4 controller to Windows 11 article.

DualShock 4 Compatibility With Windows 11

We frequently encounter queries such as whether Windows 11 supports DualShock 4 or its compatibility. However, the simple answer is that Windows 11 is DualShock 4 compatible. However, there are compatibility issues between these two devices. For example, you may become frustrated if the DS4 does not support certain games. They prefer the Xbox console for compatibility with Windows 10 and 11 as long as Windows retains its console. However, Bluetooth driver obsolescence also plays a central role in inappropriate connections. As a result, one of the best practices you can follow is to keep the Bluetooth driver up-to-date.

Guide On How To Connect PS4 Controller With Windows 11?

Because it is so geared toward gamers, Windows 11 is truly intelligent enough for gaming. And is capable of connecting to any external device. For example, follow these steps to connect a PS4 controller to Windows 11: it’s incredibly straightforward.

Connect DualShock 4 With Windows 11 Using Bluetooth Steps

If your system supports Bluetooth, you can connect the controller with ease. Bluetooth is integrated into most of the system, so do not fret.

Part: 1

Here are the steps required to connect DS4 to Windows 11.

1 – Press the Windows > Settings > Bluetooth & devices. 

2 – Turn on Bluetooth by pressing the toggle button.

How To Connect PS4 Controller To Windows 11

3 – Using your PS4 controller, press and hold the Share and PS buttons until they begin to flash. The blinking of its light indicates a quest for a new device.

How To Connect PS4 Controller To Windows 11

4 – Click Add device on the system.

How To Connect PS4 Controller To Windows 11

5 – Choose Bluetooth.

How To Connect PS4 Controller To Windows 11

6 – Select controller. 

7 – It will connect your PS4 controller with your Windows 11.

Part: 2

As previously stated, an antiquated driver will also prevent you from connecting the device. The issue can be fixed by updating your Bluetooth driver. What follows is as follows.

1 – Press the Windows > Search for Device Manager> Open.

How To Connect PS4 Controller To Windows 11

2 – Find Bluetooth and then click the arrow icon. You’ll get the Bluetooth list.

3 – Right-click the driver and then click Update Driver. You can update the DS4 driver or all drivers to improve compatibility. 

4 – A dialogue box will appear; click the Search automatically for drivers option.

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5 – It will update the driver.

Connect DualShock 4 With Windows 11 Using Steam Steps

Steam is a phenomenal platform for gamers. It supports PS4, so you can connect the controller to Windows 11 using Steam. This is what must be followed.

1 – Launch Steam; download it if it still needs to be installed on your system. 

2 – Create a new account or sign in if you already have one.

3 – You can connect the devices using a cable or Bluetooth. If you’re using a wired connection, plug the cable into the system. You must simultaneously press and hold the Share and PS buttons for Bluetooth until their LEDs flicker. 

4 – Click Windows > Settings > Bluetooth & devices. 

5 – Click the Add device button and choose your controller from the list. 

6 – Return to Steam and click Steam in the upper left corner. Select Settings from the menu now. 

7 – From the main menu, choose Controller and then General Control Settings.

8 – Check the PlayStation configuration support box at this point.

9 – The DS4 controller has been effectively connected to Windows 11 using Steam.

To complete these steps, Steam must be operational. There are numerous connection-related issues in Steam. Here are the solutions If Steam cannot establish a network connection. However, some users may need help to control a game using the controller. But do not fret. There is an additional beneficial method for the same.

Install DS4Window To Connect DualShock 4

This is among the best methods for using a PS4 controller with Windows 11. It will inform the system that you are using an Xbox controller. And it improves the PS4 controller’s compatibility with Windows 11. Let’s begin immediately.

1 – Download and extract the DS4Windows file. 

2 – Install the executable file now by following the provided instructions. 

3 – Then, using cable or Bluetooth, connect your controller. 

4 – DS4Windows will detect the device within seconds whenever a USB cable is plugged in. 

5 – If you wish to test a Bluetooth wireless connection. Then, simultaneously press and hold the Share and PS buttons. 

6 – Connect the device to Windows 11. And you’re fine to go.

Learn Xbox Controller Button Layout

Since the PS4 controller functions as an Xbox controller on Windows 11, it is compatible with Windows 11. However, you must be familiar with the button configuration of the Xbox controller. For you to prepare before gameplay.

R1 = RT

R2 = RB

Triangle = Y

Square = X

L1 = LT

L2 = LB

Cross = A

Circle = B

The Bottom Line:

This is how you can connect the PS4 controller to Windows 11. Remember to study the Xbox layout, as the DS4 will function similarly to an Xbox controller. However, if you need help with issues, please let us know in the remark section.

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