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How To Fix Easily This App Has Been Blocked By Your System Administrator Error?

The Windows User Account Control prevents unauthorized modifications to your computer. However, doing so may hinder or prohibit the functionality of legitimate apps. The error “This app has been blocked by your system administrator” will appear if your account does not have admin privileges. User Account Control problems and Microsoft Defender SmartScreen blocking software are additional causes. First, restart your computer to resolve the issue. If the problem persists after a restart, you can fix it using the procedures listed below.

How To Fix Easily This App Has Been Blocked By Your System Administrator Error?

Unblock The App Via Properties

Windows can prevent internet-downloaded programs from running automatically. Well, this security measure is designed to protect your System from apps distributed by unreliable publishers. You can manually decrypt and run the file. On Windows, deblock an app.

  • Right-click the primary executable file of the App and select Properties.
  • In the Properties dialog, click the General pane.
  • Check the box next to Unblock in the Secure section.
  • This App Has Been Blocked By Your System AdministratorTo save the modifications, click Apply, followed by OK.
  • You can determine whether the issue has been fixed by relaunching the App.

Use Command Prompt To Launch The App

To run and launch apps on Windows, use the Command Prompt. Only the file’s name and path are required. Use the Command Prompt to launch a Windows app.

  • Pick Open File Location from the context menu that appears when you right-click the program’s icon.
  • This App Has Been Blocked By Your System AdministratorSelect Properties after right-clicking the app.exe file.
  • This App Has Been Blocked By Your System AdministratorIn the Properties dialog box, pick the General pane.
  • Copy the file’s location that is displayed.
  • This App Has Been Blocked By Your System AdministratorTo launch the RUN command, press Win + R.
  • After entering cmd, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
  • RunFollowed by the Enter key, type “cd” and press Ctrl + V to paste the app location you copied in Step 4.
  • cmdNow type “start” followed by the executable file’s name.
  • Enter to start the App.
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Remove Admin Block By Editing The Windows Registry

Another common reason This App has been blocked by your system administrator is due to a problem with User Access Control settings. Change the User Account Control settings in Registry Editor to eliminate the admin block and fix the error. If you make improper adjustments to the Windows Registry, your System might malfunction. Make careful to create a system restore point and a Windows registry backup before proceeding with the procedures below.

  • To launch Run, press Win + R.
  • Type regedit, then press OK, to launch Registry Editor.
  • Pick Yes if prompted by User Account Control.
  • Proceed to the following location within Registry Editor.


  • From the list of Policies subkeys, select System.
  • Find EnableLUA in the pane on the right.
  • Registry EditorChoose Modify by right-clicking on the EnableLUA value.
  • Enter 0 in the Value field and press OK to save the changes.
  • Value dataTo make the modifications effective, close Registry Editor and restart the computer.
  • After a restart, relaunch the App to determine if the issue has been fixed.

Note: Your employer may limit your computer use at work or school. If you cannot locate the UAC settings, consult your IT administrator for a solution.


The security settings on your computer may frequently block suspicious apps and display the message “This app has been blocked by your system administrator.” Check the file’s properties and enable the program to fix the problem. Modify the UAC (User Account Control) settings in Registry Editor as another possible solution. If all else fails, parents, school or workplace administration have imposed the limitations, or both. In such a case, you may contact them and request an exception to use the App on your computer. Please let us know if you have any queries or suggestions in the section below.

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