18 Best Health Apps for Android You Should Try

This article is regarding Health Apps for Android that you can use. By installing health apps on your smartphone, you can now use Android to keep track of your health, in addition to communication and entertainment. Most activities have become automated as technology advances. This has resulted in a decrease in physical activity and an increase in the prevalence of lifestyle diseases.

Fortunately, advances in technology have resulted in Android apps that can assist you in monitoring your health. Combining a healthy diet, exercise, and Clomid 50mg will work wonders for bodybuilders in achieving the body they have always desired. When you buy this product, you’re getting a high-quality item that has been tested and confirmed to be safe for human consumption.

Remember that resting is an essential part of the exercise because it allows the body to recover from injuries caused by intense workouts. In addition, you no longer need expensive training equipment or to visit a nutritionist regularly to stay fit because health apps make it simple. Here, Some health apps are free, while others can be purchased at a reasonable cost based on your health requirements.

18 Best Health Apps For Android

Health Apps for Android that you can use.


1. MyFitnessPal

Health Apps for Android

You can use this app (Health Apps for Android) to track your exercise and keep track of your diet. It can also help you set weight loss goals by tracking the calories you consume. This app has a database of approximately six million foods as well as various recipes. While you must pay for this fantastic app, it is well worth it.

2. Fooducate

Health Apps for Android

Fooducate is a reputable nutrition app. It has a database of 250,000 foods to compare. Food is graded by the service for ease of comparison. That way, you can easily distinguish between what’s good and what’s bad. The app (Health Apps for Android) also monitors your food intake, exercise, and other factors. There’s also a food recommendation system and a community of people to interact with. Some of the app’s features are free. To get all of the features, you must upgrade to the pro version. Unfortunately, Fooducate does a poor job of listing prices for its products. It costs $4.99 per month or $74.99 in one lump sum. There are also other ways to buy.

3. Headspace

Health Apps for Android

This app (Health Apps for Android) assesses your mental state, which is important for everyone because the mind is what defines a person. However, many people avoid seeking treatment because they either ignore it or are unaware that they are mentally ill. This is no longer a concern because the Headspace app allows you to track your mental health easily. In addition, this app includes an emergency SOS feature that will help you calm your mind and guide you through meditation exercises. Its pro version is slightly more expensive, but it has more features.

4. TickTick

Health Apps for Android

TickTick is a straightforward and effective to-do list app (Health Apps for Android). This can be used for a variety of purposes. This includes things like scheduling and remembering doctor’s appointments, taking your daily medications, and remembering to re-stock on protein shakes. It can be used for work and home tasks, as well as things like grocery lists. The user interface is simpler than most if a little bland at times. You can also share your categories and tasks with others if you want them to be able to see your tasks as well. It’s not exactly a health app, but it’s useful for health reasons. The free version includes all features as well as up to two reminders per task. Anything above that will cost you $29.99 per year. Todoist, Google Calendar,, and Microsoft To-Do are all good to-do list apps that do the same thing.

5. Home Workout

Health Apps for Android

This app includes animations of a variety of simple but beneficial workouts. This app makes it simple to track your progress and interact with others due to its social features. It is also simple to use because it does not necessitate the use of any exercise equipment. The Leap Fitness Group, the app developer, has created other fitness apps (Health Apps for Android) for certain parts of your body that you want to work on.


Health Apps for Android

Here, JEFIT is your best personal trainer because it includes over 1300 exercises as well as demonstrations of how to perform them. You can use this app (Health Apps for Android) to plan your workouts and track your progress. In addition, you can connect the app and the website to interact with others who share your fitness goals. There’s no cost for the app, but if you want more features, you can upgrade to the pro version.

7. MyTherapy

Health Apps for Android

MyTherapy is a pill reminder app with a few extra features. The main function is a pill reminder, but you can also log your confirmed medication intake or skips, so you don’t overdose. You can also track your dosage over time, share your numbers with family members, and do other things. Other chronic conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and others, can also be tracked using the app. It’s far from perfect, but it’s unquestionably among the best in its class.

8. Google Fit

Health Apps for Android

This app (Health Apps for Android) is fantastic because it can be integrated with any Android Wear device. This app is not limited to smartphones and tablets; it can also be used on a smartwatch. The app includes all of the essential features you’ll need to rock your fitness routine. You can set personal goals, track your progress, and analyze the statistics to see how far you are along with your plan. This app is completely free, aside from the integration with Android Wear.

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9. Progression Workout Tracker

Health Apps for Android

Well, This app encourages you to exercise more and to break your previous exercise record. It is useful for people who want to do specific exercises because it includes a feature that allows you to create your workouts. In addition, this app’s workout database can be used to train and track your progress. This app (Health Apps for Android) is free, but there is a paid version with additional features.

10. FitNotes

Health Apps for Android

This app (Health Apps for Android) is essential for those who go to the gym or do their fitness. The beauty of FitNotes is that it allows you to do your routines while keeping track of your progress. You can thus determine whether or not you have been doing the right things. It also has a database of numerous exercises from which to choose. In addition, this app is completely free.

11. StrongLifts 5×5

Health Apps for Android

The best features of this app are that you can use it with Android Wear if necessary, and it has exercises that are suitable for beginners. The app (Health Apps for Android) is designed for people who want to do strength training, and it includes all of the features you’ll need. It keeps track of all your stats, has a calendar, a timer, and demonstration videos. You can use either the free or paid version, which unlocks additional features.

12. Pokemon Go and Ingress

Health Apps for Android

This is an excellent app for those who enjoy having fun and going out. Pokemon Go and Ingress are two games that people play that engage you physically. As a result, it is not a fitness app. It does, however, assist you in becoming more active and interacting with other players. Because this app does not track your workouts or fitness, it works best when combined with another fitness app. You have the option of using the app’s free version.

13. Runtastic: Running and Fitness Tracker

Health Apps for Android

This is an excellent app for those who enjoy cardio exercises. It has more features than other apps (Health Apps for Android) and is compatible with Android Wear. Because it has a GPS tracker, it is ideal for keeping track of your routes while jogging, running, or biking. Further, For those who enjoy listening to music while working out, this app integrates with music apps, allowing you to work out while listening to your favorite song. You can track your fitness using simple graphs, and it has a customizable dashboard that displays only the information that you require. The free version can be used, but the premium version has more fitness features.

14. Strava

This app promotes socialization as well as competition when it comes to staying fit. You can use this app (Health Apps for Android) to set goals for yourself or other people who are working out to stay fit. This allows you to compare your efforts to those of your peers, which can encourage you to continue exercising as you learn new things from them. Here, The premium version has more features, but the free version is adequate.

15. You Are Your Own Gym

This app (Health Apps for Android) contains over 200 exercises that do not necessitate the purchase of workout equipment or the payment of membership fees to a gym. The activities are simple enough that you can do them while going about your daily business. It’s also a good app for beginners who can get started with the free version. You can purchase DVDs on Google Play to download additional exercises.

16. Sworkit: Workouts and Fitness Plans

Well, You can use this app to combine your exercises with the built-in ones. Also, It has over 160 activities, including yoga, which is excellent mental therapy. Further, This app (Health Apps for Android) is completely free, with no in-app purchases. In addition, the premium version grants you access to additional services.

17. Lifesum

The Lifesum app allows you to track both your diet and your workouts in order to stay fit. This app (Health Apps for Android) allows you to select the activities and diet that you prefer. The only way this app can help you manage yourself is by providing you with the basic guidelines you must follow. You can enter your fitness goals and weight, height, and other health-related information to receive personalized recommendations. This app’s free version includes social media features and can keep track of any special diets you may have. However, the paid version includes a plethora of additional features that you will find useful.

18. Yoga Daily Fitness

This app contains instructions for performing yoga exercises such as poses, as well as yoga music. It’s an excellent app for those who are new to yoga and can get by with the free version. However, for more experienced users who require intense yoga exercises, there are other paid apps (Health Apps for Android) that can assist them in a better way.

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Conclusion: Health Apps for Android

That concludes our discussion of the best health apps we believe you should be aware of this year. Tell us about any great health apps for Android we missed in the comments!

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