19 Best Furry Anime You Must Know

Are you interested in watching some furry anime? You are fortunate! The anime recommendation for the day is something frivolous and wild. Whether you are an anime fan seeking something new, a seasoned furry, or someone discovering a new interest, we have furry anime shows to recommend. Are you prepared to begin?

19 Best Furry Anime You Must Know

We have put together the following list of the most well-known Furry Anime. The Furry Anime is next on our list. The following is a list of the best Furry Anime.

1. Beastars

Furry Anime

Herbivores and carnivores coexist harmoniously in the world of Beastars. Nevertheless, a heinous jolt isfalls the students of Cherryton Academy when one of them is savagely murdered. Both parties are now wary and concerned. However, amidst this enigma, Legoshi, a wolf, cultivates intricate emotions towards Haru, a rabbit. In the realm of furry anime, Beastars undoubtedly occupies the highest position. It has interesting characters with character designs that suit the furry story and a compelling story.

2. Anisava

Furry Anime

Embrace this brief office comedy around animals grappling with personal issues despite the art style’s extreme cartoonishness. The reader is invited to enter the office and personal life of Jake, the Bear, as he manages his professional obligations at a financial firm and his relationship with Jenny, the cat. You meet their colleagues and friends along the journey, including Fred the rabbit (who needs to stop moving immediately), Rosa the fox, and Andy, the mother’s son marsupial, to name a few. The episode topics are very mature despite the art style being like this.

3. Sonic X

Furry Anime

Check out this anime show based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video games if you’re a devotee of the Sonic franchise. Sonic is inadvertently hurled to Earth in this story. Fortunately, he meets a friendly child who assists him in navigating his new transient residence and making friends. Doctor Eggman’s adversary also ends up on Earth, so peril is always possible.

4. Gekijouban Doubutsu No Mori

Furry Anime

Those seeking an entertaining and non-mature experience will be pleased to learn that Animal Crossing has a feature-length film. The story’s subject is Ai, a juvenile girl who relocates during the summer. She meets the people who live in Animal Village, including the notorious Tom Nook and beloved villagers like Rosie and Apollo. Although no official English release is available now, several fan translations can be found online. If you’re a longtime Animal Crossing devotee and a furry, it’s worth searching for fan subs for this.

5. There She Is!!

Furry Anime

Although it is an oldie, this recommendation is still quite excellent! She Is There! is an online Flash animated show about an excessively benevolent rabbit named Doki who only wishes to show her affection for the cat Nabi. Due to their dissimilarities, Nabi needs to offer a reply to Doki. Ultimately, he comes to value Doki’s devotion, and the pair embrace.

6. Dorohedoro

Furry Anime

If you desire a wild voyage with just the right amount of comedy, absurdity, and brutality, Dorohedoro is the film for you. You follow Kaiman, an aquatic man residing in the lonely abyss called the Hole. Magicians abuse their authority and power over other beings in Hole. Nevertheless, an exception exists for those who possess immunity to their assaults, such as Kaiman. Kaiman is eager to learn the truth about what transpired and is more than willing to engage in combat with magic users to achieve this end. Just make sure he doesn’t disturb his digestion!

7. Hataraku Oniisan!

Furry Anime

Hataraku Oniisan is essentially comprised of adorable furry characters performing peculiar tasks. Two cats attempting various part-time occupations are the vivacious Tapio and the tranquil Kuehiko, whom you follow. You observe them making deliveries, cleaning the windows of towering buildings, and interacting with colleagues and customers with distinctive and vibrant personalities. Try this bite-sized furry anime to enliven your day, as each episode lasts approximately four minutes. It is ideal if you need a fast dosage of charm and comedy.

8. Restaurant to Another World

Furry Anime

Situated on an otherwise tranquil street corner in Tokyo, Restaurant Nekoya is remarkably well-liked by the local populace. People visit this retail district to sample the cuisines of Japan and the West. On Saturdays, however, it covertly opens its door to other realms and shutters its door to this one. A man named Master serves delectable fare to patrons hailing from various magical realms and beings. Many furry and reptilian characters are here because of the wide variety of customers.

9. Murenase! Seton Gakuen

Furry Anime

Animals don’t like Jin. Jin regrettably attends a school populated by various human-animal hybrids! The three individuals eventually unite to form a culinary club after he meets another human and a lone wolf female. However, animal mischief is inevitable at a school as wild as Seton Academy. There are both kemonomimi and furry-like characters in the shows.

10. Sherlock Hound

Suppose Sherlock Holmes were furry, then. You certainly can! The story centers on Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, Doctor Watson, just like in the novels. Together, they unravel enigmas and confront their adversary, Moriarty. Additionally, well-liked characters from the novels appear, like their landlady, Mrs. Hudson, and the impulsive Inspector Lestrade. All the characters are anthropomorphic canines, and the steampunk setting gives the story a sci-fi and furry vibe. Interestingly, a few episodes of the show were directed by Hayao Miyazaki, renowned for Ghibli.

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11. Summer Wars

This science fiction film transports the audience on a mega-MOMO-style adventure. Despite his youth, Kenji is a part-time moderator of the online virtual reality world OZ and a mathematician par excellence. Unbeknownst to him, he obtains a code that he deciphers with ease. Unfortunately, this causes damage in the physical world and disrupts their online lives. He is tasked with uniting his unexpected fiancée and friends to defeat the enigmatic Love Machine. Furry anime lovers will enjoy the character designs and interactions because the characters have imaginative personas in the online world.

12. Hyper Police

Occupying a distant sci-fi future, the world of Hyper Police is threatened by the extinction of humans and demons, among other supernatural beings. Since opening the door to the Monster World, offenses have been committed against humans, resulting in their gradual extinction. Natsuki, a female bounty hunter who is half-human and half-cat, attempts to resolve cases and ends up lending a hand to anyone who needs it. Batanen, her werewolf companion, Sakura, a fox spirit colleague, and juvenile Tommy, a wolf, and Batanen’s cousin, accompany her. Check this out if you’re a fan of furry shows because it has a serious narrative, adorable moments, and interesting characters.

13. Aggretsuko

The employment existence of an adult can be stressful. Retsuko, an office worker and 25-year-old red panda, relieves tension by going to a karaoke parlor and belting out death metal tracks! You meet her colleagues and friends and follow her death metal and office escapades. The show is filled with endearing and humorous life stories of adorable furry characters.

14. Wolf Children

Following her romantic involvement with a man who possesses the ability to change into a wolf covertly, Hana becomes the intelligent mother of two wolf offspring. Unfortunately, Hana’s wolfman spouse passes away, leaving her to navigate this unique parenthood alone with two mischievous wolf children and become a widow. Hana must now provide her children with the finest guidance she can. Yuki desires school attendance and interaction with other children. In the interim, Ame is captivated by the forest. How will they carry out their lives?

15. Bna: Brand New Animal

Due to a DNA characteristic known as the Beast Factor, humans can now coexist in BNA with people who can change into humanoid animals. Unfortunately, these individuals, referred to as the “Beast Man,” are subjected to unjustified persecution. The characters in BNA’s story follow Michiru, an adolescent who transforms into a tanuki out of the blue. Now that this abrupt transformation has occurred, she is compelled to seek refuge in Anima City and conceal herself. Two people willing to look into her abrupt transformation are thankfully present. They ultimately stumble upon a conspiracy threatening to bring their beast-filled reality to its knees.

16. The Boy and the Beast

A juvenile destitute child decides to survive independently on the Shibuya streets. To his surprise, his new guardian takes the form of a beast! Kumatetsu is a native of the Beast Kingdom, an alternate world. To succeed as grandmaster of the Beast Kingdom, he must cease his laziness and accept a disciple. He ultimately ends up with Ren in this manner. The remainder of their existence is devoted to kendo training, familial ties, and combat.

17. The Cat Returns

One virtuous gesture leads to a proposal of marriage by a cat. What is this? Haru assists a cat in The Cat Returns by preventing it from being driven over. A wedding proposal is extended to her in gratitude by the monarch of a distant cat kingdom. To avoid becoming a cat bride, she begs Muta, a road cat, and Baron, a cat figurine brought to life by unknown forces, for assistance. The trio is whisked away on a meow-inspiring adventure involving fish crackers, alchemy, and cats.

18. Africa No Salaryman

At times, office life can be monotonous. However, workdays at Africa Salaryman can be quite interesting when amusing animals serve as coworkers. One day at a time, accompany the considerate Lion, the unenthusiastic Lizard, and the occasionally inappropriate Toucan as they navigate their mundane salaryman existence. Unfortunately, while lion-senpai is always kind and well-intentioned, it can deter other animals. Even though Lizard may usually be tired, a special indulgence at the donut shop can sometimes make his day! Furthermore, Toucan? Where do I begin in regards to Toucan? Incredibly, he hasn’t been terminated yet, given his womanizing methods and unfiltered remarks. Who would have thought that the office could resemble a wild savannah?

19. Odd Taxi

For our next entry, let’s embark on a taxi cruise with our walrus driver, Hiroshi. As a profession, taxi driving can be quite interesting. Hiroshi has encountered many eccentric people, such as the hippo who aspires to achieve viral fame online and the alpaca nurse who appears to be concealing information. Unexpectedly, however, was that a missing girl’s case became associated with Hiroshi! At this moment, both the police and the yakuza are pursuing him. This is unquestionably beyond Hiroshi’s pay range.

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