10 Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives to Watch YouTube Videos

Below are some of the most popular YouTube Vanced Alternatives.

If you have used YouTube, you are aware that YouTube ads that cannot be skipped ruin the experience.

However, some YouTube users have discovered a workaround. YouTube Vanced, a popular third-party app among Android users, offers a variety of valuable features, including the ability to block video ads, background playback, customizations, and a black theme.

The good news is that there are several excellent YouTube Vanced Alternatives that you can opt to use instead.


Why is YouTube Vanced Banned?

Vanced, a YouTube alternative, has a large user base because these features are not available in the official YouTube app for free. However, due to a legal threat from Google, the official YouTube owner, YouTube Vanced APK was halted this year, much to the dismay of its users.

Android users need YouTube Vanced Alternatives now that it cannot be downloaded so that they can watch YouTube videos with advanced features quickly. Those with Vanced manager and the microG app may be able to use it for a while. However, because development and distribution have ceased, they should consider alternatives.

The following list is the best free alternatives to YouTube Vanced app download. The apps described in this blog can be downloaded from official websites or third-party retailers.

Top YouTube Vanced Alternatives That are Free or Open Source

Free & Open-Source YouTube Vanced Alternatives for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android: There are numerous YouTube Vanced similar apps that you can check out. You can use the following free and open-source alternatives to Vanced on your device for streaming YouTube videos:

1. LibreTube

Lets talk about the best YouTube Vanced Alternatives for 2022. LibreTube is an in-development, privacy-friendly YouTube Vanced alternative for streaming YouTube content. Rather than connecting directly to Google’s server, you can route the connection through the server of your choice by registering an account.

LibreTube allows users to subscribe to YouTube channels, fine-tune playback controls, download content, alter playback speed and video resolution, and view trends, among other features.

2. YMusic

It is among the top-rated YouTube Vanced Alternatives. If you primarily use YouTube to stream music, YMusic can be an excellent alternative to YouTube Vanced. You can easily share the link to the video you wish to stream from the official YouTube app. You can even extract metadata from videos directly. The integration automatically identifies the artist and album of every video.

3. NewPipe

NewPipe is the best Android-based free YouTube Vanced alternative for importing YouTube subscriptions and ad-free video viewing. In addition, this YouTube Vanced alternative for Android can be used without the YouTube API or other Google Framework libraries, ensuring privacy.

If we talk about the famous YouTube Vanced Alternatives, this alternative includes options to personalize downloads, save power usage, provide search suggestions, and more. Additionally, it permits viewing of videos shared through the native YouTube app.

4. SkyTube

Next in our list of the best YouTube Vanced Alternatives is SkyTube. It is an additional free and open-source Android-based alternative that allows users to import their YouTube subscriptions, build playlists, and begin watching videos. For improved recommendations, you can restrict specific YouTube channels, filter by language, block videos with high dislikes or low views, etc.

Additionally, you may watch popular videos, download thumbnails and videos, check the video rating and reload videos.

5. AdGuard Adblocker

AdGuard Adblocker, compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, may be used to remove YouTube ads from all devices. In addition, this best YouTube vanced alternative reddit enables secure browsing by blocking harmful websites and concealing your activities from web crawlers.

Additionally, it accelerates page loading for a seamless experience. You may view the number of blocked threats, advertisements, and trackers at any moment.

6. UYouPlus

Are you still seeking the popular YouTube Vanced Alternatives to watch YouTube videos. UYouPlus is an iOS-based free YouTube Vanced alternative that can be installed for streaming and downloading YouTube content. This program is a wonderful alternative to YouTube Vanced reddit because it can be used without jailbreaking iOS devices.

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It includes features such as picture-in-picture (PiP), SponsorBlock integration, download manager for audio, shorts, and video, background audio playback, VP9 codec, and tab manager.

7. Web Extensions for Firefox/ Kiwi

You can install a collection of extensions that function as an alternative to YouTube Vanced download if you need to sign in to your Google account while streaming videos yet still watching ads-free content. It includes the privacy-focused extensions uBlock Origin, SponsorBlock, YouTube Enhancer, and Return YouTube add-ons.

UBlock is compatible with websites, including YouTube, provided you use Mozilla Firefox or the Kiwi browser. Additionally, the Kiwi browser offers a built-in option to hide irritating advertisements.

8. YouTube Premium

It is one of the top YouTube Vanced Alternatives. YouTube Premium is available if you want access to all of the Advanced features in the official YouTube app. Many customers selected Vanced since YouTube Premium was unavailable in their country. Indian users can subscribe to YouTube Premium for ad-free streaming, offline downloads, background listening, a YouTube Music premium membership, and more.

9. Brave Browser

Brave Browser is an all-in-one platform for watching YouTube videos without ads on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It is comparable to Chrome because it uses the Chromium engine. In addition, it prevents malware and phishing efforts for security purposes.

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However, unlike other apps similar to YouTube Vanced, it lacks features like skipping advertisements and downloading videos.

10. iTube

Are you still seeking the top-rated YouTube Vanced Alternatives to Watch YouTube Videos? iTube is a third-party, free YouTube Vanced alternative that works well for iOS and Android smartphones for playing music. You even receive the lyrics to the currently playing music. In addition, it ensures quick loading times and saves power usage. It also allows you to play videos offline and manage playlists.


Is YouTube Vanced free?

Yes, YouTube Vanced is a free and open-source Android third-party app.

Is YouTube Vanced banned?

No longer available, YouTube Advanced has been discontinued. It indicates that the feature is no longer accessible to new users. Additionally, given no updates, the currently installed versions will soon become obsolete.

Is YouTube Vanced illegal?

Except for YouTube Premium, the YouTube Terms of Service prohibit using customized YouTube versions. Google can take action against all alternatives, although developers typically feel the consequences. Google can terminate a user’s YouTube account.

Is YouTube Vanced allowed in India?

Yes, Indian users have the option of YouTube Vanced app download. However, only existing users currently have access until it becomes obsolete.

Why was YouTube Vanced discontinued?

Google issued a legal warning to the developers of YouTube Vanced because it is a modified version of YouTube that violates YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Who created YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced was created by RazerMan (xfileFIN). A group of developers administers it with the aliases ZaneZam, Laura Almedia, and KevinX8.

Will YouTube Vanced be back?

Given that the link to the YouTube Vanced app download has been removed from the official website and replaced with YouTube Vanced Alternatives, it is doubtful that the link will be reinstated.

Conclusion – YouTube Vanced Alternatives

Sadly, YouTube Vanced APK will no longer receive any new developments or updates. The download link for YouTube Vanced has been removed from the official website. Therefore, you cannot access it. Once Google implements server-side changes to the app, Vanced will no longer function for all users. If you discover a download link on an unofficial website, you should assume it is hazardous. For a more enjoyable YouTube experience, it is advised that users switch to one of the YouTube Vanced similar apps or extensions.

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