6+ Best Android Data Recovery Software You Can Use

If you find that a critical file has been deleted from your Android phone or tablet, it is a heartbreaking time. Perhaps the file reflected good memories you can’t relive, or it was a document you needed at work. In any event, losing a file is a traumatic experience. Well, You may have lost data on your Android or iOS device owing to accidental deletion, a lack of backup, rooting difficulties, memory card failure, and other factors. So, what if you realize you can’t find a critical file on your phone? Also, Is there a way to get it back? This is when Android data recovery software comes into play!

How Does Android Data Recovery Software Work?

The hitch here is that when you delete a file, its data is not completely erased. Android considers that space to be vacant and the file to be missing. As a result, you can’t see the file, and that space is vulnerable to being overwritten by new files. When that space is taken up by original files, your file is said to be lost.

Because the majority of Android phones lack a recycle bin, you will be unable to recover your data using it. Finally, you may use Android data recovery software to recover your files. The software can scan the Android phone’s memory for pages tagged with 0 in order to find recoverable data.

Furthermore, the tool reconstructs the recoverable data while converting it to a salvageable format. It is also recommended to use data recovery programs as soon as the file is deleted since this increases the chance of recovering data. Typically, three simple processes are involved in data recovery:

1- Successfully connecting the device to a PC with the recovery software installed

2- Selecting a file type, followed by scanning

3- Selecting the necessary files and recovering the data

Some of the software you may use to recover data from your Android devices are listed below.

6+ Best Android Data Recovery Software

Android Data Recovery Software you can use to recover android data.


1. Dr.fone

Android Data Recovery

The Dr.fone data recovery software claims to be the world’s first brand to offer personal data recovery services. It has been at the forefront of the industry for over eight years and supports over 6000 Android devices. You may even recover files from shattered Samsung cellphones. This software can recover a variety of file types for rooted phones, including music, text messages, contacts, movies, photos, documents, and WhatsApp messages. With this tool by your side, you can recover lost data regardless of the circumstance, such as accidental deletion, system crash, forgotten passwords, SD card troubles, rooting errors, ROM flashing, damages, black screen, factory reset, and so on. With dr.fone, you may scan and preview lost files to recover all or selected data in a few easy clicks. It offers three recovery options: internal storage, damaged device, and SD cards.

2. Tenorshare UltData

Android Data Recovery

The Tenorshare is regarded as one of the best Android data recovery software available. It claims to offer the industry’s best success rate and is compatible with over 6000 smartphones, including Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Huawei. This software has made it simple to recover deleted photos and WhatsApp messages from your smartphone without requiring root access. Even if you don’t have a backup, it can recover videos, voice messages, stickers, documents, and other data from WhatsApp.

Tenorshare can help you recover critical contacts, beloved photos from the gallery, call records, and other files in your internal memory, regardless of file type. Well, You must root your device in order to accomplish this. Data recovery is feasible in the following scenarios:

  • OS crash
  • Screen is broken
  • System root
  • Accidental deletion
  • Water damage

You can recover data from both internal memory and SD cards. You may even preview the file before recovering it. In terms of security, this tool is read-only and risk-free, with no chance of information leakage or data loss.

3. FonePaw

Android Data Recovery

You can effortlessly recover deleted files and SMS from your Android device with FonePaw. This tool’s scanning speed is significantly faster while still maintaining the privacy of your data, which includes call records, messages, photos, videos, documents, and WhatsApp files. Well, It supports a variety of file types, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF, RAR, ZIP, and others. It makes no difference if your data was lost due to unintentional damage, an operating system crash, SD card troubles, ROM flashing, or a virus assault; the software can recover it all. More than 6000 Android devices are supported with software spanning from version 2.3 to 9.0. In addition to these functions, the software also includes data extraction from damaged Android phones, as well as backup and restore.

4. Apeaksoft

Android Data Recovery

Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery makes recovering lost data from tablets and Android phones a breeze. It allows you to retrieve deleted and lost files like text messages, documents, call history, photos, and contacts. With a USB cord, you can simply manage and backup your Android data on your Mac or Windows computer. Whether you had a system crash, an unintentional deletion, an SD card issue, a forgotten password, or a rooting mistake, Android Data Recovery allows you to recover all of your data regardless of the scenario. Apeaksoft is compatible with over 5000 Android devices.

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Aside from recovery, you may backup your Android data and reboot your Android phone. It is a user-friendly and powerful software that ensures a safe and speedy recovering procedure. In addition, it allows you to preview all of the data before restoring the files, allowing you to pick which data to retrieve. Apeaksoft can recover movies, messages, contacts, and other data from shattered Android smartphones. Well, Simply install the software on your computer, connect your Android device with a USB wire, and begin recovering data after previewing. Take advantage of a one-month or lifetime subscription for a single PC. You may also purchase a multi-user license to utilize lifetime service on up to three PCs. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. EaseUS

Android Data Recovery

EaseUS’s simple software can recover deleted files like contacts, text messages, videos, photos, documents, and music. It supports over 6000 Android smartphones, including Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, OnePlus, and Asus. When data is lost due to unintentional damage, virus assault, device failure, rooting, inappropriate device handling, SD card difficulties, and other causes, the software can recover files from SD cards and internal memory. Simply connect your device, scan for lost files, and recover the files you need in minutes.

EaseUS protects data security and privacy by not overwriting it. Furthermore, it offers free lifetime upgrades so that you may experience the latest version as soon as it is released. Furthermore, if you run into any problems, you may get free assistance from their technical support. You may preview the recoverable data and select the desired ones to assess the quality of recovery files ahead of time. Furthermore, because the software sends recovery result messages to the device’s notification center, you can follow developments in real-time.

6. iMyFone

D-Back offers it simple to recover deleted data from Android devices and tablets. You can even get them back from shattered phones. This software supports a variety of Android handsets and file types, including call logs, messages, photos, audio, videos, contacts, documents, and WhatsApp data. You obtain a high degree of security and a faster data retrieval rate with D-Back after losing them due to a system crash, unintentional deletion, water damage, virus attack, blank screen, forgotten passwords, system root, and device not responding scenarios. The software can recover data from both internal memory and SD cards. Before obtaining files, you may even preview and filter them. It makes no difference whether your device is rooted or not; the tool can still recover your data.

7. Disk Drill

7-Data Recovery, currently known as Disk Drill, uses cutting-edge technologies to recover data from Android devices. It is simple to use and free, and it can recover your data after it has been deleted inadvertently or due to corruption. Documents, programs, audio files, movies, databases, emails, and other types of files may be recovered with this software. You must connect your Android device to your PC after enabling the “Mass Storage” mode in order to recover data. Now, launch the software and search for and recover the lost files. However, if this mode is not accessible on your device, you must first root it. This software can retrieve data not only from your Android smartphone but also from Android tablets and TV boxes.

8. PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue is perhaps the only app that can recover deleted data and restore it to your smartphone. Well, Whether you root your device or not, it can still find and recover deleted data. The software can restore a variety of data types from your phone, including WhatsApp data and attachments. PhoneRescue recovers files at an astonishing rate by utilizing tailored methods for each smartphone and tablet. Aside from that, the software can save your device while it is locked using a pattern, password, or fingerprint without losing any data.

9. AirMore

Suppose you have accidentally deleted any essential data from your device due to system upgrades. In that case, ROM flashing, device rooting, or just by mistake, AirMore will help you restore the files as if you had never lost them. It offers faster data recovery from SD cards as well as the device’s internal memory. The software can recover data from internal storage such as contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, call logs, documents, and WhatsApp data. On another hand, the device can restore data from SD cards such as photos, movies, audio, and documents. Your device’s data can be recovered if it is broken, falls in the water, or suffers a system breakdown. However, this function is now only available for Samsung Galaxy phone models, although additional devices are likely to be supported in the near future.

Conclusion: Android Data Recovery Software

Losing data is an unpleasant experience, especially when you can’t afford to lose it forever. But it occurs, and don’t panic; the Android data recovery software provided above can restore you in restoring the files. Regardless of the type of file you’ve lost or the Android device you’re using, data recovery software provides an effective, safe, and faster solution to recover it.

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