Best Free Email Hosting on Custom Domain in 2022

Using a free, random domain email address on your contact page could reflect poorly on you and your business if your hosting web package does not include email hosting. Emails sent from a generic email address raise suspicions in the eyes of clients and other business owners. Your business appears more legitimate and professional with a free custom domain email address.

Why Email Hosting on Custom Domain Are Beneficial?

  • A free email address with your own domain demonstrates your individuality in business and communication. Besides this, there are other more advantages, including:
  • When someone searches up your email address, they may instantly locate your work by examining your domain name. This facilitates communication and familiarity with your work.
  • In today’s digital environment, there are several methods for marketing a firm. In contrast, a personalized email address is the most straightforward approach to market your business to potential clients.
  • Consistency: As your workforce expands as a result of your persistent efforts, you may update your unique email address and generate group emails for all employees. Due to this, a professional and formal atmosphere may be formed among your office or business’s personnel.

E.G: [email protected]

Imagine that you are the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. How unprofessional will it appear when you send promotional offers or other updates through the domains of Google or Yahoo? Because nearly every active business has a custom domain email, the majority of your consumers view this as spam.

Advantages of Custom Domain Email

  • It offers your email a unique and recognized identification so that anyone who want to contact you may easily do so.
  • A custom domain email helps you expand your small business and establish it as a brand if nobody knows about it.
  • It enhances your company’s reputation so that everyone may have faith in your brand.
  • It contributes to brand recognition.
  • Substituting your single email address with a free custom domain email demonstrates to your clients that you take your brand seriously and are working hard on it.
  • You may quickly convert your existing email address to a new domain email address without registering a new account.

Custom domain email helps you expand and raises brand awareness. This will ultimately contribute to the expansion of your consumer base and income.

There are no restrictions on adding a domain name to bespoke emails. This custom domain email provides several benefits for your business and organization. You should realize that anything of such value comes at a price, thus you should experiment with customized domain email. If you want the free ones, you must be willing to sacrifice some vital features.

Now, let’s examine the Best Email Hosting for delivering custom domain email services.

1. ImprovMX

With a maximum of 25 aliases per domain, ImprovMX is free for one domain only. For smaller enterprises, it is the best option. Later, you must direct your MX records to route any data from one field to any desired email address. Most small business owners choose ImprovMX above other choices because of its substantially faster processing time than Zoho.

There are a few restrictions with the free plan, such as the fact that you may only choose the basic delivery speed. Speaking of customer service, if you have a free account, your only option is to mail your inquiry, and their normal response time is 2-3 days, which can occasionally be inconvenient.

The SMTP service is unavailable, and a free account’s file attachment size is only limited to 10 MB. Starting at $9 a month are the premium account choices.

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2. Zoho

Because of its superior email hosting offerings, Zoho Mail must rank first overall. There is a forever-free plan available, and it has a 25 MB attachment limit, a maximum of five users, and 5 GB of storage per user. The free email hosting plan’s one drawback is that it only permits online customer access. Use the webmail client provided by Zoho Mail. Your favorite client, such as Gmail, cannot be connected to it.

Most individuals can get by with the free plan, which is free of intrusive commercials. The system’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for a layperson to set it up.

Users can quickly access their emails via the web interface. Similar to how you may easily talk on your smartphone utilizing mobile applications. The administration dashboard offers several options for setting up regulations, guidelines, and filters to regulate user and email traffic.

3. GMX

GMX satisfies all your essential email requirements while not being as well-known as the other free email services mentioned above. One of the most enticing characteristics of GMX is its 65 GB of storage capacity. Users may create up to 10 email accounts, each of which has a mail collector, address book, organizer, and file storage.

Your uploads are only allowed to be 50 MB in size. To deliver larger files, you can use the internal cloud. You have access to 2 GB of total storage capacity. Due to severe storage restrictions, users are only permitted to keep up to 500,000 emails. GMX also provides several configurable filters that allow you to eliminate junk and categories messages automatically.

4. Yandex Mail

Russian company Yandex was established as a web search engine in 1997. The company now has 18 sites worldwide and provides more than 70 services, including Yandex Mail. Anyone who wishes to set up an email hosting server using their domain name should use it. In addition to being rapid and flexible, it is also more affordable than other service providers.

Yandex provides 1,000 mailboxes with 10 GB of storage in its free edition. Collaboration tools like Yandex Telemost, Messenger, Calendar, Notes, and Documents are also available to you. Yandex has been in operation for many years and has built a strong reputation. Reddit reviews claim that its browser and other services exceed Google’s because of its stellar reputation.

Alternative Option For Email Hosting

You can utilize the services above at the outset of your start-up journey. However, Google Workspace or G-Suite is the greatest product on the market if you can upgrade to the commercial version in place of free custom domain email. There is 24/7 support available to help you with any deliverability difficulties, and the basic Business Starter subscription costs about $6 per user each month.

Additionally, it offers you the greatest market-leading uptime guarantee of 99.99 percent. When you work with thousands of clients, it matters. Additionally, it has built-in virus protection and can be used to connect your account with Apple, Thunderbird, and Outlook.


Instead of creating a public domain before launching your firm, you should create a custom domain since it will help you expand and establish it as a reliable brand. Everyone should be aware of it when it establishes a brand.

Any free custom domain email gives your company the correct address so everyone can contact you without difficulty. Your information is kept secure and hidden from prying eyes thanks to the adequate and comprehensive security it offers.

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