Is The Pretty Scale Accurate Enough To Analyze Facial Beauty?

It pains to know that about 10,000 people visit Google/Reddit every month to pose questions like “Am I ugly? ” because people all over the world are now extremely concerned with their app appearances.” or “To what extent am I attractive from a scientific standpoint?”There are a lot of websites available to answer these questions. They claim to be able to assess a person’s beauty and ugliness using a digital scale; in other words, they use a calculator to distinguish between a man’s and a woman’s good and poor appearances. Among these, Pretty stands out. Are you one of those people who is curious about how beautiful they are? If so, you must read this entire post because it will conduct a thorough analysis of the PrettyScale website and provide you with all pertinent information, such as the benefits and drawbacks of using this website, whether it is true or not, and how useful it is in the modern world. Because one should be completely informed about websites such as Pretty Scale before using it, this is the only reason we’ve determined to provide every piece of information about it. Without further ado, let us go into detail.

What Is Pretty Scale?

Pretty is a well-known beauty calculator site that offers various measuring scales to evaluate your beauty. To be more specific, PrettyScale is a website that provides a digital beauty scale that you can use to assess (measure) your attractiveness. Furthermore, as stated on the website, its computer system has a form calculator that determines how beautiful or ugly your body and face are!

As stated previously, this website offers two distinct types of evaluations: a face test and a body test. However, you must undergo face and body tests to evaluate every portion of your face and body. They measure every aspect of the subject’s body and face. At this link,, you can start the Body Test. After you upload a photo and go through a few measurements, PrettyScale will provide you with a number ranging from 1 to 100 (from ugly to beautiful) and a list detailing the flaws in your face.

PrettyScale.Com General Information

Aqeel, a program developer from Pakistan, developed and launched Pretty Scale in 2011. It analyzes people’s photos and gives them a number between one and 100 to rate them from ugly to beautiful. It classifies you as ugly or beautiful and analyzes your facial features, including your facial symmetry and shape, to determine whether or not you are beautiful and, if so, how. To return to the original point, PrettyScale started as a simple site for “Pranking coworkers,” but its popularity rapidly grew. Even though a body image charity has criticized it as a “dangerous site,” it now receives between 20,000 and 40,000 visits per month.

Pretty Scale Specifications

  • Site Type – Online Beauty Calculator.
  • Country Of Origin – United States of America.
  • Embedded System – Nil | free test price.
  • Measuring Criteria – The results are presented in the form of percentage.
  • Status – Available.

What Prompted The Creation Of Websites Like Pretty Scale?

To those pondering why websites like PrettyScale are offered in the first place for users to rate their attractiveness? You probably wouldn’t believe your mother when she tells you how beautiful you are, but you would believe a website or a phone app that tells you so! Additionally, these types of websites emerged in the modern era as a direct consequence of the growing concern with the physical presence of people worldwide.

The creator of the Pretty Scale “facial beauty analysis test” website was interviewed by a reputable website to learn more about the situation. The creator of the PrettyScale site, Akeel, responded to this by saying that the concept was that people believe in astrology, palmistry, and other things because they are constantly curious about themselves. Consequently, why not visit my website to discover your facial features? He redesigned it more seriously and even added things like the golden ratio, even though it began as a spoof website.

Is Pretty Scale Results Accurate?

The results from the Pretty Scale are not accurate, so no. Here are the justifications if you wonder why.

Not Enough Measurements – To obtain measurements, PrettyScale requires you to designate specific points on your face. The truth is that this does not give you the impression that they are competent. PrettyScale only measures three things about your face, namely your mouth, eyes, and nose, which is sufficient evidence that it does not accurately depict you in any detail. Significantly more measurements will be required to accomplish what they claim. For instance, the PrettyScale doesn’t care about the things left out, such as whether your teeth are pristine or decaying, your eyes are covered in abscesses, or whether you have avian plumage in place of your skin.

Assumes Symmetry To Be Everything – According to PrettyScale, symmetry makes someone beautiful or ugly. However, this is different. Numerous models, performers, and actresses are certain to fail this symmetry measurement beauty test dreadfully. Despite this, they continue to be well-liked and considered among the most attractive people in the world.

It Uses Pictures – The last and final reason why PrettyScale isn’t accurate is that it uses photos, and since photographs don’t look like real life, they don’t accurately represent how you would appear in real life.

The ‘beauty’ classification is based on several factors, the creator of PrettyScale added. It compares facial feature proportions, such as whether the nose is disproportionately large compared to the lips. The symmetry of the facial features is also checked. But how does it determine which ratios are good and which are bad? This information is based on the media’s median percentage of people considered beautiful, which differs not only between genders but also between races.

Regarding this, it is not inaccurate to state that the algorithm for determining beauty has been modified numerous times to accommodate all ethnicities; however, the creators of PrettyScale cannot claim that it is appropriate for all ethnic backgrounds. Certain races with large features or a considerable distance between the eyes present certain difficulties. Additionally, the app only concentrates on facial features and proportions, disregarding all those hues and things. In conclusion, this discourse revolves around the argument that Pretty Scale’s beauty test results may be inaccurate. As a result, one should not blindly trust this platform’s assessment of one’s attractiveness.

Pretty Scale Positive & Negative Aspects

Let’s begin by discussing the positive aspects of PrettyScale, as it also has some drawbacks.

  • This American-based website is accessible without charge.
  • Since it was launched nine years ago, the website is mature.
  • This website may be useful for those who are unable to measure beauty.
  • Using a scale on the device, you can measure your beauty.
  • As it raises their self-esteem, this will help some people with complexes.
  • The sharing and uploading of photographs on this platform are not abused.
  • For any questions or inquiries, you can also fill out a contact form and send it to PrettyScale customer support.

The time has come to examine the negative aspects of this platform following our discussion of its positive attributes.

  • The interface of Pretty Scale’s website is modest in size.
  • This website’s proprietors are not widely recognized.
  • Even though the website is quite mature, it has received very few reviews.
  • People with low self-esteem may experience a lack of confidence due to unanticipated results in an important beauty test.

Steps To Follow For Using The PrettyScale Website?

After learning everything, if you decide to use this website, we would like to inform you that using the Pretty Scale website is as simple as following the instructions below.

  • Open the primary website of Pretty Scale in your preferred web browser by clicking the official link.
  • Upon visiting the website, users can proceed with a face or body test, contingent upon the desired analysis.
  • To accomplish this, you must first choose the ‘Gender’ option and upload your photo as instructed.
  • Read the instructions below your picture and align yourself with the provided measurement scale before you upload your photo.
  • After completing each alignment, you will be presented with the outcome of your beauty test.
  • After the test effect, you must also read your overall percentage and individual attributes. Such is it!

PrettyScale App

App Name Pretty Scale
Category Entertainment
File size 17M
Installations 1,000,000+
Developed By DinoSpot

Pretty Scale is one of the more well-known apps in the list of entertainment categories on the Google Play Store. If you are not convinced, allow us to present the statistics. The Pretty Scale app has accumulated over one million app installations and an average user aggregate rating of 2.5 stars. The Google Play Store link is provided below if you want to install Pretty Scale on your Android smartphone immediately but still need to do so. It merits installation on a mobile device.

Pretty Scale App For Windows 7/8/10 PC

Most apps developed today, including PUBG, Subway Surfers, Snapseed Beauty Plus, and Pretty Scale, are exclusive to mobile platforms (Android and iOS). Fortunately, Android emulators make it possible to use all these apps on a PC. In this regard, even though the legitimate version of Pretty Scale for PC is unavailable, you can still use it with an Android emulator. Consequently, we will now acquaint you with two widely used Android emulators that enable the utilization of Pretty Scale on Windows 7/8/10 PCs. To download and install Pretty Scale, one of the finest entertainment apps for your PC, continue reading.

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How To Download The Pretty Scale App?

Two optimal methods exist to download and install the Pretty Scale app on your Windows PC. Examine both methods to decide which one is ideal for you.

Using Bluestacks Android Emulator

  • You must download the Bluestacks software onto your PC if you haven’t already. Therefore, to download Bluestacks for PC, click this link.
  • Once downloaded, keep in mind that the implementation procedure is straightforward. This can be accomplished by following the instructions displayed on-screen.
  • You must open the Bluestacks emulator after it has been installed by right-clicking it and selecting the ‘Open’ option.
  • In the process, the Bluestacks app might require some time to launch. The Bluestacks Home interface should be visible once it is open.
  • Find Google Play Store on the main screen (Bluestacks already has Play Store installed) and double-click on its icon to open it.
  • You must first find the app in the Play Store to install it on your PC. You only need to conduct a simple Google search to install Pretty Scale on your Windows 7/8/10 PC.
  • Click the “Install” button when you’re done with the search. By doing so, Pretty Scale will be installed automatically on Bluestacks.
  • You can now find the PrettyScale app in the list of installed apps in Bluestacks. To start using the PrettyScale app on your Windows laptop, double-click the app icon in Bluestacks and follow the on-screen instructions.

Using MeMU Android Emulator

  • The MeMUplay emulator must be downloaded and installed on the respective PC for this method to function. To do so, navigate to the official MeMU Play website, locate the “download link,” and click it to open the site.
  • To open the emulator on your PC once installed, right-click on it.
  • Then, on Memu Play’s home screen, find the Google Play Store app icon, and when you do, double-tap to open it.
  • You can search the Google Play Store for the Pretty Scale app.
  • Make careful to click the ‘Install’ icon on the official PrettyScale app developed by Dinospot after you find it.
  • You can find the Pretty Scale app on the Home interface of the MeMu Play emulator after the installation has been effective.

How To Contact The Pretty Scale Website To Get Support?

To contact the customer support team of this platform, please use the ‘Help’ option prominently displayed on their website. So, support can be requested via the Pretty Scale website by selecting the ‘Help’ option and completing a form.

What Do Most People Think Of

No matter what, it is important to read the feedback of people who use the website before using it to ascertain its efficacy. With that in mind, we’ll provide you with the most recent PrettyScale site reviews. We were able to locate some of the most important reviews due to our exhaustive online search. Let us commence by stating that currently holds a moderately low official rank of 38.6. This means the site could be flagged, deemed suspect, or both. Additionally, the general public dislikes the measuring scale because a great deal of information can be used to determine a person’s attractiveness or unattractiveness.

Considering the website’s age and the time it has been operational, the absence of positive reviews on the Pretty Scale website across the entire Internet is unexpected. In addition, the creator of PrettyScale acknowledged, in light of this feedback, that he had included warnings and information on the website, indicating that this is not a serious face analysis. An idiotic computer program performs this function; it cannot even see you. Avoid treating it with seriousness. If you’re worried about your appearance and need a dependable standard, seek advice from people who matter in your life rather than from websites like this.

Is Pretty Scale Legit Or Not?

Pretty Scale might even be a fun app for some people, but is it true? If you wonder the same thing, then the answer is no! The beauty test results provided by PrettyScale should not be considered reliable, as the platform is fictitious and cannot accurately assess one’s ugly or beautiful status.

Pretty Scale Alternatives & Competitors

The leading alternatives and competitors of are detailed in the following sections: structure, traffic, and content.

The apparatus in question is a symmetry analysis and facial feature measurement system.

It recognizes your attractiveness and uses artificial intelligence technology to score your face on a scale of 1 to 10.

By executing intricate calculations on the lips, nose, and face, it analyzes the beauty and attractiveness of the face.

It offers exceptional photo retouching capabilities and functions as a face analyzer to facilitate personalized skin care. You can appear photogenic, eliminate blemishes, and enhance your face.


How Is Face Beauty Measured Or Calculated?

By analyzing the placement and dimensions of various facial features, the Pretty Scale can be used to measure facial beauty. Its test results are based on the shape of the lips, the distance between the eyes, the shape of the mouth, and the symmetry of the face. Depending on how you place the lines and points on your face depending on the instructions, the golden ratio is also sometimes used in determining results.

What Is The Date Of Creation Of

The date of registration for the domain is March 17, 2011.

Is PrettyScale Accurate?

If you’re wondering if Pretty Scale is accurate, the answer is “No.” PrettyScale is inaccurate because it relies on images, and a picture differs from what you appear to be in real life, right? To illustrate, consider the following scenario. When you take a picture of yourself, you will notice that the cameras can make your forehead, nose, and/or jawline appear larger than they are. Additionally, it can make the face appear extremely short or tall, slender or full.

What Is The Unit Of Beauty?

The unity of beauty is considered Helen. This satirical unit is derived from the historical account of Helen of Sparta or Helen of Troy. By birth, she was named Zeus Leda. Discuss why? Because she had a face that launched a thousand ships, according to Greek mythology, she was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. This means that Helen is regarded as a face with the ability to launch a thousand ships; however, due to the enormous size of Helen, a lesser unit known as Micro Helen is used in practice. If your face receives an 80% make score on, it means 80 Micro Helen.

How To Find My Beauty Score?

You can upload a photo of yourself and take a test at the website to find your beauty score. The beauty test then assigns your face a score between 1 and 10 on an attractiveness scale.

How To Check My Facial Beauty?

To check your facial beauty, you can go to PrettyScale. It analyzes the geometric proportions of your face, including your eyes, lips, nose, and the distance between them. After the facial analysis, you can check which features of your face determine your beauty score.

What Is A Good Golden Ratio Face Score?

A divine face should have a good golden ratio of 1:1.618, though. A face is, therefore, more beautiful and precise the closer it is to the golden ratio. The optimal result is, therefore, around 1.6, to be specific according to the Golden Ratio. With the help of an extremely accurate calculation and analysis algorithm, the Pretty Scale app enables you to test this aspect of your face.

The Bottom Line:

You would undoubtedly concur that the looking list in today’s time is entirely unrealistic and places an excessive amount of strain on people to appear a certain way. Many people are dissatisfied with their appearances because they believe they can’t look the way they do after seeing ‘perfect’ bodies and features all the time on TV, in Newspapers, in publications, and online. Worse yet, a website that compares our physical appearances and tells us we are not attractive enough! This is extremely concerning for young people, as over fifty percent are already victims of physical appearance-based bullying.

However, that is precisely why it is! As a result, you now know everything there is to know about PrettyScale, which is considered an adult website because it provides a variety of scales for evaluating a person’s attractiveness. The Pretty Scale website claims to be a beauty calculator, but there is no guarantee that its parameters will accurately depict your beauty or claim; therefore, it should only be used for fun! Try it and use it purely for fun rather than evaluating yourself based on the results.

  • Before anything else, it will be inaccurate.
  • Second, it is held that interior beauty is still superior to external beauty and is more important.
  • Third, a saying goes, “We should all care a little less about how we look and more about our health and overall happiness,” which we must keep in mind to remain content just as we are.

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