The Best Electronic Data Interchange EDI Software

EDI Software assists automate & secure data transfer or communication between two or more remote desktops.

What is EDI Software?

Electronic Data Interchange EDI Software facilitates the exchange of files and information between enterprises. Healthcare records, invoices, purchase orders, and other forms of data may be exchanged by companies. Additionally, EDI improves and automates business processes such as order processing, supplier delivery, and customer shipping.

What are the components of EDI Software?

EDI Software contains the following four major components:

Standard Document Format: It’s a standard format agreed upon by both parties to access info.

Translator and Mapper: The mapper offers specifications to the translator to convert raw data into meaningful info.

Communication Software is used to transmit data & convert documents into business formats.

Communication Network: It offers a direct link between businesses to exchange data or documents via EDO Software.

Benefits of EDI software

Following are some of the advantages of EDI software:


Manual order processing needs time-consuming data entry, filing, and comparison. EDI automates and accelerates these operations and business cycles. As a result, the order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay cycles are accelerated multiple times.

Paperless and Environment Friendly

EDI minimizes the transportation industry’s reliance on paperwork, reducing CO2 emissions. Environmental friendliness contributes to corporate social responsibility. Additionally, reducing paperwork decreases printing, reproduction, storage, filing, shipping, document retrieval, and complaint processing costs.

Cost Saving

How EDI assists in cost-saving:

  • Automation through EDI reduces the number of folks involved in different types of work such as ordering, delivery, & invoicing, thus reducing the cost of hiring staff.
  • It even reduces heavy paperwork, which in turn cuts costs.
  • Processing an order via EDM costs approx. $1.35 as compared to $38 once done manually.
  • It saves overhead expenses that can cause due to lost orders, illegible faxes, or other errors.

Precision and Accuracy

Manual operations are susceptible to errors due to improper document handling and handwriting mistakes. EDI Software helps to reduce transactional errors. It enables enterprises to enhance data quality, transactions, and interactions with business partners.

Business efficiency

B2B critical documents and shipments are delivered swiftly and securely using an EDI solution. The program assists in enhancing cash flow. Documentation automation allows firms to focus on high-value jobs and reduce order rework.

Business Strategy

EDI enables firms to embrace a demand-driven rather than a supply-driven business model. Besides, it allows firms to provide real-time visibility into transaction status and to adapt to changing market and customer demands. In addition, the software assists businesses in expanding into new markets and areas.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the benefits of EDI is speedier deliveries, order tracking, etc., which promotes customer happiness and aids in customer retention.

Smarter Stock management

EDI Software enables firms to anticipate the amount of stock they need to satisfy upcoming client needs. Besides, it then assists with inventory management, reducing storage expenses, and saving money.

Transaction Security

EDI ensures data transfer across several communication protocols and security standards, enhancing transactions’ security.

7 Best Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software

Following is a list of the top-rated EDI Software this year:

1. TrueCommerce

TrueCommerce is an EDI software that facilitates the automation and streamlining of company activities. In addition, it allows businesses to develop abroad and maintain supply chain connectivity.

Following are the key features of TrueCommerce:

  • First, it’s a web-based platform that formats all EDI transactions.
  • It’s an all-in-one platform to stay connected with your suppliers, customers, & business channels.
  • It assits in converting raw data into error-free documents like invoices, POs, etc.
  • Data formats supported by the platform are XML and CSV.
  • It offers business analytics to manage inventories.
  • It supports businesses to raise by connecting them to over 92,000 trading partners.
  • It assists in streamlining order fulfillment, enhancing transaction transparency, and reducing the order-to-cash cycle.

TrueCommerce assists businesses in tracking information and being current on internet orders. In addition, it facilitates integration with other programs to remove human data entry, reduce errors, and boost precision, among other benefits.

2. Bebelway

If we talk about the top-rated EDI Software, the purpose of Bebelway’s innovation is to automate data transfer between enterprises. Furthermore, it supports and delivers simple B2B integrations.

Following are the key features of Bebelway:

  • Automation through Babelway assists reduces partner onboarding time.
  • Flexible to work with any format according to your business needs.
  • Allow businesses to select from a catalog of transaction sorts or previous transactions.
  • It offers a visual drag-and-drop tool to move data.
  • It assists EDI software companies in getting complete visibility & control over all B2B exchanges.
  • Error-tracking to identify weak points in integration.
  • Provides maximum security by archiving all documents.
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The best EDI organization provides multiple API connectors to accommodate corporate needs. In addition, it allows simple integration with enterprise resource planning systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft), Amazon AWS, etc.

3. Oderful

Oderful is a comprehensive cloud-based EDI software that simplifies numerous businesses’ onboarding.

Following are the key features of Oderful:

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  • It’s one of the fastest cloud EDI software for distributors, manufacturers, technology companies, and retailers.
  • It also supports validating real-time data as per guidelines.
  • Access over 1,500 retailers, distributors, manufacturers, carriers, and 3PLs.
  • It assists in connecting with API quickly to validate, communicate, or translate data.
  • It offers full customer support to solve EDI issues.

Further, this EDI software download is ideal for setting up and future-proofing your EDI infrastructure.

4. Cleo Integration Cloud

Electronic Data Exchange EDI Software hosted in the cloud is Cleo Integration Cloud. It is all-inclusive software for integrating an entire ecosystem. Additionally, it facilitates the tracking of transactions, shipments, and bills.

Key features of Cleo Integration Cloud:

  • It supports B2B/EDI, file-based apps, etc.
  • It assists transfer data by converting source data to match its destination.
  • Allow businesses to track, follow, & share issue status in order processing processes.
  • The data format supported for processing is XML, ANSI X12, EDI, JSON, & Tradacoms.
  • Cleo lets customization as well to meet various business demands.
  • Integration with other apps is made easy through Cleo.

This best EDI software for small business also provides database support, a process planner, and document archiving, among many other capabilities. In addition, the platform is an excellent integration app, allowing for the smooth integration of many third-party apps.

5. Jitterbit

Next in our list of the highly-rated EDI Software is Jitterbit. It is one of the most effective platforms for streamlining business transactions and operations. Besides, it automates company processes and enables the management of retail/manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain.

Following are the key features of Jitterbit:

  • Low-code integration system.
  • The platform assists in connecting and processing businesses from end to end.
  • It offers pre-built, easy-to-implement connectors, templates, etc.
  • The Jitterbit team assists in customizing integrations or managing them.
  • Process modeling and designing.
  • Process change tracking.
  • Visual workflow management.
  • EDI splitter that lets businesses split and organize files.

Besides, this free EDI software enables businesses to interact with and manages their trading relationships. Additionally, it controls outgoing and inbound transactions and provides cloud-or on-premise ROI insight.

6. Epicor

As 1EDIsource, Epicor integrates electronic data transfer in XML, CSV, web services, direct ODBC, and other formats. In addition, the platform can be used independently or with managed services, giving organizations options based on their needs.

Following are the key features of Epicor:

  • First, it integrates with apps like SAP, Oracle, Sage, JD Edwards, etc.
  • Epicor has good customer support, and assists solve issues with billing & order tickets.
  • The platform offers real-time business transaction visibility.
  • It offers analytics tools to enhance decision-making.
  • It also automates business processes minimizing manual data entry & thus reducing errors.
  • It offers quicker document processing, minimizing order-to-cash time.

This popular EDI software is perfect for small to medium-scale businesses. In addition, it assists companies in streamlining operations with trading partners.

7. SPS Commerce

Are you still seeking for the best EDI Software for 2022? SPS Commerce facilitates centralized data sharing between businesses. Moreover, this top EDI software is intended to fulfil the needs of various businesses, including eCommerce, logistics, retail, grocery, etc.

Key features of SPS Commerce:

  • First, it is a cloud-based and AI-powered platform.
  • It supports integration with over 200 tools like ERP, TMS, and other apps.
  • Easy-to-use platform, no expertise required.
  • The software offers one-on-one chat support.
  • It assists gather data in formats API, raw data files, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Auto-fill feature to save time filling long forms.
  • It informs you every time you receive an order.

Furthermore, other essential functions of the platform include order processing, real-time tracking, automated data entry, bulk billing, etc. Besides, it enables firms to connect, streamline, and keep track of all orders.

Final Words – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software and solutions

Electronic Data Interchange – EDI Software facilitates the exchange and sharing of data between two systems. Upon the outbreak of the pandemic, businesses realized the significance of going paperless, and EDI played a significant role. It enables businesses to conduct transactions from anywhere and at any time.

Moreover, in the sections above, we have enumerated the greatest EDI platforms. Examine all of these platforms’ characteristics and select the one that best meets your business’s demands and standards.

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