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Double NAT: What Is It & How To Fix It?

The problem might be with Network Address Translation if you have networking problems when playing games on a PC or console (NAT). Double NAT errors, which interfere with play, may even appear. NAT refers to the method your router transforms the public IP given by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to the private IP for your local home network. NAT is the responsibility of your router. Double NAT may not be noticeable, but it might cause network problems that harm apps and devices. Double NAT errors halt multiplayer games. What is double NAT, and how can you fix it?

What’s Double NAT, And Why Does It Matter?

You typically receive double NAT errors when two routers operate concurrently on your local network. Users may not always detect double NAT, but when you do, it might cause issues with certain apps, services, and, most frequently, NAT installations. Most ISPs will give a modem/router combination device; however, when you add your networking device, double NAT problems might spring up.

Double NAT

If you have double NAT on your network, you may experience problems with services that need Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) support or manual port forwarding. It includes online gaming through a PC or console, remote desktop session, or VPN connection. Even your security cameras may experience problems as a result.

Even if port forwarding is correctly configured on the second router, traffic will cease if the first router doesn’t have the necessary configuration. Double NAT can also interfere with Quality of Service (QoS) policies prioritizing network traffic. For instance, data may receive a higher priority if you prioritize latency-sensitive traffic like gaming and video, file transfers, or background apps.

Double NAT Problems And How To Fix

The simplest solution is to remove one of the routers from your network. If you’re an everyday user and do not require power-user options, stick with your ISP’s router. But, if you are a power user and want additional routing options, your ISP router will typically not support them. Hence, in that situation, remove the ISP’s router and plug the ISP’s modem straight into your router’s WAN port. At that point, you may dial into your router and modify the settings required for optimal routing and performance, including NAT router types.

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Note: Depending on your ISP, you may need to contact them to put their network device into the bridge or passthrough mode. This transforms the device into a simple modem that sends traffic directly to your router.

Enabling Bridge Mode on your router is an additional option. To function as a server without an IP conflict, bridge mode disables the router’s NAT capability. Instead, it merely transfers the traffic onto the next device in the chain.

Double NAT

Each router has its unique set of settings, but you can typically access your router from a computer by dialing or and entering the Admin password. Unless you changed the admin password, it should be placed on the bottom of your router. If you need more clarification, see the router manufacturer’s help website. To access options like NAT and bridge mode settings or passthrough mode settings, go to Advanced Settings.

What About NAT Errors On Xbox?

Well, you may or may not be able to join a gaming session, depending on the double NAT message type. With Moderate NAT or NAT Type 2, for instance, you may join most sessions but with restricted capability. Alternatively, if you have NAT Type 3 or Strict NAT, it prevents you from playing multiplayer games. For Xbox gaming, therefore, an Open NAT or NAT Type 1 is required. Test NAT Type under Settings > General > Network Settings. Your Xbox will perform a scan of your network settings and report findings.

Double NAT

Again, similar to obtaining a NAT error on your PC or other network devices, you must remove the additional router on your router or enable its Bridge Mode setting for Xbox. If you remove an additional router, plug your Xbox into the first router in the chain of devices. But, if you need to keep the second router connected for more sophisticated routing conditions, use bridge mode or alter advanced NAT settings and reenable the second router following your gaming session.


Eliminating the additional NAT from your network router is the simplest solution if you encounter double NAT problems. For example, put the first router in bridge mode or passthrough mode if you require two routers.

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