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Google Home Something Went Wrong Error? How To Fix

A something went wrong error is a typical problem you may encounter with your Google Home device. Unfortunately, it lacks specificity and does not provide a solution. If you encounter this error, you may believe that your Wi-Fi is down, that Google is down, or that your device has an issue. From a simple reset to more in-depth troubleshooting methods, we offer a variety of solutions that you may use to fix the problem. Here are several methods you may take to fix a something went wrong error on Google Home.

Restart Google Home

Working your Google Home is one of the simplest ways to restart its functionality. To restart the Google Home device.

1 – Open the Google Home app on your iOS or Android phone.

2 – Choose the Google Home device to reboot.

Google Home Something Went Wrong

3 – Tap the gear icon in the screen’s upper-right corner.

Google Home Something Went Wrong

4 – Tap the button with three dots in the upper-right corner of the subsequent screen.

Google Home Something Went Wrong

5 – Choose the reboot option from the resulting menu.

Google Home Something Went Wrong

6 – Tap Reboot on the pop-up verification notice.

While your Google Home device restarts and connects to your Wi-Fi network, please be patient. Then, use the device as normal to see if the error has disappeared.

Hard Reboot Google Home Device

If the app or Google Home device does not function after a gentle reboot, you can unplug it from its power supply and reconnect it. This is referred to as a hard reboot. First, unplug the device’s power cord from the back of Google Home to do a hard reboot. Please wait at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in. The Google Home device will now restart and connect to your Wi-Fi network. When its top-mounted lights illuminate, you’ll know it’s restarting. When the reboot is complete, you will hear a chime.

Check Internet Connection

Google Home and other digital assistant devices require an internet connection to function. If you are working problems with the device, check that Wi-Fi is operational. Turning off the cellular connection, ensuring Wi-Fi is on, then attempting to access websites is a simple approach to determine whether Wi-Fi is functioning. Check that the Google Home device is connected if your Wi-Fi connection is strong. To check Google Home Wi-Fi connectivity.

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1 – Open the Google Home app on your iOS or Android device.

2 – Tap the Google Home device you wish to check.

3 – Choose the gear icon in the screen’s upper-right corner.

4 – Tap the Device information option on the Home Settings screen.

5 – Check the Wi-Fi section of the Device information screen to determine if the device is linked to your router.

Factory Reset Google Home Device

Google Home may always be reset to factory settings if everything else fails. A factory reset should only be used as a last option because it deletes all settings and data. Use the Google Home app to set the device after a factory reset.

Note: A pen or paper clip can reach the button.

To reset to factory settings, a Google Home.

1 – Turn the speaker over and locate the Reset button on its underside. It must be close to the power cord.

2 – Press and hold the button for 10 to 15 seconds or until the device notifies you that it is resetting.

3 – Wait a few moments until the reset occurs.

4 – After the factory reset, you must set up your phone by following the on-screen directions.


A soft reset will typically resolve the issue if your Google Home continues to inform you that something went wrong. However, if the error continues, you should try one of the above alternative solutions. Remember that a factory reset should be the final choice in error troubleshooting.

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