Best 15 Digital Signature Apps For Android And iPhone

Signing a document online can be difficult and time-consuming. Open the document, make the necessary modifications, format it, print it, sign it, scan it, and then upload it to your system. Do you find any parallels in the preceding scenario, in which you undergo many procedures to sign a document? You can now avoid all of this trouble due to the latest digital signature or eSign app. With these electronic signature apps, signing a digital document requires only a few seconds. By reading this article, find the best digital signature app for Android and iPhone.

What Are Digital Signature Apps?

Digital signature apps are specialized apps designed to sign a document digitally. When we state digitally, it may sound like we merely sign for a trivial purpose. However, these apps enable users to sign essential documents, including legal documents, digitally. If you contemplate its legitimacy, you will be surprised to learn it is legitimate. Every jurisdiction, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, has provisions that make electronic signatures legitimate and acceptable. These apps use cryptography and cutting-edge technologies to safeguard your signature and documents. In addition, they embed your email address, contact information, IP address, and information about the device you use to sign the document.

What Makes An Excellent Digital Signature App?

Digital Signature Apps

Now that you comprehend what digital signature apps are let’s examine what makes a great digital or Esign app. The primary function of digital signature apps is to allow you to sign documents digitally. And this should be possible without experiencing significant discomfort. In addition, for a document to be properly signed, it must support multiple signing options, such as self-signing and remote signing. Finally, an excellent online signing app should be able to rapidly sign and embed the entire document to complete the process in seconds.

Digital Signature Apps Key Features

Document Signing

You can import and sign documents electronically with ease and the highest level of security.

Bulk Sending

You can send validated documents in bulk to multiple recipients. Additionally, it facilitates audit traces for tracking user activities.

Regulatory Compliance

The latest security app features are followed by digital signature apps, which ensure the highest level of document sharing security.

eSign Workflow

The app facilitates the creation of a document signing workflow and keeps track of who has already signed the document.

Ease Of Use

The purpose of digital signing is to save time and avoid hassles. Initially, a digital sign app should be easy to use. This feature includes an easy-to-use user interface and a helping API (adapters for integration) that simplify signing a document system.


This is the most important consideration when purchasing a digital signature app. Digital signing carries with it severe dangers. The hazards of Forgery, Hacking, and Copying are unavoidable. A superior eSignature app must provide robust security against all of these threats.

Best 15 Digital Signature Apps

Here’s the list of exhaustive apps for digital signature to validate your legal and business documents.

1. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is the best choice for a comprehensive document management solution with a robust digital sign feature app. Using the PandaDoc API, users can integrate the eSignature tool with any other document management software. In addition, you can sign PDF or DOC documents on the go with the mobile app and easily track digital signatures.

2. HelloSign

HelloSign is one of the best eSignature apps currently available. It allows you to add your eSignature according to your preferences. The flexible price range, which is quite affordable, is the best part. With its sophisticated API, you can embed your distinctive signature on any document you choose. Additionally, HelloSign signatures are recognized worldwide. Additionally, you can enjoy additional extensions, integrations, and prompt customer service.

3. SnapSign

SnapSign is the best option for a legally binding digital signature app. It is compliant with US ESIGN and UETA regulations and offers an intuitive user interface for eSignatures. With SnapSign, you can integrate electronic signatures into your organization’s workflow. However, its features are not restricted to this alone. You can choose sales contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other forms from its extensive library of pre-installed templates.

4. AppSheet

AppSheet is the best choice for an online signature app that enables you to capture signatures in custom-built apps. These apps can be configured without the need for coding. However, its ability to capture hand-drawn signatures sets it apart from the competition. Other eSign apps emphasize digital signatures, whereas AppSheet emphasizes natural signature recognition. AppSheet has no lock-in period for its users. Additionally, users can develop and deploy their apps.

5. Signaturely

Signaturely is the optimal option for a document signing app that individual users and businesses prefer. Creating and uploading documents with a legitimate e-digital signature is a valuable feature for anyone. Even a novice can use the platform without difficulty. The integrated features direct users through the creation and uploading of digital signatures.

6. RightSignature

RightSignature is the optimal choice for a seamless Esign experience on any device. The addition of hand-drawn signatures makes your eSignature more impressive. And if you are a novice, there is a step-by-step guide to help you master digitally signing documents. Designed by Citrix to provide more options in the eSignature market, it is an outstanding mobile solution for Esigning. Users can upload and send files in seconds using Right Signature. In addition, the variety of integrations and user-friendly API make document signing and formatting simpler.

7. DocuSign

DocuSign is presently one of the best digital signature apps on the market. The Esigning tool is remarkably intuitive and easy to use. You can use Microsoft, Salesforce, or Apple by effortlessly integrating it with any device or operating system. In addition, DocuSign is very particular about its customers’ data security. Its advanced security certifications from the United States and Europe demonstrate this.

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8. AdobeSign

Adobe is best known throughout the globe for its eSignature feature. This platform is, without question, the best PDF signature app. Why? Because it allows users to sign any document from any location using any compatible device. When you choose Adobe Sign, you receive its PDF and eSignature tools in a single bundle. You can send, collect, and even track eSignatures with a simple click-and-tap feature. Adobe’s e Signature is recognized globally, and as a result, it has easy compatibility and integration with companies such as Microsoft and Salesforce. In addition, Adobe’s reputation for security is sufficient to ensure your documents are impregnable.

9. SignNow

SignNow is a powerful contender for the best digital signature app due to its many accolades. It is simple, easy to use, and mobile-friendly. Its well-designed user interface and feature-rich API meet most offices’ expectations. In addition to its features, its unique selling proposition is its compatibility with iOS and Android. With this feature, you can sign any document anytime and anywhere.

10. SignEasy

As its name implies, it is the easiest virtual sign app to use. However, this distinction goes to its straightforward and recognizable user interface, which makes the user experience simple. SignEasy is your go-to option for electronic signing, regardless of whether you want to create a new document or use it as an extension with other third-party apps. You have multiple options, including in-person, remote, and self-signing.

11. Docsketch

Docsketch is the favored online signature app of over 10,000 users worldwide. It’s interesting to note that businesses prefer DocSketch over people. In addition to a streamlined digital signature feature, pre-designed templates, and document management tools save users time. Moreover, it can be readily integrated with Zapier for CRM purposes. Isn’t that wonderful for improving workflow automation and productivity?

12. Signable

If you need a digital sign app that complies with EU regulations, this is the app you’re searching for. It operates predominantly on a pay-per-use basis. EU-compliant offers one of the most stringent security safeguards for legitimate eSignatures and documentation. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to sign documents while on the go. In addition, it provides subscribers with secure access to all API features.

13. Secured Signing

Secured Signing is the best choice whether you use eSignature for Online Forms or PDF Documents. Why? You need not worry about security. The organization assumes full obligation for the protection of your data and documents. The most popular features include customizing document workflows and attaching files to email invitations. However, the main feature of this app is the ability to notarize your online documents via the Notary Public function remotely. Additionally, you can conduct background checks with its CrimTrac App without squandering a single sheet of paper.

14. SignRequest

SignRequest is the best option for obtaining signatures quickly. It can make your online signature a child’s play with its easy-to-use UI and feature-rich API. You can sign online forms, PDFs, upload files, and send them rapidly, among other features. However, the best part is its integration with CRM. This feature makes it easy for users to store, manage, and retrieve signature data.

15. Eversign

Eversign is the best choice for electronic signature apps that offer eSignatures and document management features. Among other notable features, you can securely store and modify your documents anywhere. Custom templates also allow using this app for various business purposes. In addition to the standard features, its contact management option enables you to maintain contact information for document signers without integrating it with a CRM platform.


Which Digital Signature App Is Best?

The best digital signature app depends on the user’s requirements and preferences. eSignly and Pandadoc are prominent digital signature apps.

What’s The Digital Signature App?

Digital Signature app is software that enables users to electronically sign digital documents using a PC, smartphone, or Tablet.

Is The Digital Signature App Free?

It depends on the provider of the service. Some digital signature apps offer free signing of the first few documents, while others provide free programs with restricted features. HelloSign and RightSignature are two well-known digital signature apps.

What’s The Best App To Add Digital Signature?

The majority of Esigning software offers nearly identical capabilities. Nevertheless, HelloSign and SignRequest are two of the best apps for adding digital signatures to documents.

How To Use A Digital Signature App?

To use a digital signing app.

  • Install a digital signature app on your mobile device.
  • Select the document that requires an electronic signature.
  • Select the DSC and initials for the document’s signature.

How To Download Digital Signature App?

You can obtain Digital signature software from either the official website (for PC) or the app store (for Android and iOS).

What Is The Digital Signature App For Android?

A digital signature app for Android allows users to remotely Esign documents from their device.

Digital Signature Is Applicable For Which Cryptosystem?

The digital signature is applicable to public-private key-encrypted asymmetric key cryptography systems.

When Is Digital Signature Needed?

Digital Signature is required to implement contracts, validate documents, and verify identity electronically.

Where Is Digital Signature Used?

The primary users of digital signatures are the financial, educational, legal, healthcare, insurance, and brokerage industries.

Where Can We Use Digital Signatures?

We can use digital signatures when applying for a PAN card, filing income tax returns electronically, submitting e-tenders, opening bank accounts or DEMAT accounts, etc.

The Bottom Line:

Digitally signing a document is easy and time-saving. More importantly, you can avoid paper waste by using this method. Even though some risks are associated with digitally signing a document, choosing the correct app to ensure a risk-free experience is a breeze. You can use any digital signature app without risk. This list is useful for your document management and electronic signature needs.

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