Best Volume Booster Apps For Android To Try

The majority of low- and mid-range Android phones have a single speaker. As a result, the speaker’s volume will be lower than on the phone with a stereo speaker, making it impossible to listen to music without a speaker or headphones. If you have such an issue, you should not be concerned. Volume Booster Apps For Android may increase the volume of your phone’s speaker by 70-80%. Such volume booster apps may also increase the volume of headphones. In this post, I list the best volume booster apps for Android that are compatible with Android 4.0/KitKat or later.

Considerations Before Downloading Such Apps

There are many free Volume Booster Apps For Android are available on Google Play. You may directly download it without hesitation. Consequently, before downloading such free apps, it is essential to comprehend a few crucial points.

1 – Extended use of these apps may be harmful to your ears.

2 – Some free volume booster apps may have ads.

3 – Some free apps may include viruses that might harm your phone.

4 – Read terms and conditions. 

5 – Read the review before downloading. 

6 – They can steal your information.

Best Volume Booster Apps For Android To Try

Volume booster apps augment the volume of the phone’s speaker. Google’s Play Store contains many volume boosting apps for Android users. However, most apps must catch up to their claims of boosting audio volume and producing clean sound. In addition, many apps are filled with ads that can negatively impact the user experience, causing consumers to lose faith in such apps. Therefore, if you want to maximize the use of your phone’s speakers, here are the best Android volume booster apps to consider.

1. Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster Apps For Android

This volume booster app occupies minimal space on your phone and is free to use. This app’s primary purpose is to boost the speaker or headphone volume. It features a basic appearance, and the volume may be adjusted directly from the home screen. In addition, this app shows a warning about loud volumes that may harm and damage your ears and phone’s hardware. Non-uniform Boost is an intriguing feature that helps to control low and high frequencies to increase the music’s clarity and limit the risk of hardware damage.


1 – Simple to use.

2 – Boost speaker. 

3 – Less buggy.


1 – Displays ads. 

2 – Drain the battery faster.

2. VLC for Android

Volume Booster Apps For Android

VLC is a popular desktop media player because it is more than just a media player. It is far superior to other media players. The VLC team has released a mobile version compatible with Android and iOS. This is one of the best Android apps, with over 100 million downloads. Not only is it free, but it also has excellent features that can play with playing music or movies. This app’s ability to boost the volume by up to 200% is one of its distinguishing features. Therefore, this is a viable option for a phone with a low-volume speaker. In addition, VLC for Android is ad-free, and its source code is open source.


1 – In-built equalizer. 

2 – Feature-rich app. 

3 – Compatible with all platforms. 

4 – Great file format.


1 – You must open their respective folders to play. 

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2 – Less customizable UI.

3. Easy Volume Booster

This app promises to be distinguished from other apps in a significant way. When a user starts this app and taps on the speakers (icon), this booster optimizes the sound using the Android equalizer. This is made possible by using frequency channels and a unique algorithm, resulting in a louder and clearer sound. It will increase the volume of your phone by 30-50%. The makers say that playing loud music will not harm your phone’s hardware.


1 – Produce clear, loud music. 

2 – Simple to use.


1 – It has yet to be updated in the past four years.

2 – Contains ads.

4. Precise Volume (+EQ/Booster)

Among the volume booster apps on this list, precise volume is also one with several features. They will not only control the volume but also make the user’s life easier by adjusting the volume automatically when required. A 5-band equalizer with a bass booster, sound amplifier, and equalizer presets has been included as a new feature. In addition, you may set the volume for Bluetooth devices that connect to your device. This app is free but a paid edition with more beneficial features.


1 – Offers different volume-boosting features. 

2 – Connection with other Bluetooth devices is seamless.


1 – Buggy. 

2 – Free version contains Ads.

5. Super Loud Volume Booster

Super Loud Volume Booster is a free-to-download music equalizer and bass booster for Android phones and tablets. It will amplify the quality of music, intensify the bass, and be beneficial for movies, audiobooks, and music. In addition, it is easy to learn due to its intuitive user interface. This is intended for (melomaniac) music enthusiasts and users who like loud and clear music.


1 – Supports videos, music, audiobooks, etc. 

2 – Easy UI.


1 – Long-term usage of a phone’s speaker may cause harm.

2 – It may crash on Android phones with poor specifications.


Are There Any Volume Booster Apps For An iPhone?

There are several handy iPhone booster apps available in the App Store. AmpMe, Louder volume booster, and max volume booster are popular iOS volume booster apps.

Does The Volume Booster App Use More Battery?

If the app is not optimized for the hardware and software, it may eat more battery and may require more RAM to function.

How To Easily Get More Features On Volume Booster Apps For Free?

More features must be added for a fee. You must pay extra to unlock all available features. However, premium features may be obtained by downloading the APK files, which is not advised due to security concerns.

Does Volume Booster App Support Other Bluetooth Speakers?

A few volume booster apps are compatible with Bluetooth speakers. However, make that you are employing this in a suitable setting. As the external speaker is already loud, connecting a volume booster app will make it even louder, which may cause harm or annoyance to others.


This is the list of the best Volume Booster Apps For Android that you can use in 2022. So please let us know if you know any other good Volume Booster Apps For Android. And have an excellent day.

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