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How To Delete Snapchat Account Permanently (Easy Guide)

Well, Snapchat may not be the most popular social media platform in the world, but it is extremely popular, particularly among the younger generation.

It has a plethora of creative features ranging from selfie filters to fun stickers, Snapchat cameos, quirky lenses, and even the ability to turn your face into a cartoon. All of these enable you to quickly send fun and creative snaps to family or friends, but you can look at specialty content to keep yourself entertained.

Here, One of its best features is the ability to send self-destructing messages, pictures, and videos that disappear seconds after you post them, which is a lifesaver when you inadvertently share potentially embarrassing snaps.

However, as exciting as the app sounds, it is not for everyone. Here, If you created a Snapchat account just for fun, for example, to see what it’s like or to understand the hype surrounding the app, or if you’ve had your account for a while but want to abandon it for whatever reason, we’ll show you how to delete a Snapchat account permanently.

Reasons To Delete Snapchat Account

Privacy is important to many users of any social media or online platform. Snapchat is well-known for and takes pride in user privacy, which is one of the reasons it has grown in popularity.

But, like the rest of the industry, it’s no longer the behemoth it was before, especially following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which led to the harvesting of millions of Facebook users’ data, with many Snapchat users wondering about their silence on the matter.

The fact that Snapchat did not seize the opportunity to capitalize on their strengths or even comment on Facebook’s shortcomings seemed strange to its users. Another oddity is that most of its popular features have been seen on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

In April 2019, Snapchat also announced App Stories, a feature that allows users to share content from their cameras to another app’s ‘Story,’ raising concerns about user privacy because the data is supposed to be temporary, as always.

Because of this and other factors, some of its users wanting to delete their Snapchat account for good because there’s no telling whether a similar scandal would erupt if their data is accessible to other apps.

Solution – How To Download Snapchat Account Data

Before you delete your Snapchat account, you should get a complete breakdown of all your Snapchat data, including your account information, a list of your friends, login history, profile data, Snap history, location history, and search history.

Here, follow these steps to download your Snapchat data if you have a verified email address:

  • First, Sign in to your personal account by going to on your browser, and click My Data. 

Delete Snapchat Account

  • Scroll throughout the page to the bottom and click the yellow Submit Request button. 

Delete Snapchat Account

  • Now, You’ll get a notification that says they’re working on your data and that they’ll email it to you when it’s ready. Next, check your verified email address for an email with a link to download your data when it’s ready to be downloaded, and next, click on the link to download your Snapchat data. Here, It will be in the form of a ZIP file labeled My Data.
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Delete Snapchat Account

Solution – How To Delete Snapchat Account

  • First, Open Snapchat in a web browser on your computer, scroll down and at the bottom of the screen, just below the Community header, click Support. 

Delete Snapchat Account

  • Next, Click My Account & Security. 

Delete Snapchat Account

  • Then, On the left pane, click Account Information. 

Delete Snapchat Account

  • Here, Select Delete My Account. You’ll get some info on your screen about your decision to delete your Snapchat account and how to go about it. 

  • Then, go to the Accounts Portal on your browser and enter the username and password of the account you’d like to delete. 

  • Here, Enter your username and password again and click Continue.

Further, The deletion process is the same whether you’re using Snapchat on an iOS or Android device, but you don’t need to sign out first to delete the app from your phone or tablet/iPad.

For iOS devices, tap or press the Snapchat app icon, then tap the cross symbol, and then tap Uninstall. For Android devices, select Uninstall or drag the app up to the trash icon or Uninstall button.

Here, It’s important to note that you can’t delete a Snapchat account from the mobile app; only the app’s desktop version allows you to do so. Therefore, if you want to delete Snapchat from your device, simply uninstall it like any other app.

The Snapchat has a 30-day window during which your account will be deactivated before your profile, snaps, chats, stories, and other data are permanently deleted. However, for legal, business, or security reasons, Snapchat may retain some of your personal information, such as if you have purchased Snapchat or agreed with its Privacy Policy and Service Conditions.

Here, This “cooling off” period is provided in case you change your mind and want to reactivate your account and keep your password and username in this case.

During the deactivation period, your Snapchat friends will be unable to contact or interact with you. In addition, you will not be able to log in to your account with your email address once it has been deactivated, nor will you be able to change your password.

Solution – How To Reactivate Snapchat Account

You can reactivate your Snapchat account at any time within the next 30 days by logging back into the Snapchat app with the username and password you used in the previous steps. You’ll be prompted to confirm the reactivation, so tap Yes.

It may take up to 24 hours for your account to be reactivated, but you will be notified through email when it is ready to use again.

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Wrapping Up: Delete Snapchat Account

Well, We hope this article has shown you how to delete a Snapchat account. In addition, we have simple guides that can assist you if you want to quit all of your social media platforms.

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