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Snapchat Planets Order & Meaning Explained in Details

Not Sure What Snapchat planets Each Friendmoji stands for? Take a look at this guide!

Without a question, Snapchat is the most-used social media app among people in Gen Z. The texting app has a lot of features already, but Snapchat Plus adds some cool new ones that make it even better. Snapchat’s paid service regularly gets better, now letting you change the app’s icon, see who rewatched your story, and label certain friends as best friends. As part of Snapchat Plus, a new feature called Snapchat Friend Solar System was added to help you understand the second part. This feature gives each of your close friends a planet.

Today, we’re going to talk about what Snapchat Planets are, how they work, what they mean, and more. We also talk about how to show your friends the Snapchat solar system near the end.

How Big Is the Friend Solar System in Snapchat Planets?

You should already know what a real solar system looks like and how it works. Snapchat Planets in our solar system all move around the Sun at different speeds and distances. In the world of your friends, if you use Snapchat Plus, you are the Sun.

Mercury is the first Snapchat Planet on the list. It stands for your best friend on Snapchat, with whom you share the most streaks. This method works for your next eight best Snapchat friends. This means that your closest eight best friends are given a planet based on how often you connect with them.

Snapchat Planets: Order and Meaning

There are planets in the Snapchat friend solar system that each represent a different spot on your list of Best Friends. The order of the planets in the solar system is the same as the order of the planets in our own solar system. Your Snapchat friend solar system starts with you as the Sun. Mercury is given to the friend you share the most snaps and chats with, Venus to the next closest friend, and so on, all the way to Neptune, who is your eighth best friend.

Also, to help you understand what Snapchat planets mean better, we’ve listed them below with the emojis that go with them:

Snapchat Planet Mercury

In the Snapchat solar system, Mercury is the first Snapchat planet, just like in the real world. It stands for the user’s first best friend. A red planet with four five-pointed red hearts around it stands for Mercury.


Snapchat Planet Venus

The second Snapchat planet in the solar system is Venus, which is also the name of the user’s second best friend. Some planets, like Venus, are shown by light brown planets with hearts made of yellow, pink, and blue.

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Snapchat Planet Earth

You can think of Earth as your third best friend. It is the third world in the solar system. The color of it is the same as Earth, and there are red hearts, stars, and the moon around it.


Snapchat Planet Mars

Mars is both the fourth planet in our solar system and your fourth best friend on Snapchat. It is shown by a red planet with stars and blue and purple hearts around their friend emoji.


Snapchat Planet Jupiter

Because the Snapchat solar system looks just like ours, Jupiter is the fifth best friend of a Snapchat user. The app uses a planet that is a shade of orange with dark orange stripes and stars moving around it.


Snapchat Planet Saturn

Saturn is sixth from the sun, just like our solar system, and it stands for the user’s sixth best friend. An orange Snapchat planet with a ring and stars shows it.


Snapchat Planet Uranus

There is a green Snapchat planet with no stars that stands for Uranus, which is a user’s seventh closest Snapchat friend.


Snapchat Planet Neptune

Finally, Neptune is the eighth planet in our solar system. In the app’s Solar System, it also represents the eighth friend on your list of friends. Don’t forget that this lonely Blue Snapchat Planet has no love or life.


The Friend Solar System on Snapchat: How Does it Work?

To see which world you are on in your friend’s universe, you must first sign up for Snapchat Plus. You will see a “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge with a gold outline when you open a friend’s page after you have signed up. If you both have this badge, it means that you are two of your best friends. If someone has the Friends badge, it means that you are one of their eight best friends, but not theirs.

Now, tapping on either badge shows where the friend is in the Friend Solar System. To make things even more interesting, the connection is shown by Snapchat planets, with each planet representing a different friend on their list. Say, you’re Jupiter in their Snapchat solar system. That means you’re their fifth best friend. Here’s how to see which planet you are on in your friend’s Snapchat ecosystem:

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Check out your friend’s Snapchat account.

Find the Best Friends badge and tap it to show which planet you’re from.

Snapchat Planets

That’s all there is to it. This is how Snapchat’s method for friends works. Remember that to see Snapchat’s friend’s solar system, you need to be a Snapchat Plus member.

What Does Snapchat Planets Mean?

What does “Earth” mean in Snapchat slang? When you use Snapchat, what does the sun mean? Users could not imagine what life would be like without Snapchat Plus.

So, Snapchat+ is helpful because it groups your friends into a ring around you based on how close they are. It means that they are pretty close if there are more lines. The Snapchat Planet Order also shows how many people you are friends with on Snapchat.

Users who share an updated account will also be able to use the features by clicking on the “friends” or “best friend” badge.


Snapchat Planets Order is the newest and best feature to the app. When you use Snapchat+, you are the sun, and the person you share the most streaks with is the planet closest to you. The “First Closest Friend” part of your page will now have this person listed.

You will easily see your friends as the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth Snapchat planets in the solar system as you win more and more games. People who pay to Snapchat Plus for a month, a year, or a seven-day trial are the only ones who can use this and other paid services.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the order of best friends on Snapchat?

The order of your best Snapchat friends is based on how often you talk to them on Snapchat. The person you share the most snaps and chats with on Snapchat for a week in a row becomes your best friend on Snapchat and is given the planet Mercury.

How many Snapchat best friend worlds are there?

On Snapchat, there are eight “best friend planets,” and each one is linked to one of your best friends.

How quickly can you make someone your best Snapchat friend?

You have to share the most numbers and chats with someone for at least two weeks in a row to make them your number one best friend on Snapchat.

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