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10 Top Crypto Exchanges and Platforms in 2022

Are you a fan of digital cryptocurrency? Or are you eager to begin your crypto investment journey? Then you’re lucky since we’ll be reviewing the top Crypto Exchanges and platforms today.

The quantity of top Crypto Exchanges and platforms currently flooding the market is staggering. Therefore, searching for a platform that works best for you might be stressful. To choose a cryptocurrency platform, you must be knowledgeable.

Crypto trading and investment have an obvious risk. But if you work with the top platforms, you can lower the danger significantly. So, before investing immediately, take the time to learn more about the crypto platform.


Crypto Exchanges Evaluation Criteria

Before discussing the best Cryptocurrency Exchanges and platforms, let’s examine the evaluation criteria for these platforms.

1. Cryptocurrencies supported

Are you looking for a platform with various cryptocurrencies to invest in and trade? Then you must be familiar with the cryptocurrencies supported by the platform: Ether, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, or Litecoin.

The greater the number of cryptocurrencies in your portfolio, the more diverse it will likely be. In addition to digital currency, fiat cash, and other financial assets.

2. Mandatory fees

Similar to banks, crypto platforms frequently profit from exchange rates. As a result, expect to pay some fees to maintain your investment or trade. These fees include inactivity fees, withdrawal fees, deposit fees, and CFD trading fees. Moreover, some platforms impose costs on all transactions conducted on the platform.

3. Security measures

A cryptocurrency platform cannot be the finest if critical security procedures are not adhered to. Data and financial security are examples of security procedures. Excellent Crypto Exchanges and platforms and exchanges are renowned for their trustworthy security protocols.

These platforms are acutely aware of the level of vulnerability posed by attackers. That is why they put in extra hours to prevent attacks or thefts.

4. Customer support

We cannot discuss the top crypto platforms without discussing their customer service. The best Crypto Exchanges and platforms have superior customer care that gives users exceptional services. These support services may be transactional, technical, or even pertain to a broader crypto issue. Most of the platforms we evaluated offer customer help via email or chatbot.

5. Methods of withdrawal and deposit

The platforms should give the greatest number of available transaction methods. Today, bank transfers and debit/credit cards are becoming increasingly obsolete. Therefore, the majority of crypto platforms have adopted digital transaction methods. The Crypto Exchanges and platforms outlined below support prevalent digital transaction techniques. Numerous transaction options exist, including eWallets, PayPal, Venmo, Neteller, Skrill, and CashApp.

6. User Experience

The platform’s user experience is an additional component of equal importance. But unfortunately, it is frequently forgotten and frequently deemed superfluous. Nonetheless, a well-designed and user-friendly interface will establish the proper tone for your trading sessions. And this applies not only to the desktop interface but also to mobile apps.

Best Cryptocurrency Platforms and Exchanges in 2022

Consequently, based on the criteria above, let’s examine the top Crypto Exchanges and platforms.

1. Binance

Are you seeking for the top Crypto Exchanges 2022? Binance digital cryptocurrency platform hardly requires an introduction. It is large and now popular on the market. Positively, this best app for cryptocurrency trading offers numerous cryptocurrencies for trading and investment. In addition, its trading fees are far lower than most of its competitors. However, this platform is inaccessible to users in seven U.S. states.

It offers restricted crypto-to-crypto trading pairings, and debit and credit card users incur additional fees.


Well, Binance has an official Trust Wallet for crypto storage to make it convenient for users. This wallet is a highly rated, free app on the App Store and Google Play. And since the wallet is optional, you are free to use another crypto wallet.

Moreover, in 2019, Binance reported a loss of 7000 Bitcoins, valued at $40 million. However, the impacted users were later reimbursed in full by the corporation. This crypto exchange has not yet disclosed any other cases of assault.

In addition to crypto security, Binance protects U.S. currency deposits. Besides, this money is stored in bank accounts held in custody by FDIC. Even better, if your cash balance exceeds $250,000, you are automatically insured against bank failures, theft, brokerage failure, and even unauthorized trading.

2. Coinbase

If we talk about the top Crypto Exchanges and apps, there is a reason why we choose Coinbase on our list. After starting in 2012, it has remained the oldest cryptocurrency platform. In 2021, the company went public on the Nasdaq. In addition, this site gives you access to over fifty cryptos for trading purposes. More significantly, it has a free wallet with private keys to secure your crypto storage.

Coinbase’s above-average transaction fees are well-known. When conducting transactions, you will incur both Coinbase and spread fees.

What exactly is a spread fee? It is the gap between the cost of the cryptocurrency and the cost of receiving it.

Additionally, the Coinbase charge may vary based on your location. And there are no Coinbase fees for transactions between different cryptocurrencies. Additional abbreviations include withdrawals and account funding via various means.


Coinbase’s transaction fees may be an ultimate deterrent. However, its security makes it one of the most secure platforms for cryptocurrencies. It has unparalleled security transparency. Ninety-eight percent of the crypto is stored in cold wallets. And the remaining 2 percent assists with trading activity.

Even better, Coinbase offers an insurance policy to safeguard your crypto. However, this does not ensure full compensation in an attack.

3. Gemini

Next in our list of the top Crypto Exchanges is Gemini, It, released in 2015, is an intuitive and user-friendly platform. Therefore, it remains a platform of choice for both active traders and novice investors. This crypto trading platform allows you to trade and invest in more than 50 cryptocurrencies. You incur a transaction fee and a convenience fee while transacting business on Gemini.


Gemini welcomes offline crypto storing methods. The majority of the cryptocurrency is stored in cold wallets. Moreover, just a small fraction is held in hot wallets to simplify withdrawal requests.

4. Kraken

If you are looking for the best Cryptocurrency Platforms and Exchanges then Kraken is a perfect choice. Kraken is attractive to both novice and experienced crypto traders and investors. Its tools are designed exclusively for crypto novices and enthusiasts. To access the full trading mode, however, you must pay a little charge to enable these additional features, which is well worth it. Moreover, Kraken customer support isn’t just ordinary. It offers 24/7 customer support via email, chat, and telephone.

Kraken, unlike Coinbase, offers more than 90 cryptocurrencies for purchase. Plus over 130 crypto-to-crypto pairings. However, Washington, DC, and New York residents cannot access the platform.

Kraken’s fees are among the lowest of these platforms. Additionally, you pay a processing fee if you purchase crypto via internet banking/ACH.


How can Kraken guarantee its users a highly secure platform? First, the company can prevent theft by implementing strict security procedures, such as holding 95 percent of its cryptocurrency offline in cold storage and reserving the remaining 5 percent for potential withdrawal requests.

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In addition, the company asserts that its servers are stored safely in cages under 24-hour surveillance. Notably, it encrypts and tightly monitors access to sensitive information.


Are you seeking a platform that facilitates mobile transactions for a vast array of cryptocurrencies? Then, may be the best option for you. It offers almost 180 cryptocurrencies for trading and investment to its members. Currently, there is no minimum deposit requirement, making the platform even better for newcomers.

There are no transaction or trading fees on However, this benefit is only available if you transfer funds from your bank using ACH. Or even via an electronic clearinghouse. However, the costs associated with debit and credit card transactions can be substantial. You can conduct these transactions at the nearest bank to save a dollar.

This best Crypto app cannot also engage in crypto-to-crypto trading. For example, if you wish to exchange Ethereum for Bitcoin, you are limited to two transactions. The first transaction occurs while selling Ethereum, and the second when purchasing Bitcoin. This characteristic distinguishes it from the other major Crypto Exchanges and platforms.


If you’re a trader or an investor, offers a selection of digital wallets. Additionally, it provides amazing options for holding your crypto for your convenience. Among these choices is the Defi Wallet, a blockchain-powered app.

For reasons of security, saves the majority of its cryptocurrency in cold wallets. Wallets that offer offline crypto storage outside the reach of hackers. Moreover, provides insurance coverage in the event of any losses. Crypto loses due to cyberattacks or other unforeseen occurrences.

6. Robinhood

Robinhood offers free crypto trading. In addition, it provides commission-free ETF, stock, and trade transactions. However, this platform’s customer support might be enhanced. Additionally, the platform has had issues with regulators in the past.

If we talk about the top Crypto Exchanges, there is, however, a reason why this best crypto exchange is one of the top cryptocurrency platforms. First, Robinhood’s platform is significantly simpler to use. It is also believed to make even the most sophisticated trading tactics accessible to novices.

Second, unlike most platforms on the list, there is no initial deposit requirement. Even better, the site does not charge any trade fees. Lastly, it is one of the few platforms that permit crypto trading for free.


In 2020, Robinhood was charged by exchange commissions and securities regulators for a data security breach. After that, in June 2021, Robinhood paid a $70 million fine.

However, it is a SPIC member and SEC-regulated. Consequently, cash funds up to $250,000 and securities up to $500,000 are safeguarded automatically.

7. BlockFi

BlockFi is one of the top Crypto Exchanges and platforms that offer interest in your crypto holdings. Additionally, it enables you to store your crypto assets if you require cash. How does it accomplish this? BlockFi loans allow for it. It has a zero-dollar account minimum so that you can deposit any amount. Moreover, it offers clients a variety of customer assistance options. Customer service options include phone, email, and chatbot.

However, this platform is not accessible to several U.S. states, and its user interface is somewhat difficult to navigate.

Any trade executed through BlockFi incurs a spread fee. However, it also offers one free monthly withdrawal for crypto and stable coins. Therefore, to save money, you might restrict withdrawals to once each month.


The security of BlocFi is identical to that of other platforms. Its trading activities are governed by regulatory authorities such as the SEC. Additionally, as a member of the FDIC and SIPC, cash up to $250,000 is insured against bank failures.

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However, these organizations do not protect the interest on accounts that pay interest.

8. Webull

Even though it is among the top Crypto Exchanges and platforms, it is not a beginner-friendly platform. However, in contrast to other platforms, this one may feature enticingly low fees. In addition, investors and traders who use mobile devices may find Webull intriguing. It offers a mobile UI that is as sleek as its desktop counterpart. Additionally, the minimum deposit is precisely $0.

This best crypto exchange for day trading exceeds expectations in terms of client service. It offers customer service via phone and email, available at any time. Unfortunately, Webull offers a minimal selection of cryptocurrencies. Yet, it supports 11 crypto, which makes diversification of your portfolio challenging.

Webull does not impose any transaction fees on its trading platform. In addition, it charges a fee for transactions involving incoming funds. Primarily, these fees relate to wire transfer transactions.


Similar to most top Crypto Exchanges and platforms, Webull is governed by the SEC and FINRA. These regulatory institutions ensure the legality and morality of Webull’s operations.

9. Etoro

Founded in 2007, it continues to be one of the top Crypto Exchanges and platforms on the crypto market. First, it is accessible to more than 140 countries, attracting over 20 million investors and traders globally. And secondly, it offers customers not only crypto but also extra assets. Commodities and even stocks are assets.

If you are a novice crypto investor or trader, you may want to give this best crypto exchange reddit a try. It includes a virtue portfolio, a tool that facilitates practice, growth, and progress tracking. However, it requires a minimum deposit, which may vary by country.

In Etoro, only withdrawal and spread costs are charged. Spread costs vary on the type of crypto being traded.


Etoro uses cold & hot wallets for crypto storage as with every other cryptocurrency site. In the case of all fiat currencies, primarily the U.S. dollar, they are held in accounts. The FDIC typically manages these accounts.

10. TradeStation

Are you still seeking the top Crypto Exchanges with low fees? TradeStation, as its name implies, welcomes highly active traders. It is a competent platform that facilitates the execution of day-to-day trades for active traders.

Even better, TradeStation’s desktop interface is visually attractive. This interface sets the appropriate trading mode for you automatically. In addition, it includes the proper tools for automating, designing, monitoring, and testing your trades.

While Trading on TradeStation costs exactly $0, the transaction charge might vary slightly. To join this platform, a minimum deposit of $500 is required. The cost of receiving funds by wire transfer is $0. At the same time, the cost of transmitting wires for equity accounts is $25 and $35 for overseas accounts.


Regulatory organizations such as the SEC oversee TradeStation’s operations. In addition, SIPC insures cash accounts up to $250,000, and equity accounts up to $500,000. Therefore, it is a reliable platform on which to conduct business.


Now that you know the top Crypto Exchanges or crypto platforms, you may choose the one that best suits your needs. Also, remember that crypto transactions might be dangerous.

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