10 Best Bug Tracking Software to Resolve Bugs and Issues

Bug tracking is the process of identifying software issues and maintaining their accumulated data. The objective of any Bug Tracking Software is to maintain a high level of product quality and notify any problem that could lead to a process deviation at any stage.

What is Bug Tracking Tools?

With the assistance of bug tracking tools, network administrators may monitor all hardware infrastructure activities. A robust Bug Tracking Software or issue tracker is required to track and fix product defects at the earliest stage.

The bug tracking system functions by inspecting, testing, and documenting any system flaw to implement later upgrades. Defect tracking tools are used for more than simply tracking software bugs. In addition to the most excellent software Bug Tracking Software, there are free issue tracking and project development alternatives.

Advantages of Using Bug Tracking System for Manual or Automation Testing

Whether you choose manual or automated testing, using free bug tracking tools to conduct test cases might be beneficial. In addition, free defect management tools are essential for improving software quality while saving time and money.

Traceability to Failed Tests

An integrated bug tracking system is essential for tracing individual failed test cases so that the necessary measures can be taken to implement repairs.

Reduced Development Costs

As soon as you identify recurring issues in your product, the bug can be eliminated. With the best bug tracking solution, your development team can concentrate on high-priority bugs and increase productivity.

Enhanced Collaboration & Team Work

Defect tracking tools are crucial in boosting communication between team members trying to eliminate defects and uncover applications.

Comprehending Defect Trends

A bug tracking system allows engineers to keep track of past issues and develop a bug-free, high-quality environment.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Defect management tools are essential for resolving issues with your product or website early and enhancing customer support.

List of the 10 Best Bug Tracking Tools Free in 2022

Top Open Source Bug Tracking Software to Cut Down IT Costs.

  • Zoho BugTracker
  • Mantis Bug Tracker
  • Bugzilla Bug Tracking Tool
  • Redmine

Finding flaws daily when working in software development is unavoidable. Defect management tools can expedite the discovery of defect patterns and the elimination of defects. However, open source bug tracking tools are available if cost is a factor. Now examine the finest accessible Bug Tracking Software.

1. Zoho BugTracker

The best Bug Tracking Software suite is Zoho Bug Tracker. It contains a free bug tracker that is great for locating and fixing bugs in real-time. Using the Zoho free bug tracker tool, up to five users can work on the same project. It is helpful for software engineers who must immediately address issues to maintain quality.


  • Custom filters to assist you in managing critical issues on priority.
  • Custom bug management cycles to ensure smooth bug tracking.
  • It assists generate tickets and provides reports for developers to understand recurring bugs.
  • Automated notifications for the users to resolve issues in real-time.

Price to Upgrade: Its standard plans start at Rs 140 per month for up to 10 users.

2. Mantis Bug Tracker

If we talk about the bug tracking tools open source, MantisBT is one of the most used bug trackers, perfect for efficiently managing more significant projects. You can modify the user-based access control according to the project’s needs. Other features of this famous free Bug Tracking Software include problem fields and workflows that can be customized.


  • With custom plugins, it assists enjoy personalized functionality.
  • It runs on any platform owing to PHP support.
  • Reports with custom monitoring & tagging.
  • RSS feeds to manage live data.

Cost to Upgrade: The SaaS version of Mantis BT starts at Rs 345/month to assist you in managing one project with up to five users for this free bug tracking tool online.

3. Bugzilla Bug Tracking Tool

Bugzilla is one of the top onlineĀ bug tracking system project use to manage bugs and issues. It also provides a sophisticated dashboard for organizing all your automated charts and reports. In addition, Bugzilla facilitates the detection of duplicate bugs, time tracking, and adding notes to an issue so that the team may work on it.


  • The best bugs tracking software custom prefixes and filters
  • Custom bug list formats
  • Complex search algorithm
  • High-security layers to keep bugs away
  • Duplicate detection system

Cost to Upgrade: It is an open-source bug tracker tool, and all its features are free.

4. Redmine

Redmine is compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, and SQLite as open source Bug Tracking Software. In addition, it supports over 34 languages to assist software developers and project managers in preventing defects from harming the quality of the product.


  • This best Bug Tracking Software assists manage various projects simultaneously.
  • Controlled access based on user roles.
  • The online bug tracking software ensures agile project management with calendar & Gantt chart reporting.
  • State-of-the-art issue tracking solution.

Cost to Upgrade: This is an open-source bug tracking tool with free access.

Best 6 Free Issue Tracking Systems for Fixing Defects & Issues

So, you can invest in these free bug tracking tools to improve the performance and quality of your project.

5. ReQtest

Well, ReQtest is a cloud-based Bug Tracking Software that gives real-time information on any bugs discovered during software testing. It is a defect tracking tool that facilitates the planning and execution of test cases. It is one of the most excellent bug-report solutions, providing a single page and aggregated view of defects in real-time.


  • It helps review & prioritize requirements & changes instantly.
  • It supports agile test case management with actionable insights.
  • Provides a visual presentation of bug reports.
  • You can also add images and videos to bug reports.
  • Facilitates integration with Jira.
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Price to Upgrade: It offers a service for small teams of up to 10 members for Rs 712 per user. And the license for unlimited users is available for Rs 3,206 per user.

6. Jira Bug Tracking Tool

The Jira bug tracking tool assists software developers in tracking and managing bugs, hence facilitating a smooth product development cycle. It also helps assign bugs to project members and prioritize them for prompt resolution. In addition, appropriate project managers are notified when a bug is discovered.


  • You can create an issue by adding all the essential details.
  • Ticket-based bug assignment with keystrokes.
  • Helps track issues like a software bug or any bug in the project task.
  • It assists in prioritizing bugs and issues as per the severity.
  • Software engineers can resolve bugs from the Jira ticket by creating a new branch in the source code management tool.

Price to Upgrade: Jira’s free bug tracking system is free for up to 10 users, and you need to pay Rs 500 for its Standard plan, which includes up to 5,000 users.

7. Kualitee Defect Tracking Tool

The Kualitee defect tracking tool functions by classifying defects or problems according to their specific workflows. This website’s bug reporting features further ensure that faults are appropriately documented to execute test suites. For each bug, you may include an action, a date, and a brief description to make it simple for users to take quick action.


  • It lets you add or delete defects at any project stage.
  • The tool saves all previous test suites for specific projects.
  • Additionally, you can match the best test cases with a particular defect.
  • It promotes individual and group progress tracking.
  • Facilitates seamless integration with other testing tools, like, Jira and Bugzilla.

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Price to Upgrade: While its Community plan is free for up to three people, only one project can be worked on at a time. For Rs 3200 per month, the Silver Plan of this website’s bug reporting tools will allow you to manage the quality of an unlimited number of projects simultaneously.

8. Polyspace Bug Finder

Polyspace Bug Finder identifies bugs through static analysis. It identifies run-time problems and any security vulnerabilities. The Polyspace Bug Tracking Software aids in the study of software control and the early resolution of software development defects. It identifies faults as they are being tracked to give real-time explanations.


  • It Helps get into the root cause of every bug.
  • Its configured for all run-time environments.
  • It assists in managing the software quality.
  • It automates code analysis.

Price to Upgrade: Request a call back for customized quotes and a free online demo.

9. The Bug Genie

Bug Genie’s free defect management tools are the most comprehensive defect management issue tracking software available. Its user-friendly web interface facilitates defect management and facilitates agile project management. This website and backlog Bug Tracking Software work smoothly with standard SCM systems to facilitate the creation and execution of projects without difficulty.


  • This best Bug Tracking Software helps with the complete project hierarchy.
  • Issue-related actions are available with a single tap.
  • Separate project spaces to manage issues, wikis, and files.
  • Built-in Wiki.
  • Provisions for revisions & History

Cost to Upgrade: The free Bug Tracking Software online free plan is limited to a single project. While its Basic plan allows for up to five projects and begins at Rs 922 per month,

10. BugHost

BugHost is one of the top-rated bug tracking solutions for project managers in all major sectors.


  • High volume enterprise-wide licensing.
  • Helps manage multiple defects in a project.
  • It lets choosing from a variety of notifications.

Cost to Upgrade: Its Start-up plan begins at Rs 2,066, & the Team plan is for Rs 4,204.

FAQs – Defect Tracking Tools of 2022

What is the difference between bug tracking tools & defect tracking tools?

Defect tracking tools can be watched as the parent category of Bug Tracking Software. A defect tracking tool aims to identify broader issues in design, workflow, or those that may arise after the code goes live.

What factors to consider while comparing bug tracking software?

The size of your team is one of the most important considerations when determining which bug tracking system to implement. If your organization has a large team, you need a robust solution that facilitates effective collaboration between team members working on the same project. On the other hand, a small group can easily make do with a simple solution.

Moreover, another factor to consider is whether you want to incorporate it in the development process or use it straightaway for bug tracking. Finally, it would help if you also examined how effectively the Bug Tracking Software interfaces with your current solutions.

Who can use bug tracking tools?

Web developers, digital marketers, web analysts, and other relevant professions can utilize a bug tracking system.

Is Jira a bug tracking tool?

Yes, Jira is a bug tracking tool for identifying unnecessary defects during the software development cycle. It is also beneficial for managing the many phases of software development, from backlog management to release management.

Is Bugzilla a free bug tracking tool?

Bugzilla is a web-based app that can be quickly installed on your server. It is a free bug tracking system.


Are You Prepared to Invest in a Bug Tracker or Bug Tracking Software free? Here’s the next step… Keep track of the frequency with which bugs and projects are tracked. Additionally, please search for a solution that makes it simple to preserve a complete History of bug status changes and problem updates. In conclusion, the website bug finder should aid agile project delivery and team collaboration.

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