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Best 12 Free Cloud Storage Services For Secure Storage

Aren’t you irritated by all the system alerts stating that you’re ‘running out of space’? It’s a sign that you should transition to cloud storage space. The top providers of cloud storage services offer unlimited storage space, data backups, end-to-end encryption for security, data recovery, and more. Overall, cloud storage makes it easy for individuals and businesses to store, organize, manage, and share their files via a cloud storage platform. Based on the features outlined below, we’ve compiled a list of the best free cloud storage services you can choose from. Let’s start now.

What’s Cloud Storage?

The cloud storage paradigm of cloud computing stores your data on cloud servers over the internet. The cloud storage service provider stores and administers your data, removing the need to construct your storage infrastructure. Cloud storage makes it straightforward for businesses to scale and expand their storage space. Moreover, it makes data storage and real-time collaboration easy and accessible. Cloud storage operates in a safe and secure, end-to-end encrypted environment.

Best 12 Free Cloud Storage Services For Secure Storage

Let’s compare the features offered by different free cloud storage services.

1. Sync

Sync is a free online cloud storage service provider that offers a variety of administrative tools to manage your documents, including the ability to add or remove user accounts, observe usage, and activity logs, among others. Easy backups, file recovery, file archiving, file restoration, and other features of the cloud storage platform ensure that you don’t lose any of your files.


  • Unlimited storage space in the cloud.
  • It uses passwords and expiration dates to secure your files.
  • Even individuals without a sync account can share documents.
  • Sets the user’s permissions for the read-only, remote delete, and read-only writer controls.

2. Mega

The mega free cloud storage platform is secure and enables quick and dependable data transfers. Especially when teams are working remotely, this free online storage solution is preferable. Users can create a free account with end-to-end encryption to share, upload, and download files. Mega Cloud storage offers a vast space suitable for all types of businesses. As your team expands and evolves, it is simple to introduce new members with data access privileges.


  • Download files without having to register.
  • Plan your file transfers.
  • Mega Transfer Manager allows you to monitor the progress.
  • Use Mega mobile on iOS and Android devices.
  • Connect Mega Cloud to your system.

3. Google Drive

Google’s free cloud storage enables the storage and sharing of encrypted files. Businesses can migrate their data centers to cloud storage using transportable servers to speed up their operations. In addition, the cloud storage platform safeguards your files by scanning and removing infected files proactively. The Google Drive storage offers real-time collaborative content creation tools such as Google Sheets, forms, and documents.


  • Complete data replication within 15 minutes.
  • Integration with collaborative apps like Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides.
  • Enjoy the dependability and speed of Google AI.
  • Integration with Adobe, DocuSign, and Salesforce, amongst others.
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4. OneDrive

OneDrive’s cloud storage allows for real-time collaboration, file sharing, advanced synchronization, data recovery, and more. OneDrive’s free cloud storage offers password-protected link sharing to ensure the security of your files. In addition, the free version of OneDrive offers additional productivity tools such as document version history, editing from anywhere, multipage scanning, etc.


  • Link to shared files and folders.
  • Using identity verification, create a personal vault to safeguard your most vital files.
  • Share expiring URLs with restricted access.
  • Receive notifications for ransomware detection and restore affected files.

5. Dropbox

It offers the best cloud storage for photos, videos, CAD files, and any other file form. Dropbox’s free storage offers integration with various apps, including Zapier, Salesforce, Slack, and Trello. The best free cloud storage platform enables you to remain productive on the go by allowing you to access files, take notes, record new ideas, and much more.


  • Save files in every supported format.
  • Access your files at any time from any device.
  • Use the remote erase feature to delete files from a lost or stolen device.
  • Saves copies of deleted files and their prior versions for possible file restoration.
  • Enable password security for your sensitive files.

6. pCloud

pCoud is one of the least expensive cloud storage services that offer a simple and secure interface to share and collaborate on work. This free cloud storage service allows users to upload all forms of files, regardless of their size or other restrictions. It is a free, unlimited cloud storage platform with an extended file history option that enables users to recover deleted or modified data from the previous 365 days.


  • Free cloud storage space in the amount of 10 GB.
  • Filter-based advanced search options for files.
  • Create secure data backups with upload automation.
  • Enjoy absolute security with TLS/SSL data encryption.
  • Maintains previous file versions for a minimum of 15 days.

7. Media Fire

MediaFire is one of the best free cloud storage services that make sharing, collaborating, storing, and accessing your files easy. In addition, Media Fire offers expandable 1TB cloud storage, direct website uploading, and volume downloading. Using this cloud storage platform, you will never reach the download limit.


  • Offers 10 GB of free cloud storage space, with 4 GB per file.
  • Share uploaded files via a shareable link on your website, on social media, or anywhere else.
  • Enjoy multiple uploads at a speedy rate.
  • Use Media Fire’s file manager from any device to organize your files.
  • Use one-time download links to restrict downloads.

8. Degoo

Degoo is an AI-based online cloud storage service provider with a Degoo feed where you can view all your photos and videos containing recollections. The free cloud storage service allows you to upload files of any size without sacrificing quality. On their desktops, Android, and iOS devices, and with a reliable Internet connection, users can access Degoo’s free cloud storage.

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  • As much as 10 TB of premium cloud storage space and 100 GB of free cloud storage space.
  • Protect your files with password encryption.
  • Enable automatic uploads.
  • Store your files in perpetuity, with no automatic deletion.
  • Zero-knowledge encryption keeps your files secure.

9. Blomp

Over 12 million files have been uploaded to Blomp’s cloud space, and over 1 million users have accessed it. The cloud storage platform ensures the complete confidentiality of your files. It never sells, shares, or analyzes your data in any way.


  • 20 GB of cloud storage space is added to your account for each referral.
  • Available for free distribution on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • No automatic deletions of unused files and documents exist, so ancient files are always accessible.
  • Multiple files can be uploaded with tremendous speed.

10. Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk is a trustworthy, free cloud space for storing photos and other files. This free cloud storage service platform functions identically to your hard drive, allowing you to upload, access, alter, and delete files with ease. In addition, it offers a free document editor that can be used to create and edit spreadsheets, documents, and presentations, among other file types.


  • Use automatic upload to save all of your files in their native resolution.
  • Access cloud storage through a web browser without installing additional apps.
  • Create brief URLs that can be shared for file sharing.
  • Best as a free cloud storage solution for photos.

FAQs: Cloud Storage Services

What’s The Best Free Cloud Storage?

OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., offer the best free cloud storage services. These platforms permit users to start for free and upgrade to paid versions as needed.

What’s The Largest Free Cloud Storage?

Blomp and Deggo offer the most storage space for free cloud storage, with 200 GB and 100 GB.

What’s The Most Free Cloud Storage?

Box, Media Fire, and pCloud, among others, are some of the free cloud storage services. You can readily start with their free version to evaluate its features.

How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Cloud storage stores your data on Internet-based cloud servers managed by a third party. These vendors manage the cloud storage platform’s security, dependability, and durability. Users can pay based on their consumption or start with the free versions of these platforms.

Consider The Following:

Conclusion: Cloud Storage Services

To expand and scale, businesses must adopt cloud storage services. It enables businesses to create a secure backup of critical files and initiate file recovery as needed. Additionally, cloud storage services allow you to save, share, and manage your documents. You can pick between a free version with limited storage space and a paid version with additional services.

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