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Best 12 Audio Recording App Options (Android, iOS, Windows & Mac)

Historically, everyone, from musicians to journalists, required an audio recorder for sound capture. We no longer need discrete digital recorders because of the devices around us, like desktops, laptops, and smartphones. You can obtain a variety of apps with features spanning from fundamental to advanced, like AI-powered transcription, in addition to the built-in recorders present in most of these devices. To help you prepare for your podcast, investigation, meeting, and other events, we’ve compiled a list of the top audio recording app options that are simple to use and offer a wide range of features. Whether you wish to record audio on an iPhone or an Android device, each app is free or available at a price lower than any recorder on the market.

What’s Audio Recorder App?

An audio recorder app captures various categories of sounds and converts them to an audio file for editing, sharing, and other purposes. The sound could originate from a musical instrument, a human speaker, or any other source. You can use it as an audio call recording app (device dependent) or for personal purposes like creating your ringtone or alarm sound. Most audio voice recorder apps support various storage formats like MP3, M4A, 3GP, and WAV. If there is no pre-installed app on your device or you do not wish to use it, you can download audio recording apps for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows from the App Store. Android 10 supports using an internal audio recorder app, whereas earlier versions of Android did not permit internal audio recording.

How To Use Audio Recorder App?

You must adhere to these simple but effective guidelines to achieve exceptional audio quality in your recordings.

  • Find a peaceful place to avoid environmental disturbances.
  • If your app or phone has a noise reduction feature, even raucous environments will not pose much of a problem.
  • Enable the aircraft mode on your device to prevent interruptions during recording.
  • To begin recording with the audio recorder app, tap the record icon.
  • You can use either an internal or external microphone. The microphone will be located at the bottom or rear of the handsets. Place it within a reasonable distance of the source of the sound. Ensure that nothing is obscuring the microphone.
  • You can halt, restore, or end the recording depending on the available options. The resulting audio file containing the recording can then be saved. Some apps have a maximal time limit, while the time limit for others depends on the amount of free space on the device.

After recording an audio file with any audio recorder app, you can share it via email or transmit it to another device using a USB cable.

Best Audio Recording App Options

The best Audio Recording App options are.

1. Cogi Notes & Voice Recorder

Audio Recording App

The Cogi notes and voice recorder app is a wise choice if you’re looking for the best app to record audio because it only captures the conversation’s most important points. All audio from a single session can be connected. In addition, you can add contacts and hashtags to search for the desired recording more efficiently. You can also attach images and text notes to the audio recording on an iPhone or Android to recall the most important details. The premium version of the software includes transcription, call recording, and additional cloud storage.


  • One-touch activation.
  • HD recording device.
  • Collaboration and cooperation.
  • Cloud storage for archival purposes.

2. Easy Voice Recorder

Audio Recording App

Easy Voice Recorder is an app for voice and audio recording that allows you to save recordings in a compressed format and convert them to text via transcription. After creating recordings in this audio recording and editing app, you can save, rename, delete, organize, or share them. The pro version of this audio recording app for PC includes features like file import, volume boost, stereo recording, uploading to Dropbox or Google Drive, etc.


  • There are both light and melancholy themes.
  • Cut & trim.
  • Capability to bypass isolation.
  • Sharing via Facebook, email, etc.
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3. Neutron Audio Recorder

Audio Recording App

Neutron is an audio recording app for PC and mobile devices. With the Neutron audio recorder app, users can record audio in multiple formats, including MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, etc., using a free iPhone, desktop, or Android call recorder. The recordings can be stored on a local device, network storage, or an external SD card. In addition, this audio recorder app’s media library allows you to organize and combine audio for simple searching.


  • The detector of silence for legitimate sound recordings.
  • Start/Stop timers.
  • Multiple playback modes like Loop, Queue, Sequential, etc.
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) effect.
  • DSP Filter to rectify sound.

4. ASR Voice Recorder

asr automatic speech recognition

The ASR voice recorder app allows users to record audio in various formats, such as OGG, MP4, WAV, 3GP, and M4A. If you want complete control over your recordings with options like auto-start, pause, resume, search, and abandon, this is the finest audio recorder for Android. Furthermore, you can submit the recordings from this app to various storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.


  • Automatic pause silence.
  • Echo cancellation mode.
  • Gain charge.
  • Multiple sample and bitrate quality options are available.

5. Voice Recorder Pro

best audio recorder

Voice Recorder Pro is one of the best audio recorders for Android that helps professionals like journalists, musicians, and other sound specialists record meetings, concerts, speeches, and interviews, among other things. This call recorder supports AAC (mp4, m4a), AMR (3GP), PCM (wav), and MP3 audio formats. In addition, this voice call recorder allows you to share mono or stereo recordings via email and other platforms.


  • Long-click selection for mass deletion and sharing.
  • Real-time spectrum analysis.
  • A diverse assortment of sample rates and bitrates.
  • Status bar for recording and playing.
  • Customizable category for recordings.

6. Dolby On

dolby on app for pc | best audio recording apps

Users of the Dolby On app can record high-quality audio and video and modify them using the app’s editor option. It is the finest method for recording audio on iPhone or Android devices, and musicians, podcasters, live broadcasters, etc., use it. This audio recording tool includes normalization, volume maximization, stereo broadening, and simple fades. In addition, you can share the audio file from this noise-canceling audio recorder app with others via email, text, or file-sharing platforms like Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, etc.


  • Noise suppression.
  • Six unique sound patterns.
  • Dynamic equalization for precise adjustment.
  • Import/ Export audios.

7. LectureRecordings (LectureNotes Extension)

The LectureNotes app takes notes with a stylus on the screen. LectureRecordings is an extension of the LectureNotes app used to coordinate audio recordings with notes. Avoid audio issues caused by the sound of the stylus by using an external microphone. This is the finest audio recording app for whiteboard recording, but it can also be used as a standalone option.


  • Audio playback.
  • Recordings Based on Search.
  • Sharing option.
  • For automated replays, use the Combine Recordings option.
  • Background App for Recording.

8. Smart Recorder

Even when the screen is off, the Smart Recorder app for Android permits reliable audio recording for extended periods without interruption. This surveillance audio recorder app’s launcher shortcut allows you to begin recording with a single tap. In addition, the intelligent voice recorder app offers options like delay, resume, save, and cancel. Recently, this audio call recorder added manual and automatic sensitivity controls for the skip silence mode.


  • Multiple sharing alternatives are available.
  • Sample rate adjustment for wave/PCM encoding.
  • Microphone gain adjustment.
  • Real-time spectrum analysis.

9. Otter Voice Notes

The Otter Voice Notes app enables iPhone and Android users to record audio and receive automatic transcriptions of their interviews, meetings, etc. This audio recording and editing app allows you to navigate directly to the section of text from which you wish to begin listening to the audio. In addition, the pro version supports bulk export, bypass silence mode, additional playback speed options, and more.


  • Change the rate of playback.
  • Collaboration in the editing process.
  • Shortcut and widget for recording.
  • MP3 output.
  • Real-time transcription of speech into text.
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10. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Hi-Q MP3 voice recorder is a dependable and highly configurable app that allows users to record group conversations, concerts, voice notes, etc. This is the finest audio recording app on the market if you want various tape administration options like sorting, sharing, deleting, and renaming. The recordings are created in MP3 format and are compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox.


  • Multiple record formats, like M4A, OGG, and WAV.
  • Changes the playback speed.
  • Share icon that appears immediately.
  • Gain charge.
  • Bit rate configuration.

11. Voice Memos App

Voice Memos App is the finest audio recording app for the iPhone that includes editing tools for users. You can record using an internal microphone, an external microphone, or a Bluetooth earpiece. Among the editing options are trim, pinch-to-zoom, and replace. In addition, it offers you the option to skip back or forward 15 seconds during playback. This is the most effective audio recording app for sharing multiple recordings via messages, email, AirDrop, etc.


  • Automatic pause silence.
  • Recordings option to reduce background and reverberation.
  • Changes the playback speed.
  • Automatic naming is based on the location.

12. RecForge II

RecForge II, the finest audio recording app for Android, is used to record lectures, meetings, dictation, rehearsals, etc. You can record using an external, front, or posterior microphone. This voice recorder and audio editor includes options like merge, trim, crop, convert, time extend, loop, and many others to ensure the final recording meets user expectations. This is the finest audio recording app for extracting sound from videos.


  • Live recording observation.
  • Ability to pass over pauses.
  • The sharing of information via WhatsApp, email, etc.
  • Sorting by name, date, and size.


What Are The Best Audio Recorder Apps For Android?

Smart Recorder, RecForge, ASR Voice Recorder, audio note app, etc., are some of the finest audio recorder apps available for Android users.

What Are The Best Audio Recorder Apps For iPhone?

Otter Voice Notes, Cogi Notes & Voice Recorder, the Audio Note app, and Voice Memos are some options for the finest iPhone audio recording app.

What Are The Best Audio Recorder Apps For Windows 10?

Neutron Voice Recorder, Easy Voice Recorder, and Audacity are three of the finest audio recording apps for Windows 10.

Which App Is Best For Audio Recording?

Dolby One, Voice Recorder Pro, and LectureRecordings are three of the finest audio recording apps.

How To Record High-quality Audio?

You must ensure that your environs are silent and in a space with minimal resonance. Additionally, use a high-quality microphone and place it at a reasonable distance.

Does Android Have A Built-in Voice Recorder?

Yes, most Android devices have a built-in voice recorder that can record sound of acceptable quality. However, if your device does not have a voice recording app, you can download one from the Play Store.

What’s The Best Free App For Voice Recording?

ASR Voice Recorder for Android and Voice Memos App for iOS are excellent free audio recording options.

What’s The Best Way To Record Voice?

The easiest and most cost-effective method to record your voice is an audio recorder app on a smartphone. The smartphone can be set at your discretion, and you can use any app that meets your feature requirements.

What’s HD Audio Recorder App?

HD audio recorder is a mobile app that lets users record high-quality audio for personal or professional use.

The Bottom Line:

Whether you need a recorder for personal voice notes or professional work, audio recorder apps have all the desired features. If your device manufacturer allows it, most of these apps can also function as audio call recorders. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between the free and paid versions of the voice recorder and audio editor options listed in this blog.

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