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Bitlocker Keeps Asking For Recovery Key? How To Fix

BitLocker is a Windows program that gives security and encryption capabilities to the whole hard disk. It prevents unwanted access and keeps your hard disk under constant observation to prevent data theft and deceit. Unfortunately, the BitLocker recovery key pops up every time the system boots, which is unpleasant. If the encryption tool appears every time, there is a system problem that has to be fixed. In this instance, if you have no idea what is occurring and are left in the dark. Follow the guide on how to fix BitLocker keeps asking for a recovery key.

How To Easily Fix Bitlocker Keeps Asking For Recovery Key?

That seems like technical terminology, but it is easier than it appears. Using a few techniques, you can easily fix BitLocker keeps asking for a recovery key. Here are a few really basic procedures to follow.

Update BIOS

An older BIOS version may cause the problem. It is challenging to achieve seamless compatibility with the TPM module. If there are any bugs, they will be fixed without further action. Let’s look at how to update the BIOS.

1 – Choose the Run app by clicking the Windows button.

2 – Type msinfo32 to open the system information.

Bitlocker Keeps Asking For Recovery Key

3 – Verify the Baseboard Manufacturers’ and Baseboard goods’ values and record them somewhere.

Bitlocker Keeps Asking For Recovery Key

4 – Download and install the BIOS update under BIOS/Firmware from the official website. If you want assistance, you may contact their customer service.

Stop/Disabled Secure Boot

As its name implies, secure boot generally safeguards our system against illegitimacy. However, the manufacturer keeps it enabled by default. Thus, we may disable it to stop the BitLocker recovery key need.

1 – To open the BIOS, boot your system and press F2.

2 – Choose Security from the menu.

3 – Secure boot is now deactivated and under secure boot control.

Bitlocker Keeps Asking For Recovery Key

Change BIOS Configuration

When we start the system, BIOS runs first. Input and output are managed, and hardware and operating system communications are maintained. The primary function is maintaining data flow with associated devices, such as a printer, USB-C, thunderbolt, mouse, and keyboard. Using any external device as a USB-C cable constitutes a modification to the device. We pretended to disable the USB boot functionality to fix the BitLocker recovery key.

1 – After starting your system, repeatedly press the BIOS key to access the BIOS. (The BIOS keys are F1, F2, DELETE, and F10; press and hold the volume up button. From one manufacturer to another, it varies.

2 – System Configuration > USB Configuration.

Bitlocker Keeps Asking For Recovery Key

3 – You may disable the USB Type-C External Port.

Bitlocker Keeps Asking For Recovery Key

4 – Disable the UEFI Network stack and turn on Fast boot now.

Turn Off BitLocker Encryptions

1 – Get BitLocker recovery keys from your Microsoft account.

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2 – Windows Start button > Control Panel > BitLocker Drive Encryption.

3 – Now click Suspend protection.

Bitlocker Keeps Asking For Recovery Key

4 – A confirmation dialogue box will open for your input. The Yes button should be clicked.

Use Legacy Boot

If you can easily use the legacy boot, you might eliminate the BitLocker recovery key.

1 – Open Windows > Search Command Prompt > Run as administrator. 

2 – Now type on the CMD page and press enter.

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

Stop Auto-Unlock Options

With the aid of this method, you can use your system without BitLocker recovery keys each time.

1 – Launch Windows, then search for and open the Control Panel.

2 – Click System and Security and click Device encryption.

3 – The option to turn off auto-unlock is located here. Please turn it OFF.

4 – Now restart the device.

Windows Update

Using an outdated system can be another possibility that you can easily use to fix BitLocker keeps asking for a recovery key. Because we always need to find out where the problem resides. Yet we can perform at our best. So this is how to update the system.

1 – Choose Windows > Settings > Windows Updates.

2 – The pending update is shown. Click Check for updates if you prefer.

3 – If an update is available, download and install it.

Remove Problematic Updates And Re-Install

We can only sometimes update the device successfully. If you cannot update properly, you may encounter difficulty. So, it is preferable to reapply the update after deleting the file from it.

1 – Choose Windows > Settings > Windows Updates. 

2 – Click the update history to view all successful and unsuccessful updates. Restart the system after uninstalling the failed update.

3 – Then download and install the update once again.

Virus & Threat Scan

Viruses and threats can affect the PC and its normal behavior without a doubt. A system profile change in TPM is changing behavior due to malware and viruses. When your system profile changes, you will be asked for the recovery key more frequently. So how can we fix it? Let’s see.

1 – Choose Windows > Settings > Privacy & Security. 

2 – Click Windows security and click Virus & threat protection.

3 – Then click the scan options.

4 – Select Microsoft Defender Antivirus and then click the Scan now button.

It takes some time to eliminate all threats, after which it will automatically boot up again.


That’s all you need to know to fix BitLocker keeps asking for recovery keys. Please let us know whether this is useful or not. If you need help, please let me know in the comment area.

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