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Best Free Bulk SMS Apps for Marketing

What are the Best Free Bulk SMS Apps available in the market for sending bulk text messages from Android and from PC to mobile? Let’s find out.

SMS (Short Message Service) has been one of the most common ways to send messages or connect with others during the past two decades. While messengers and multimedia messaging apps have gained popularity recently, most marketing, advertising, and transaction-related communication are conducted by SMS.

Significance of Bulk SMS Marketing

With the aid of bulk SMS marketing, individuals may boost the visibility of their brand and expand their business!

Furthermore, before engaging in SMS marketing, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of Bulk SMS Marketing & free group SMS.

How to Send Bulk SMS with Free Bulk SMS Sender

Free Bulk SMS Apps simplify sending bulk SMS to clients and prospects. With a free bulk SMS sender, SMS marketing requires only a few simple steps:

  • Compose your message to be sent via free Bulk SMS Apps.
  • Add recipients by selecting their numbers from your address book.
  • Input the message you wish to deliver to your target clients in the Message box..
  • After reviewing your message, click the send button. It’s that easy.

Top Bulk SMS Free Apps in India (Free Bulk SMS Senders)

There are a variety of free SMS bulk sender apps on the market that can be used to send bulk SMS free. Some are comprehensive with numerous features, while others are fundamental with few functions. We covered you with our list of the best free Bulk SMS Apps.

Send Bulk SMS Free with Top Free Bulk SMS Apps for Android

With your smartphone, you can quickly send bulk SMS free and receive text messages for marketing and other branding purposes without cost. Let’s look at the top free Bulk SMS Apps for Android that allow you to send bulk SMS free with your phone.

1. Fast2SMS with Free Bulk SMS Service

Lets talk about the top-rated Free Bulk SMS Apps for Android. Fast2SMS is one of India’s leading free bulk SMS services. This bulk SMS enables customers to send single or bulk SMSs from anywhere using its web-based app.

Furthermore, individuals and corporations can send messages to all major cities in India using this Android app. Fast2SMS’s mission is to provide an intuitive platform for quick bulk SMS delivery to more than two million consumers.

The app’s USP is that it provides transparent, accurate, real-time delivery information. Android’s Fast2SMS app is a popular bulk SMS app because of its intuitive yet interactive user interface.


  • Multimedia SMS of files up to 15 MB
  • It offers the option of QR codes
  • Message Scheduling
  • Supports Unicode with multi-language support in languages like Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Urdu, Punjabi, etc.

Price to Upgrade: It’s free to install and offers a basic package starting from ₹10 to ₹3999 at 20 paise with an unlimited validity period.

2. FrontlineSMS

Next in our list of the best Free Bulk SMS Apps to send free bulk SMS without registration is FrontlineSMS. It is the best open-source bulk SMS sender that permits immediate one-way or two-way communication with any number of mobile devices. It is tiny and may be downloaded free, but users and businesses must pay to send messages.

Additionally, this free group SMS app offers multiple cloud-based options if users upgrade from the desktop version.


  • Secure
  • Interactive UI
  • Fast delivery
  • Delivery reports

Price to Upgrade: FrontlineSMS is an open-source bulk message app, although its cloud-based versions start at ₹1775 per month.

3. TextLocal – Free Group SMS App

If we talk about the top Free Bulk SMS Apps to engage with your users, TextLocal, a company established in the United Kingdom, has partnered with IMI Mobile to access the Indian market. This bulk SMS app for Android free download offers all conventional Best Bulk Text Message Services of 2022 and has dedicated customer care.

Besides, the app is optimized for promotional marketing and offers a competitive delivery speed. However, this free group SMS app is less adaptable regarding integration and customization.


  • Auto-schedule messages
  • Personalization of bulk SMS with multiple merge fields
  • SMS in more than 15 regional languages
  • MMS with web links, images, surveys, attachments, etc.

Price to Upgrade: This free bulk SMS sender offers a free trial of 10 messages, whereas the essential bundle provides 1,000 SMSs for ₹270.

4. Msg91 Free Bulk SMS Service

Are you seeking the best Android Apps for Sending SMS Messages in Bulk? It is among the top-notch Free Bulk SMS Apps for Marketing. With an exponentially increasing number of resellers, Msg91 offers global coverage as a service. This SMS marketing software free download serves some of the most prominent businesses, including Xiaomi, MakeMyTrip, and ICICI Prudential.

Furthermore, Msg91 is equipped with a Google spreadsheet plugin and an Excel plugin, making it simple to send free group SMS in bulk from a spreadsheet.


  • Message Scheduling
  • Option to send single and multiple messages
  • Web-based messaging
  • Delivery Reports
  • It can integrate with add-ons with its inbuilt API

Price to Upgrade: It’s free to download and use, & its transactional route is for 20 paise per message.

5. SpringEdge

Next in our list of the best Apps to Send Bulk SMS Messages on Android phone in 2022 is SpringEdge. Developers developed the SpringEdge bulk SMS App for developers. This free bulk message sender provides seamless integration, allowing SMS to function from the initial code. In addition, it includes code libraries for nearly all popular programming languages and platforms.

Additionally, this Best Free SMS Marketing Software gives both a high delivery rate and technical support. It may be integrated with CRM and ERP software systems including SAP, vTiger, Tally, and Zoho CRM and offers add-ons for e-commerce platforms including Magento, Opencart, etc.

SpringEdge specializes in transactional SMS, and the average delivery time is between 2 and 5 seconds.


  • APIs for add-ons and integration
  • Instant Message Delivery
  • User-friendly Web-based Interface
  • Tools for Reports & Analytics
  • Global coverage

Price to Upgrade: This bulk SMS free app is free to install.

Bulk SMS Apps for PC Free Download

Marketing professionals extensively use bulk SMS sender apps for PC to deliver mass text messages over the internet. These free Bulk SMS Apps for sending SMS in bulk from a PC to a mobile device improve delivery rates.

6. Bitrix24

If we talk about the best Bulk SMS Apps for PC, Bitrix24 is a free bulk SMS app that offers customizable chatbots for chatting and prepared responses. Moreover, it is the best free bulk SMS app for file sharing and video calling.

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Moreover, this bulk SMS sender offers a clustering feature that may be used to grow the message sending strategy according to your needs. In addition, the top free bulk SMS app for Android and iOS offers real-time updates and notifications for comments, posts, likes, etc.

Features of Bitrix24 Bulk SMS Sender:

  • Intelligent task reporting
  • Cloud storage for sharing documents
  • Creating chats for better collaboration
  • Time tracking interface for better communication
  • Notification settings & updates in real-time

Price to Upgrade: Paid plans begin from ₹ 4490 per month. For Bitrix24 free demo support, connect with us.

7. RapidSMS

It is one of the top-rated Bulk SMS Apps For Your Business in 2022. RapidSMS is a complete SaaS-based free & open-source bulk free SMS software for PC. This bulk SMS app download is perfect for businesses seeking a solution and desiring the management of their systems to be handled by external specialists. RapidSMS offers seamless SMS solutions for sending bulk SMS for free.


  • Secure bulk message app
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Regulated privacy
  • Maintenance-free
  • Track message history & delivery
  • Fast delivery with more than 100,000 SMS/hour
  • It lets send SMS straight from Microsoft Outlook
  • It offers Excel plug-in.

Price to Upgrade: The basic plan of this bulk SMS free app for PC begins from 1,780 and provides 10,000 SMSs.

8. XtraBulk SMS (PC)

Next in our list of the best free Bulk SMS Apps is XtraBulk SMS. It is a lightweight, quick, and reliable web-based bulk SMS sender app. This Free SMS Marketing Software functions as a host for business servers and can be linked to an HTTP API or SMPP server.

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Besides, the app is ideal for food or supply delivery companies and banks prioritizing privacy and security.


  • Fully open-source bulk SMS software
  • Free & easy setup
  • Compliant with the latest technologies
  • Continuous development & periodic updates
  • Free to use
  • Plug-and-play ready
  • Compliant with almost all leading SMS providers.

Price to Upgrade: XtraBulk SMS is free; however, businesses can buy the reseller software with server hosting for ₹76700.

9. playSMS

Are you still seeking the Best SMS Marketing Platforms to Engage with Your Users? PlaySMS is one of the top free bulk SMS sender apps for SMS marketing. This bulk SMS software is adaptable and web-based. This bulk SMS sender apk can be customized to perform various activities, including sending bulk SMS, providing SMS gateways, facilitating group communication by sending free group SMS, etc.

Moreover, if we talk about the highly-rated free Bulk SMS Apps, this free bulk SMS sender app can integrate with multiple database engines & supports SMS to email & vice versa, with the help of a polling mailbox.


  • Supports multiple database engines
  • SMS for single texts and bulk marketing
  • Supports Unicode, text, and flash messages
  • It is made to handle large volumes of texts of up to 500,000 SMSs per month.
  • Supports email to SMS & SMS to email services
  • Simple, web-based interface.

Price to Upgrade: It is an entirely open-source bulk SMS free app.

FAQs on Free Bulk SMS Apps

Can I send free bulk SMS without registration?

You may easily send free bulk SMS without registering. The most effective free bulk SMS apps use HTTP APIs so end users can instantly send SMS/MMS online.

How much does bulk SMS cost?

With various free Bulk SMS Apps available, you can send messages simply from your web browser. Moreover, sending such messages is simple, requiring only the addition of the sender’s ID and phone number to the SMS.

Which are the good bulk SMS packages for business?

Bulk SMS Apps or services have evolved into one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. It enables businesses to communicate with clients instantaneously and with a single click. Bulk SMS apps for Android and PC make it possible to send many marketing messages from a computer to a mobile device.

Further, you can deliver transactional and promotional services to specific groups to promote your products and services. Numerous free Bulk SMS Apps enable the dissemination of promotional messages at minimum or no expense. However, you can upgrade to their paid packages and pay per message bundle when your needs grow.

Which is the top bulk SMS sending software from PC to mobile?

There are a variety of bulk SMS sending software apps on the market that allow customers to send SMS using PCs. However, only a few companies offer all the standard SMS marketing tools.

Additionally, different businesses demand SMS sending solutions with varying capabilities. A small company, for instance, would require a more diverse collection of tools than a medium-sized or large business.

TextMagic, MSG91, RapidSMS, TextLocal, playSMS, MySMSMantra, and XtraBulk SMS, to mention a few, are among the many SMS sending software apps for PC that give the majority of the capabilities that appeal to all types of organizations.

How to send bulk text messages from a computer for free?

A mobile phone is no longer required to send mass text messages. They need only a computer with a quick Internet connection. With a laptop and numerous bulk SMS online software and websites, it is possible to send bulk SMS messages. Even though most of these websites and bulk messaging app software do not charge for their services, a few charges a nominal price for additional features and the number of messages sent.

Some Bulk SMS Apps or bulk SMS sending apps also use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to transmit SMS.

How to send 1000 SMS at a time free online?

There are a variety of Bulk SMS Apps, software, and websites available online that allow you to send 1,000 (or more) SMSs for free at once. This feature is accessible on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Besides, most of these providers, including Digimiles, MSG91, and TextMagic, offer their services free, and some even grant free credits upon signup. However, after the credits have been depleted or the free message limit has been reached, you must pay a nominal price to send additional messages.

Can WhatsApp bulk messages be sent with the help of a bulk SMS sending app?

As a result of the restrictions on WhatsApp messages in India, promotional messages cannot be sent in bulk via WhatsApp. The popular messaging app has declared that it will pursue legal action against companies and individuals that send mass messages to contacts.

It is a direct violation of WhatsApp’s terms of service under the heading “Unauthorized use of WhatsApp.”

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