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19+ Best API Management Software You Can Use

API management manages various Application Programming Interface functions, such as API creation, modification, publishing, and monitoring. Any Application Programming Interface must be accompanied by enough documentation and a sufficient level of security to be used optimally. In addition, it requires routine monitoring, testing, and dependability. To complete these duties, you require a good tool. Therefore, one must use good API software to use the API mechanism effectively. We have thus compiled a list of 19+ of the best API Management Software.

What Exactly Is API?

The abbreviation API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is software that works as an intermediate between two apps and enables them to communicate. For instance, when you use Twitter to send a message or submit a tweet, you are using an API. The information is transmitted to the server when you share a tweet using your mobile device. The server gets the data, interprets the data, executes the action, and then sends the presentation back. This is what an API does.

What Does API Management Tool Do?

Well, API management software is a tool used to access, distribute, maintain, control, and analyze the APIs used by software developers. It works in a business environment and on a huge scale. API management software helps developers consolidate control over the apps and maintain the functionality of all web-based applications. In addition, it ensures the API integration’s excellent speed and standard security.

API Management Software’s Services

There are three types of services offered by API management. That is,

Proxy – These API tools protect the back end of a service from slowing down when there are numerous inquiries. It also has the caching capability. Instance: KOng, Mashery.

Agents – They integrate into the central data server. Example: IBM API management.

Hybrid – These API management tools combine proxy and agent functionality. Example: Apigee, Akana.

19+ Best API Management Software You Can Use

Here are the 19+ best API management software solutions. Please be aware that these are not ranked. The API listings are made according to Google’s availability.

1. 3scale

API Management Software

In the market for API software, 3scale is an exceptional tool. Red Hat Software creates the software used to manage APIs by developers. Internal and external functions are easy to manage using 3scale. Proxy, agent, and hybrid solutions are included. 3scale is an excellent platform that allows you to share, amend, encrypt, distribute, and monetize your APIs. It has the best developer portal on the market. In addition, 3scale has many traffic control options. 3scale allows you to control open source gateways, plugins, hosted cloud services, and CDN.

2. Apigee

API Management Software

The Apigee API management tool is appropriate for Consumer Apps, Partner Apps, records, IoT, and Cloud Apps infrastructures. It offers full security, analytics, monitoring, mediation, and a developer portal. In addition, it can provide proxy, agent, and hybrid solutions based on your requirements. With Apigee, developers can build and test apps. They may also distribute the app for public use. The best use for Apigee API key management software is as a tool for monetization. It is a comprehensive API management solution.

3. Akana

API Management Software

Akana is an API-based tool that offers end-to-end software solutions. It helps developers create, configure, encrypt, secure, implement, monitor, and publish an app. It supports both cloud and on-premise deployments. Similarly to 3scale, Akana offers proxy, agent, and hybrid solutions. In addition, Akana is good at helping you manage your traffic. It discovers vulnerabilities automatically and alerts you to them. As a result, Akana is superior to all other API management tools as a Life cycle management tool.

4. IBM

API Management Software

IBM has offered excellent software, computer control, and monitoring tools. It is, therefore, not surprising that they will have a solution for APIs. IBM API Management is a cloud-based API management and creative solution. IBM API Connect offers security and governance capabilities for all of your APIs. IBM’s solution excels in easy coding, real-time analytics, and developer self-service. It includes automatic API generation tools and data protection against attacks. In addition, it enables developers to test and monitor an API without having to write any code.

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5. Microsoft Azure

API Management Software

Microsoft Azure enables you to manage and control your APIs from a single platform. It includes token and IP filtering functions to ensure your APIs. Analytics will provide data analysis and insights into your apps. Microsoft Azure allows you to publish APIs both internally and publicly for your customers. It can create both API gateways and developer portals. Self-service Application Programming Interface key management is best supported.

6. Kong Enterprise

API Management Software

The best open source API management software is Kong Enterprise. It ensures an end-to-end solution for API management and is perfect for people who need to manage crucial apps. Kong Enterprise is extremely useful for protecting, managing, and deploying microservices. It may also be used to extend APIs. Kong can be implemented on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid. In addition, plugins can be used to extend their functionality. It is the best open source API management platform since it is easy to maintain large-scale operations.

7. OpenLegacy

API Management Software

OpenLegacy is a platform-compatible, digitally-driven API management system. It helps users to offer digital services more quickly and easily while maintaining quality. Even when linked to the most complex system core, OpenLegacy processes and creates digitally-ready components automatically; it can integrate with new technologies and make APIs easy to manage. As a result, numerous industry companies use OpenLegacy to develop, monitor, manage, and publish their consumer-ready apps.

8. Dell Boomi

API Management Software

Users of Dell Boomi have access to a solution for connecting apps and data to cloud-based servers. It is compatible with hybrid environments of all types. It is a useful API project management software with many connectors. Dell Boomi enables the integration of any application with the public or private cloud. It supports many integration patterns. Therefore, it is ideal for cloud-integrated applications.

9. SwaggerHub

API Management Software

SwaggerHub is suitable for API development and design. Teams use a system for managing APIs to ensure drive and discipline within the development workflow. It helps a team expedite the app design process and publish it easily. SwaggerHub is an effective editor and feedback generator. It has syntax auto-completion and style validators for optimal design consistency across all APIs. It may integrate other API software, such as Azure and Apigee.

10. Wso2 API Cloud

API Management Software

Wso2 API Cloud provides enterprises with the premier open source API management solution. The platform offers comprehensive API lifecycle management, customizability, policy enforcement, and monetization. Consequently, both microservices and monolithic architectures are compatible with this app. The Wso2 analytics feature provides users with insight into their product. It is a central host for multilingual apps. They are dependable and are used by several internationally known companies. It is perfect for providing APIs to both internal and external users.

11. Automate by CA Technologies

Automate by CA Technologies offers a comprehensive SaaS API management solution. It offers solutions for Agile Development, PPM Management, and DevOps. It is a platform for developing APIs with less code. Automate manages microservices well. It may be used to make IoT-ready mobile phone apps with simplicity. Automate offers the best API gateway to ensure the best user experience.

12. Mashery

Mashery is API inventory management software that offers an end-to-end SaaS solution for API management. It supports internal APIs, public API programs, and B2B APIs. It will assist you in building, testing, monitoring, and publishing your app. In addition, you may monitor your traffic using API analytics. Mashery also provides an on-premise gateway for API protection. It is capable for its ability to convert to the RESTful and SOAP protocols. It uses cloud servers for data processing.

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13. Postman

Postman is an excellent API management system that can be linked with all web applications. It has simplified the process of developing and managing mock APIs, APIs. In addition, it enables teams to interact and share their collections and manage and define permissions.

14. Funnel

Funnel is a streamlined solution for all Marketing API management types. It supports the integration of over 500 platforms and customizes new sources for you. They give you clean and standardized data to send to whatever platform you choose. Internet-based data collecting and business intelligence (BI) tool feeder is perfect. Using Funnel, you can control your marketing data and use it to expand your business.

15. SyncTree

SyncTree provides small companies with a SaaS No coding API solution. The API management interface is a simple drag-and-drop interface, making it extremely user-easy. They provide the best API solution for individuals who need more coding skills. SyncTree makes designing, monitoring, publishing, and managing your integrated API apps simple and efficient.

16. MuleSoft

MuleSoft is available if you need an efficient solution for developing an app network. On every platform, you can build, maintain, and manage APIs. It may help you analyze traffic and adjust your operations accordingly. It includes a high-level data security patch to protect your users. MuleSoft is the leading Application Programming Interface (API) management software for API gateways and developer portals. It is frequently used to link numerous apps. MuleSoft is the perfect solution for every service provider. Apps from Coca-Cola, Netflix, Airbnb, and Unilever are developed with MuleSoft.

17. DreamFactory

DreamFactory is a top-tier API management tool for your organization. It is a platform that generates fully documented REST APIs automatically. DreamFactory is perfect for front-end developers that need to manage several databases efficiently. It will also save Backend developers time while manually developing the API. Users may organize their data dissemination strategically without worrying about data security. It ensures you have no backend plumbing and can focus on your clients alone.

18. Axway Amplify

The Axway Amplify API Management Platform is an additional excellent tool for managing and monitoring APIs in companies. Features include content collaboration, API analytics, B2B Integration, and file transmission. With the aid of Amplify, you can use what you already possess and make it profitable.

19. ImportOmatic

ImportOmatic offers a comprehensive API management solution. It supports both internal and external services. ImportOmatic supports all types of record types and formats. It is suitable for data integration and external IOM data imports into RE/RE NXT. It is easy and convenient to operate.

20. Oracle SOA

Oracle SOA is an excellent API management solution. The API supports both REST and SOAP. With Oracle SOA, we can ensure comprehensive API lifecycle management. It is a hybrid API development tool that supports cloud and on-premises environments. It also includes a sophisticated security system to safeguard your data.


We have compared the best commercial and open source API software in this list. All of these items excel at good duties. Apigee provides the best monetization support, while Akana is the best tool for lifecycle management. It is your decision which service you require. The majority of software offers a free trial or version. Therefore, it is prudent to seize the chance and seek the perfect API management software. If you found the information useful, you should then share it.

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