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Top 11 Best Location Sharing Apps For iPhone Devices

The iPhone has made location sharing significantly simpler with the advent of location sharing apps. The days when we accurately specified our address were long gone. These days, it is possible to determine the precise location of an individual in a few straightforward steps. To share your exact address with family and friends, you can install one or more location sharing apps on your iPhone. If you do not wish to share your location, you can track the location of a loved one using third-party location sharing apps for iPhone.

Top 11 Best Location Sharing Apps For iPhone Devices

Therefore, this article could be useful if you are searching for the best iPhone location sharing apps to share your current whereabouts with family and friends. The best location sharing apps for iPhones are listed below. Almost all apps were freely downloadable from the Apple App Store. Let’s investigate the iPhone location sharing apps.

1. Glympse

Location Sharing Apps iPhone

Glympse is a simple location sharing app for the iPhone that enables you to share your current location by using the GPS feature of your device. Predictably, what? Glympse is quick and cost-free, and registration is not required. You have the ability to share your location on your own terms and on a dynamic map using Glympse. You can even add members of your family to groups you create on Glympse. Once added to the group, family members’ locations can be viewed.

2. Find my Phone – Family Locator

Location Sharing Apps iPhone

Staying in touch with family and friends is made easy with this app. It is much more than a location sharing app, as it offers numerous additional family protection features. With this app, you get a ton of features, from location sharing to monitoring. You can set up GPS-based safe zones for your family members, create communication groups in the app, and more with the aid of Find My Phone—Family Locator. You can also receive notifications when tracked family members arrive at their destinations. The premium version of Find My Phone: Family Locator offers even more features, such as the ability to locate family members more quickly using augmented reality, receive automated SOS calls in the event that they require assistance, receive an unlimited number of location notifications, and more.

3. iSharing

Location Sharing Apps iPhone

A location sharing app for the iPhone called iSharing lets you view the current location of family members or friends on a map. You can set up places on the map and label them as “home,” “work,” and “school” with i Sharing. You can set up iSharing to notify you when a friend or family member enters or exits a location after setting up a place. Additional features of iSharing include the ability to send text messages on the map, distress alerts for emergencies, and so forth.

4. FollowMee

Location Sharing Apps iPhone

The location monitoring app FollowMee transforms an iPhone into a GPS-enabled device. On the iOS device you want to track, you simply need to install the FollowMee app, and the app will take care of the rest. To track the app’s devices after installation, you must opt in to the FollowMee website using a desktop or mobile web browser. With a single FollowMee account, you can also track multiple iOS devices.

5. Share Location

Location Sharing Apps iPhone

Although Share Location is an iPhone app for sharing locations, this version is subtly different. It’s an app that lets you effortlessly share your current location with family and friends using a phone number or email address. This app allows you to locate friends and family members, view past location history, receive notifications when your loved ones are nearby, and more.

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6. Google Maps

The well-known navigation app for Android is also compatible with iOS. Although its primary function is navigation, Google Maps also includes a location sharing feature that is not widely known among users. You can share your current location with a person who has a Google account using Google Maps for iPhone. Even before sharing the location, Google Maps lets you choose who can find it and for how long.

7. Messenger

Messenger even offers a live location sharing feature, which few individuals would be aware of. While not accessible through the web interface, this feature is available exclusively on mobile devices. You can share your live location with friends and family using the location sharing feature in Messenger. The feature is practical because it lets the other person know where you are and when you’ll be there. Additionally, you can set a timer for the live location, and the location sharing will cease right away when the timer expires.

8. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app, providing an extensive feature set. Simple actions are required to share your real-time location with your friends using WhatsApp for iPhone. Using WhatsApp on your iPhone to share your current or live location is also a breeze.

9. Findo

Findo is an outstanding app for iOS that facilitates communication with family and friends. It’s a location sharing app that lets you view the precise locations of other users in real time. To add a location, you must form a circle and share the members. You and other circle members will then be able to share their current location. In addition, Findo lets you share additional details and location information, like battery charge level.

10. Snapchat

Snapchat features a function similar to WhatsApp and Messenger that enables users to share their live locations with their friends. It only lets you share your live location with your Snapchat friends, which is the problem. Snapchat shares your live location automatically with the friends of your choosing while you are in ghost mode. You can choose to manually share live locations with the friends you’ve chosen if you don’t want to activate Ghost Mode. On how to share live locations with friends on Snapchat, we have already shared a thorough guide. You can consult that guide in order to understand the procedures.

11. My Family

My Family is remarkably comparable to the aforementioned iSharing app. Similar to iSharing, My Family provides the capability to share and view the real-time locations of family members on a map. You can share your battery charge levels with your loved ones, locate a lost or stolen smart phone, and more by setting up places on the private family map. Additionally, My Family has a paid premium subscription that provides enhanced location monitoring capabilities. For instance, the premium subscription lets you search through the location history for the previous 30 days, add an unlimited number of places, and analyze your driving style.

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The best iPhone location sharing apps are listed above. You can share the current location with your loved ones or view theirs using My Family. Please share any additional location sharing or tracking apps for the iPhone in the comments section.

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