Every Among Us Character Explained

Among Us, one of the most well-received games of the last five years continues to introduce innovative gameplay mechanics. However, what well-known Among Us characters appear and disappear from our screens? Indeed, that is merely one of the thought-provoking inquiries emerging. Answers to all of your inquiries about Among Us Character is provided below.

Who Are The Among Us Characters?

The Among Us characters are diminutive, humanoid-like creatures dispersed across space. You are responsible for completing duties to administer the area while in charge of them. All the while, you must accomplish this without being slain by an imposter. The imaginative force behind the suspenseful space game is Studio Innersloth. They claimed that the gameplay of Among Us was inspired by the accused game Mafia. The setting and the Imposter allude to The Thing by John Carpenter. Through the blending of those two elements, Among Us was produced. Therefore, decide how you wish to play. Either conceal in a corner or complete each task altruistically. You might even end up being known as the notorious Imposter. With many distinctive gameplay elements, you and your companions can spend limitless hours having fun.

Every Among Us Character Listed

Although each of the 18 featured Among Us character colors is visually distinct, you can pick any of them. The following is a list of all eighteen available colors.

Color Color ID
Red 0
Blue 1
Green 2
Pink 3
Orange 4
Black 6
White 7
Purple 8
Brown 9
Cyan 10
Lime 11
Maroon 12
Rose 13
Banana 14
Gray 15
Tan 16
Coral 17

Although their colors vary, they all possess an appearance reminiscent of doodles. Moreover, they lack limbs, which makes them entertaining to observe while you hop about the base. It’s good that you can play the color you want if you end up as the Shapeshifter.

What Are The Among Us Characters Roles?

You may be assigned seven distinct categories of roles in Among Us. A subset of the characters exhibits a penchant for technology, whereas others tend toward malevolence. You could end up with none of these Among Us character responsibilities.


Among Us Character

One player will be selected randomly to serve as The Imposter in each game. You will end up in this role, which is the most intriguing. Also, you do not intend to assist the crew; your sole objective is to impede their progress and sow disorder. You will be required to assassinate the crew members in secret! However, remember that other players can report your malicious actions, and if the majority votes you out, the game is over.


Among Us Character

Even though performing duties as a crewmate may sometimes be tedious, you will remain an indispensable member of the group. You’ll be tasked with determining who the crew imposter is while playing as a Crewmate. If you discover any evidence, convene a meeting immediately to avoid apprehension and expulsion by the perpetrator.


Among Us Character

Unlike your fellow Among Us crew members, being an Engineer endows you with a peculiar ability. Entering vents is possible, enabling one to flee from specific circumstances. Employ this capability judiciously to escape difficult circumstances and be cautious against overusing it due to its cooldown duration.


Among Us Character

It is a less desirable role to obtain, but it does possess certain advantages. You’ll turn into a wandering spirit if the Imposter murders you or if you’re eliminated. Regardless of how spooky you may be, you still have the option to assist the crew by conducting tasks. You can settle back and unwind while observing the chaos unfold. You can converse with the other recently departed as a spirit and delight in the amusement of your blissfully ignorant crewmates as they work out who the Imposter is. Voting rights are also forfeited, but that is only reasonable.

This Among Us character was included in the game after its meteoric popularity. The first participant captured by the Imposter will turn into a Guardian Angel. As a Guardian Angel, you can enhance the shield of any crew member. If you are a team member, dying first is advantageous, as this ability safeguards your crewmates against any imposters on the hunt.


The inclusion of this role in the game occurred earlier this year. The Shapeshifter, who is essentially an imposter but can transform into any other-colored crew member, embodies this ability. It is possible to kill any individual on board while assuming the identity of another. This aids in the mental exhaustion of the opposing players. They are, therefore, occupied assigning blame to one another as you pick them off one at a time.


Like in Among Us, The Scientist is a very compelling character to play. You will be able to monitor the vital signs of all of your Crewmates once you have been assigned the Scientist role. This will enable you to swiftly identify any Shapeshifters or determine whether a member has perished. You’ll quickly apprehend the Imposter if you employ logic and strategic maneuvers.

Among Us Character Cosmetics

Fortunately, alternative elements can be incorporated if you need more than simplistic color tones. You have the option to don any or all of the following garments as an Among Us character.

  • Hat.
  • Pet.
  • Skin.
  • Visor.
  • Nameplates.

Put on whatever you think looks best, and go for a test drive. Numerous personalization options make you appear stunning while pursuing imposters or carrying out routine responsibilities.

Among Us Mods

Among Us is, without a doubt, a humorous game, but that does not mean it is flawless. Currently, everyone has a novel suggestion for how to improve the game. Surprisingly, some devoted Among Us players have manifested their creativity by creating mods. Although Studio Innersloth does not officially support these mods, they significantly increase the game’s desirability. The best Among Us mods currently available are listed below.

Sheriff Mod

An additional role is introduced for the Crewmates in this mod. There is one caveat for the person chosen to be the Sheriff: they can kill anyone they suspect to be the Imposter. You will instead meet your destiny if you have a chance to end up murdering an innocent play.

Vampy Mod

The Vampy Mod infuses the Among Us characters with a supernatural element. It enables players to turn into bloodsucking vampires, which enables them to enter the Bloodrush mod. You can turn into a bat and fly between chambers, so observe your foes, pick your moment, and put an end to the Crewmates.

ColorsPlus Mod

Do you want to don the same colors consistently? Access more than 256 new static and dynamic colors by installing the ColorPlus mod.

CmdsRoles Mod

Specifically, this mod is a showstopper. An additional 28 roles are added for each character in Among Us. Take on the role of the Doctor, who can resurrect deceased players, or the Ninja, who can kill the Imposter with subtlety. Due to the abundance of recent additions, you are free to be whoever you desire.

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